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To Dads, From Dads: 9 Gifts You Need on Your Father's Day Wish List

As time goes by, it gets tougher and tougher to tell your family what to get you for Father's Day. Over the years, you’ve asked for tools, ties, fishing gear, and sports memorabilia… plus every single Tom Clancy and David Baldacci title on the Barnes & Noble's shelves. Or maybe you're shopping for dad and landed here, in search of the perfect Father's Day gift. 

Whether you're the gifter or giftee, no need to wrack your brain any longer — the dads of World Wide Stereo are here to help. 

Here are the top gifts you'll find on their wish lists this year, from floorstanding speakers to turntables. So sit back, get inspired and take notes — or just share this link with the kids and call it a day.

1. An outdoor landscape speaker system...

Ron's #1 Pick: Sonance Sonarray SR1 Landscape Speaker System

My favorite Fathers Day gift idea? The Sonance Sonarray SR1 landscape speaker system with the extra subwoofer. This system sounds awesome and is great for bigger backyards. To complete it, I recommend the HEOS link wireless preamp. This way, you can play your favorite song from your phone quicker than you can order a shorti hoagie at the local Wawa. If the kids won’t pony up for that, my backup gift idea is the Origin Acoustics AS4.1 landscape audio system. We have this set up at home, paired with a few Planter speakers to blend in with the landscaping. It sounds excellent and is great for our fire pit." - Ron Rumer, Vice President, Sales

Shop the Sonance Sonarray SR1 Landscape System

2. And a Beautiful Work of Art for inside...

Ron's #2 Pick: Samsung QN55LS03R 55" The Frame OLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung's Frame TV now has QLED technology and the picture is spectacular! The ART mode is wonderful and will easily transform a TV into a beautiful piece of artwork that you can update through the Samsung Art Store (or your own collection). It's a TV when it's on and artwork when it's off. It even has a proximity sensor that will automatically turn on the artwork display when anyone gets close to it and the included no gap wall mount tilts to replicate the way artwork hangs on a wall. For the studio look you can also purchase the optional studio easel stand and it works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Airplay 2." - Ron Rumer, Vice President, Sales

          Shop the Samsung 55" The Frame TV

3. A really, really fun commute...

Chris' Pick: The Kenwood DDX9906XR 6.8" DVD Touchscreen Receiver with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Kenwood DDX9906XR is arguably one of the best sounding touchscreens in existence (and I love my music sounding good!). And, it's Android ready. I simply plug in my Pixel Smartphone and Android Auto launches on the Kenwood's touchscreen. From there, I control everything from my incoming and outgoing calls and texts, manage music playlists in apps like Tidal, Google Play Music, Pandora, etc., and pop open Waze or Google Maps to get me to my destination. I feel like I should mention that the DDX9906XR does have Apple CarPlay built into it too, so iPhone users can use many of the same apps on their journeys. All in all, it's a really neat unit and offers a TON of features besides the ones I mentioned." - Chris Mulhearn, Car & Marine Sales & System Designer

Shop the Kenwood DDX9906XR DVD Touchscreen Receiver

4. A gift for the vinyl-lover...

Chad's Pick: U-Turn Orbit Special Turntable

So your husband has been talking about getting back into vinyl but how far is he really going to take this journey back into time? You don’t want to disappoint by being too thrifty on a player that does a better job scratching the vinyl than actually playing it, and you don’t want to invest your entire savings into something he might just use every once in awhile. The U-Turn Orbit special completely fits the bill by checking all the boxes of higher end turntables without breaking the bank. A decoupled motor, an Ortofon Red cartridge, and a retro style tone arm that floats on top of a clear platter to expose the entire real walnut plinth! This is a serious turntable for under $500." - Chad Snedaker, Sales & System Designer

Shop the U-Turn Orbit Special Turntable

5. Wireless outdoor entertainment for the grill master...

Dave's Pick: Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 Outdoor Speakers + Denon HEOS wireless amp

Relax outside with your favorite music after manning the grill during family BBQs or doing yard work. With a pair of AM-1 outdoor speakers from Bowers & Wilkins and the Denon HEOS wireless amp, all you have to do is sit back, grab your phone to select a song, and start listening. I also love that when my buddies are over, it's easy for them to join in. They can play their music via Bluetooth without having to download any apps or hop on the family Wi-Fi network. If there is an outdoor TV, the HEOS amp has inputs to accept sound from the cable box or TV — perfect for game day." - Dave Sailer, Sales & Systems Designer

Shop the Bowers & Wilkins AM-1 outdoor speakers
Shop the Denon HEOS wireless amp

6. An Audiophile Grade Hifi System...

Adam's Pick: Focal Aria 948 Floorstanding Speaker + NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier with Audioquest Blizzard power cables and Rocket 44 speaker wires

This is a phenomenal, modestly priced audiophile grade hifi system. The NAD master series integrated amp with Bluesound and the most amazing room calibration system I have ever heard called Dirac. The room that you put your system in can alter the sound tremendously, so with Dirac room correction you can be sure that the room will get out of the way of altering the performance of the speakers. Just sit back and enjoy! The Focal Aria 948 floorstanders have a rich, full body sound with crystal clean highs - not ear fatiguing at all! Because of the high efficiency of the speakers they sound great at all volumes, low and high. The Audioquest blizzard power cable will unleash all the potential of the NAD amplifier, while the rocket 44 speaker cable will deliver all of that sound to the speakers like an engine delivering all of the potential horsepower to the wheels. This setup will outperform setups costing twice as much. This is it for me!" - Adam Domurad, Sales & System Designer

Shop the Focal Aria 948 Floorstanding Speakers
Shop the NAD M10 Master Series BluOS Streaming Amplifier
Shop the Audioquest Blizzard High-Current 15 AMP AC Power Cable
Shop the Audioquest Rocket 44 Full-Range Speaker Cable with 500 Series Silver Banana Plugs

7. One receiver that can do it all... 

Mario's Pick: Integra DRX 3.2 9.2 Channel Network AV Receiver

I can't say enough great things about Integra's DRX 3.2 9.2 Channel Network AV receiver and, at $699, the DRX 3.2 is a crazy good value. You get built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All of the HDMI ports are 4K HDCP2.2 ready. There are 9 channels of discrete amplification, so you can have a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos home theater setup. And if you're a Sonos guy, the DRX 3.2 has been certified by Sonos to seamlessly connect with their products — which means you can stream music from the Sonos app directly to the receiver and enjoy music anywhere. Personally, I love this receiver because I can easily listen to my Pandora stations while watching the Phillies on my TV." - Mario Patelmo, Sales & System Designer

Shop the Integra DRX 3.2 9.2 Channel AV Receiver

8. Waterproof headphones & MP3 player in one...

Vince's Pick: JBL DIVE Headphones

Whether you're a swimmer, runner, gym rat — or all the above — you have to check out the latest wireless in-ear headphones from JBL. Part of the new Endurance series, the DIVEs have an IPX-7 waterproof rating and a built-in MP3 player that holds up to 1GB of music, or ~200 songs. I love that you can bring these to the gym or go for a run without your phone; it's just one less thing to carry and worry about." - Vince Brooks, Warehouse Manager

Shop the JBL DIVE headphones

9. The ultimate listening room...

Bob's Pick: McIntosh MA252 Integrated Amp & Focal Sopra Floorstanding Speakers

Go with a gift you really don't need, but would really freaking love... like the McIntosh MA252 tube integrated amplifier and Focal Sopra floorstanding speakers. They will look beautiful on display, and deliver a music experience akin to a live concert day after day — and you won't have to step out the door. Just add a high resolution streamer, and you can listen to any song ever created." - Bob Cole, CEO & Founder

Shop the McIntosh MA252 tube amplifier
Shop the Focal Sopra floorstanding speakers

For even more gift ideas, be sure to stop by a World Wide Stereo Showroom near you.

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