A Vintage Home with Modern Technology

A Vintage Home with Modern Technology

Our client took on their dream project of renovating a 100-year old home on the Philadelphia Main Line, and they called on us to add audio and video throughout the house. Their goal, however, was to keep everything hidden. It was a challenging and fun project, and the client couldn't be happier with the results.

Check out our recap of the project in the video below to learn more about how we designed the system and to view photos from the restoration. 

Hidden speakers throughout the home.

For this project, we had to figure out a way to add state-of-the-art electronics into their home without making it look like a modern home with state-of-the-art electronics. In order to give our clients the discreet, yet powerful AV experience they wanted, we installed in-ceiling speakers in every room and located components in a central rack unit in the basement. 

Using ceiling speakers in spaces with hard surfaces can negatively affect the sound quality, so we installed an AudioControl Architect Series amplifier that allowed us to custom-tune each space with 5 bands of speaker equalization.

Opening up the walls and ceilings of an old home always brings surprises, and this project was no exception. Throughout the build, we had to revise our plans and adapt to changing conditions – like an unexpected set of steel beams in the ceiling. Every time we turned around and thought we had things figured out, they'd open up a ceiling or wall, and we would find something that we didn't expect.

A strong Wi-Fi signal was key to controlling the hidden components, and the thick stone walls made this a challenge — you really can't get Wi-Fi through a wall like that. We installed multiple Ruckus wireless access points throughout the house, including the backyard, to make sure they had proper coverage. This was important because the client needed the ability to control their music from their phone or iPad wherever they were in the house. If they didn't have a good signal, they wouldn't be able to do things like turn the volume down or change songs.

Taking it outside.

The home has equally beautiful outdoor spaces, and the client plans to spend plenty of time outside. We brought the music out as well with a full outdoor speaker system and subwoofer tucked up inconspicuously in the landscaping. By placing speakers throughout the backyard, the client can enjoy music in every corner — without disturbing the neighbors. It's kind of like when you're at an amusement park, and you're walking down a path and you hear the music everywhere as you're walking. It's not extra loud in one spot or too soft in another.

Celebrating music everywhere.

The end result was exactly what our clients had in mind, and then some. With proper planning and working with the right people, we were able to take a beautiful, historic house and deck it out with the latest state-of-the-art electronics.

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Featured products in this project

Guest house room
The client's existing sound system


Outdoor Sound
Origin Acoustics LS44BX2 landscape speaker system with 2 subwoofers

Distributed audio
AudioControl  Architect 1280EQ amplifier

Interconnects & speaker wire

Luxul  ABR4500 router
Luxul AMS1208P POE switch
Ruckus R510 access points
Ruckus T300U outdoor access point

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