Talking Sony’s A1E OLED TV with Bob Cole and WMMR’s Steve Morrison

A TV that looks incredible and sounds amazing? No, you're not dreaming. It's one of our best-selling TVs: the Sony A1E OLED.

Join Bob and Steve to see why the Sony A1E OLED TV is a customer favorite.

Video transcript

Steve: Adam, what are we looking at here? First off, this is a beautiful picture. Is this the new Sony A1E OLED we've heard so much about?

Adam: It is. It is.

Steve: O-L-E-D, which means what?

Adam: Organic LED panel.

Steve: Okay. So this...the darkest darks. We've talked about how phenomenal the picture is.

Adam: Right.

Steve: That is a great picture, but there's something more than Sony.

Adam: Damn - It really is. So for years, TVs have been challenged with producing great sound because as they've gotten thinner around the side and also front to back...

Steve: The speakers are horrible.

Adam: ...they had to sacrifice. So Sony came out with a great idea. The speaker is actually this entire screen. There's a subwoofer and speakers, and the sound comes out of the screen.

Steve: The sound is coming through the screen?

Adam: Through. Through the screen.

Steve: How is that even achieved?

Adam: If you look on the back there, you'll see the speakers are stuck to the back of the panel, and there's a subwoofer in the middle. And then this, just like a speaker normally pushes and pulls, this screen pushes and pulls just like a speaker would, but without affecting the picture at all.

Steve: I can't even wrap my mind around that. So the entire speaker is the entire screen?

Adam: That's correct.

Steve: With a subwoofer as well?

Adam: With a subwoofer as well.

Steve: Can we hear a little bit of that?

Adam: Absolutely.

Bob: Put your fingers on the screen.

Steve: Yep. It's against my religion, but I'll do it. Wow.

♪ [music] ♪

Steve: It's coming through the TV. You're the devil, Bob.

Bob: No TV in the world sounds that good except the Sony OLED.

Steve: So if you want to stream, if a sound bar's even too intrusive for you, you got this.

Bob: That's right.

Steve: That's incredible. Astonishing. All right. So available here at World Wide Stereo.

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