Review: Audeze Mobius Headphones (Where Gaming and Audiophile Quality for Music Meet)

Review: Audeze Mobius Headphones (Where Gaming and Audiophile Quality for Music Meet)

He who must say “I am king” is no king. Ok, GoT fever aside, a new internet-age adage has proven true: if it’s advertised as being “for gamers,” it probably isn’t that good. Audiophile-level sound in a gaming headset? Yeah, right. I’ve fallen for that too many times. Hokey features like head tracking? They never work right, and I’ll probably just turn them off anyway.

Then Audeze announced their first ever gaming headset, Mobius. Something felt different. As an All-American brand out of Silicon Valley, they built their name on the virtues of performance-first design. But even so, there’s no way Mobius can deliver on these outlandish claims, right? Determined to find out for myself, I procured a pair, hopped into game, and recorded the results.

Now, I’m definitely a gamer. I’ve explored the farthest corners of Tamriel, roach-rushed an unsuspecting Terran player, found the 8 pages, and spent hours (over 1,300 according to my Steam profile) fragging in Counterstrike: Global Offensive and wondering why my team isn’t rotating. I mean, I called it twice!

All in all, sound is second to nothing in terms of immersion for games. Whether it’s the musical brilliance of Jeremy Soule or the footsteps, dinks, and nade bounces of CS:GO, sound shapes and builds the world around us, turning a screen of pixels into a portal to unexplored regions of this universe and beyond. My headset might just be the gear I’m happiest to extend my budget for.

Check out my video below for a complete review and in-game demo of the Audeze Mobius Headphones. In the area? Stop by a World Wide Stereo showroom near you to experience them out in person.

Questions about the Audeze Mobius headphones or how to improve your gaming sound? Email Andrew at

Audeze Mobius Audiophile Wireless Over-Ear Gaming Headphones with Detachable Microphone

Audeze Mobius Wireless
Over-Ear Gaming Headphones


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