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Sonos Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi (Black)

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Sonos Move 2 Overview

Product Information

Model: MOVE2US1BLK | UPC: 840136808794


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: MOVE2US1BLK | UPC: 840136808794

Groove. Move. Repeat.

Unleash your listening experience with Move 2. Upgraded inside and out, this portable powerhouse puts heart-pumping stereo sound wherever you want it. Enjoy up to 24 hours of non-stop playback. Rated IP56, this speaker is both dust and water resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use. 


  • Enjoy up to 24 hours of non-stop playback.
  • IP56 rated for both dust and water resistance
  • Automatic Trueplay tuning continually optimizes sound based on surroundings
  • Built-in handle
  • Wireless charging base included

Powerful stereo sound

The new acoustic architecture replaces Move's single tweeter with two, unlocking a higher-fidelity stereo soundstage with crisp vocals and detailed instruments. With deep, dynamic bass powered by by the precision-tuned woofer, you'll feel the emotional charge of a live performance.

Tuned to its environment

With automatic Trueplay™ tuning, Move 2 continually optimizes the sound for its surroundings. So, no matter where you are or what you play, you get the best listening experience.

More than double the battery life

Listen twice as long as with the previous generation.  All the acoustic updates work in concert for increased efficiency, giving you up to 24 hours of playback on a single charge.¹

Ultra durable and water resistant 

Shock absorbent materials protect against accidental drops, and the IP56 rating ensures spills, splashes, rain, dirt, and dust don't dampen your listening experience.

One speaker, infinite listening possibilities

Whether you want to put on a podcast in the kitchen, listen to radio by the pool, or play music at the park or beach, Move 2 does it all. Plus, enjoy easy multiroom audio with more Sonos speakers around your home. 

Easier to take it with you

Use the built-in handle to bring your music from one place to the next. When the battery needs a boost, set Move 2 on the included Wireless Charging Base, upgraded with a detachable power cable and more compact adapter. Charge on the go with any USB-PD power supply. 

Your favorite sounds are just a tap or ask away

Stream using WiFi and Bluetooth. Control the sound with the Sonos app, your voice, and the new intuitive touch controls.You can also connect a turntable or other device with an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter.²

Toned down impact

Move 2 reduces its idle energy consumption by more than 30% compared to its predecessor, incorporates recycled plastics, and features a removable and replaceable battery, so you can enjoy it even longer.³

Full-range oomph

Placed in a sealed enclosure and powered by advanced digital signal processing, the precision-tuned woofer produces deep, dynamic, and clean bass. 

Built-in voice control

Enjoy hands-free ease and unmatched privacy with Sonos Voice Control on WiFi and Bluetooth. Just ask to skip a song, turn up the volume, check your battery, and more. You can also use Amazon Alexa to control your smart home devices, manage your calendar, and more.4


What's the difference between Move 2 and Move?

Move 2 features a new acoustic architecture with an additional tweeter for stereo sound, a more powerful battery for 24 hours of playback time (twice that of Move), new colors, updated touch controls, the option to connect a turntable or other audio source with the Sonos Line-In Adapter, an upgraded Wireless Charging Base with a detachable and more compact adapter, the coexistence of WiFi and Bluetooth so you can play Bluetooth audio to the rest of your Sonos system, and more.

Does Move 2 support stereo pairing?

While connected to your home WiFi network, you can use the Sonos app to pair two speakers for even wider and more detailed sound. Please note that portable speakers cannot be used for surround sound in a Sonos home theater system.

Can I stereo pair Move 2 and Move?

In order to stereo pair, both speakers must have the same acoustic architecture and sound profile. Because Move 2 features an additional tweeter, it will not stereo pair with Move. You can group both speakers to play in sync for multiroom listening or to fill a larger space.

Will the Move 2 Wireless Charging Base work with the Move Wireless Charging Base?

Yes. Both bases can be used to charge either product. Note the colors for the Move 2 Wireless Charging Base differ from the Move Wireless Charging Base.

Can I use the Move 2 replacement battery with Move?

Yes. The replacement battery for Move 2 will work with Move for improved playback time.

Will Move 2 pair with a subwoofer?

Move 2 will not pair with a Sonos subwoofer. Because the speaker is designed to move around your home, pairing with a subwoofer would result in imbalanced sound, with mid and high frequencies in one room and bass in another or breaking the bonding whenever you put Move 2 in a new location.

Can I experience spatial audio or Dolby Atmos with Move 2?

The acoustic architecture of Move 2 does not support playback of spatial audio content. To experience Dolby Atmos, consider Era 300 or Arc, which feature upward-firing drivers for height channels, or Beam (Gen 2), which supports a virtualized Dolby Atmos experience.

Can I use Bluetooth as soon as I unbox Move 2?

Move 2 must first be set up on WiFi using the Sonos app. Following setup, you can easily pair a Bluetooth device by pressing the button on the back of the speaker.

What's the difference between Bluetooth and WiFi?

A WiFi connection provides the best listening experience, allowing you to stream lossless audio from anywhere in your home. Bluetooth allows you to quickly connect a phone, tablet, or laptop to your speaker and stream directly from the paired device within a limited range.

Can I group speakers while using Bluetooth?

Yes. If you are playing content from a Bluetooth source, you can group Move 2 with other products in your Sonos system.

Can I connect my turntable or other audio source to Move 2?

Yes, you can connect any audio source with 3.5 mm line output, such as a turntable, computer, or CD player with the Sonos Line-In Adapter. You will also need a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable (not included).

Can I use a third-party adapter for line in?

No. Most, if not all, of the USB-C to 3.5 mm adapters on the market today are intended for line out (headphones) and do not support line in. Use the Sonos Line-In Adapter for a reliable connection.

Can I connect Move 2 to my TV?

Bluetooth and line-in connections are not intended for use with a TV and will result in latency and/or lip sync issues. To enhance your home theater experience, you’ll want a Sonos soundbar, which you can also use to stream music and group with Move 2.

What can I do with the USB-C port?

The USB-C port is designed for line in and ethernet connections using the Sonos Line-In Adapter or Combo Adapter. You can also use it to charge small devices, such as your smartphone.

How can I use Sonos Voice Control on Bluetooth?

You can use Sonos Voice Control and Amazon Alexa in supported countries and languages. Both services must be added in the Sonos app.


1Estimated for continuous playback at moderate volume while connected to WiFi with voice assistant enabled. Battery life depends on connection, settings, environment, and other factors.

2Sonos products connect over WiFi.

3Replacement battery sold separately.

4Availability of voice services varies by country and language. Sonos Voice Control cannot initiate playback with Bluetooth. Amazon Alexa availability varies by country and language. Amazon account required. Compatible smart devices require internet connection. Some features may require enabling Alexa Skills.


  • Audio
    • Amplifiers: Three class-D digital amplifiers precision-tuned for the speaker's unique acoustic architecture power your sound experience.           
    • Woofers: One midwoofer ensures the faithful playback of mid-range vocal frequencies and deep bass.     
    • Tweeters: Two angled tweeters create a crisp and accurate high frequency response and stereo separation.           
    • Microphones: The far-field microphone array uses advanced beamforming and multichannel echo cancellation for quick and accurate voice control and Trueplay tuning. Turn off the mic switch to disconnect.          
    • Adjustable EQ: Use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble, and loudness.   
    • Automatic Trueplay: This software continually optimizes the speaker's sound for its environment and the audio content playing.
  • Physical
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 6.3” x 9.49” x 5”                              
    • Weight: 6.77 lb 
  • Power & Connectivity
    • WiFi: Compatible with WiFi 6. Connect to WiFi with any 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax 2.4 GHz/5 GHz broadcast-capable router.               
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 supports audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.  
    • Battery: 44Wh battery provides up to 24 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.              
    • USB-C: Charge your phone on the go, or connect an audio source using an auxiliary cable and the Sonos Line-In Adapter. Connect your router with an ethernet cable and the Sonos Combo Adapter. (All accessories sold separately.)               
    • CPU: Quad Core 4xA55 1.4 GHz 
    • Memory
      • 1GB SDRAM
      • 8GB NV
    • Apple AirPlay 2: Works with AirPlay 2 on Apple devices iOS 11.4 and higher           

What's In The Box

  • Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Charging Base
  • Power Adapter
  • Manual 
Review: Sonos Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
Expert Review

Review: Sonos Move 2 Portable Smart Speaker with 24-Hour Battery Life, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

Since Sonos introduced the Move Portable Bluetooth Speaker in 2019, they have sold and registered over a million speakers. Four years later, Sonos is moving on up by updating the Move, with the Move 2. Let's check it out.
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