To Dads, From Dads: 10 Gifts on our Father's Day Wish Lists

To Dads, From Dads: 10 Gifts on our Father's Day Wish Lists

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We've long been affectionately nicknamed "The Father's Day Store", year round. We've got the gear that adds the fun to the outdoor BBQ or day by the pool. (Staycation, anyone?). The gear that takes movie night from naptime to hair-raising or jaw-dropping. The gear that provides a joyous, and often pleasantly nostalgic escape into a vinyl collection or digital playlist. "We don't move products, we move people"... something our Founder and CEO, Bob Cole has said. Seriously, give us one scene from Seabiscuit in one of our theaters and we'll make dad cry. We've got the gifts that deliver on a rediscovery of a love of music, of movies, and all things gadgety and cool.

So, whether you're the gifter or giftee, these are the gifts the dads of World Wide Stereo want for Father's Day this year. Need we say more?

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"My Dad and I are both HUGE sports fans. Summer is here, and the best way to enjoy summer sports is outside with the grill fired up and a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other. But that’s only half the equation…adding an awesome TV and sound system to enjoy it while you’re out there? YES. Beer, Food, and Sports. Samsung has everything you need to make it happen with the Terrace 65” Outdoor 4K Smart TV and matching sound bar. This combo is my pick for the best Father's Day gift for dad to take his outdoor experience to the next level."

Shawn Thome, Sales & System Designer

Perfect sound for the perfect lawn...

An outdoor landscape speaker system


"My favorite Fathers Day gift idea? An outdoor landscape speaker system with an extra subwoofer. To complete it, I recommend the HEOS link wireless preamp. This way, you can play your favorite song from your phone quicker than you can order a shorti hoagie at the local Wawa. If the kids won’t pony up for that, my backup gift idea is the Sonance Patio Series Outdoor Audio System. You'll have to pop into one our showrooms to experience this setup, we have this set up at home (paired with a few planter speakers to blend in with the landscaping), and it sounds excellent and is great for our fire pit."

Ron Rumer, Vice President, Sales

The outdoor speaker that really ROCKS...

Rockustics OctoRock 8" 2-way Outdoor Rock Speaker


"I am sure your Dad has been doing a lot of yard work around the pool or patio this spring season and the same old  rock speakers maybe a real eye sore. Complete the spring cleanup  with a new pair of rock speakers from Rockustics. These Ocotorocks have an 8 inch woofer for exceptional bass and ¾’ tweeter to round out the highs. These speakers have a 10 year warranty and fullyl weather proof. These speakers can easily be hooked up to the existing amp or receiver with the current speaker wire. IF you are looking to add another audio zone these speakers will sound great with a Sonos amp."

Ryan Rumer, Sales & System Designer

Klipsch Forte 4s, Yamaha AS2200SL, and Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player

Not your grandfather's home stereo system ...

Klipsch Forte 4s, Yamaha AS2200SL, and Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player


"I can distinctly remember the home stereo we had in our living room growing up. Big Boxy Speakers, a classic looking amp and CD player from the 90s, and what felt like limitless CDs lining the shelves. Since my dad passed a few years ago, he’s missed my growing passion for home stereo and AV gear. This system is what I would imagine he would have had if he was still around today!

Klipsch Forte 4s in Walnut, a Yamaha AS2200SL, Cambridge Audio’s AXC35 CD player. A rich dark sound form classic looking box speakers paired with the bright sound of a retro looking Yamaha amp would be right up his alley, and you can’t forget a CD player to listen to his extensive Bruce Springsteen collection. Everything a CD enthusiast would have wanted in the late 90s to listen to his favorite Dad rock albums! Miss ya, Dad!" 

Chris Barnhart, Sales & System Designer

A gift for the vinyl-lover...

U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable


"So your husband has been talking about getting back into vinyl but how far is he really going to take this journey back into time? You don’t want to disappoint by being too thrifty on a player that does a better job scratching the vinyl than actually playing it, and you don’t want to invest your entire savings into something he might just use every once in awhile. The U-Turn Orbit special completely fits the bill by checking all the boxes of higher end turntables without breaking the bank. A decoupled motor, an Ortofon Red cartridge, and a retro style tone arm that floats on top of a clear platter to expose the entire real walnut plinth! This is a serious turntable for under $500. Don't forget the Cork Slipmat! Of course, if money is no object for dad, the McIntosh MT5 Precision Turntable is like... aaaaaaahhh (drool)." 

Chad Snedaker, Sales & System Designer


Regular Price: $1,630.00

Save: $330.01 (20%)

"Focal Audio’s ES 165 KX2 car component speakers are very high up on my wish list. They are simply one of the best-sounding speaker kits that money can buy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a metal head, jazz aficionado, or hip hop fan – a good set of speakers will reproduce the music as the artist intended. What really makes these speakers unique is that Focal, a prestigious French speaker manufacturer, opted to use Kevlar for the woofer cones and woven aramid fiber for the tweeters. These materials produce such stunning clarity and musical fidelity that you would swear that the singer is sitting on your dashboard give you a personal performance. Mate these speakers with a proper amplifier and you will regret that you hadn’t done this sooner for yourself!" 

Chris Mulhearn, Car & Marine Sales & System Designer


Regular Price: $799.00

Save: $100.00 (13%)

Savings include $100 instant rebate. Offer ends 6/11/2023.
"Relax outside with your favorite music after manning the grill during family BBQs or doing yard work. With a pair of AM-1 outdoor speakers from Bowers & Wilkins and the Denon HEOS wireless amp, all you have to do is sit back, grab your phone to select a song, and start listening. I also love that when my buddies are over, it's easy for them to join in. They can play their music via Bluetooth without having to download any apps or hop on the family Wi-Fi network. If there is an outdoor TV, the HEOS amp has inputs to accept sound from the cable box or TV — perfect for game day."

Dave Sailer, Sales & Systems Designer

Integra's DRX 3.4 9.2 Channel Network AV receiver just landed on the World Wide Stereo shelves, and I can't say enough great things about it. You get built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All of the HDMI ports are 4K HDCP2.2 ready. There are 9 channels of discrete amplification, so you can have a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos home theater setup. And if you're a Sonos guy, the DRX 3.4 has been certified by Sonos to seamlessly connect with their products — which means you can stream music from the Sonos app directly to the receiver and enjoy music anywhere. Personally, I love this receiver because I can easily listen to my Pandora stations while watching the Phillies on my TV. And at $1300, the DRX 3.4 is a crazy value."

Mario Patelmo, Sales & System Designer


Regular Price: $3,799.99

Save: $901.99 (24%)

Savings include $300 instant rebate. Offer ends 6/11/2023.

"I’m sure that he’ll love the “world’s best dad” mug, but why not take it up another notch with the Sony XR77A80K 77" BRAVIA XR OLED A80K 4K HDR Smart TV with Google TV?  The OLED screen is breathtaking and the Cognitive Processor XR reproduces images unbelievably realistically. Its smart capabilities mean he can stream all his favorite shows on any streaming service. For the Sunday game with the boys or movie nights with the whole family, it’s a must-have for any dad trying to bring his man cave to the next level!"

Vince Brooks, Warehouse Manager


"Go with a gift you really don't need, but would really freaking love and then wonder how you'd ever lived without it... like the McIntosh MA252 tube integrated amplifier and Bowers & Wilkins 803 D4 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers. They will look beautiful on display, and deliver a music experience akin to a live concert day after day — and you won't have to step out the door. Just add a high-resolution streamer, and you can listen to nearly any song ever created."

Bob Cole, CEO & Founder

For even more gift ideas, be sure to stop by a World Wide Stereo Showroom near you.

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