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Bavsound Ghost 4 Ohm BMW Underseat Subwoofers V2 - Pair

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Bavsound Ghost BMW Underseat Subwoofers Overview

Product Information

Model: BSD.GUSW.4O-KIT | UPC: 860009386013


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: BSD.GUSW.4O-KIT | UPC: 860009386013


  • Plug & play, do-it-yourself install in less than 90 minutes
  • Provides punchy midbass and tighter, cleaner bass
  • 10 dB+ louder from 20Hz to 60Hz vs factory woofers
  • Works with aftermarket or factory amplifier
  • 160W RMS / 320W peak power handling per woofer
  • Available in 2Ω, 4Ω, and 8Ω variants
  • Please Note: Check your vehicles compatibility in the specifications section

Tighter, Punchier Bass

More bass without clarity is just noise. Bavsound’s woofers are not only louder, they're cleaner and clearer.

Do-It-Yourself, Plug & Play, Easy Install

Installs in less than 90 minutes and with only basic tools*. There is no complex wiring, additional hardware, or installation is required. Simply unbolt your front seats, remove the woofer covers, unbolt your factory woofers, and install your new Ghost Subwoofers. That's it!

More Space = More Fun

Unlike other subwoofer solutions, upgrading your factory woofers takes up no extra space.


Every watt of power generated by your amplifier yields about 2x the bass output with Bavsound woofers vs factory woofers. If you're not familiar with the concept of "efficiency" in audio, just use this analogy: with your factory woofers, your amplifier is like a 200hp motor in a 4,000lb Camry. With Bavsound’s Ghost subwoofers, it’s like the same 200hp motor in a 2,000lb Lotus Elise - twice the performance with the same power.

2X The Bass

Bavsound’s woofers are 10 dB+ louder from 20Hz to 60Hz vs factory woofers, resulting in twice the loudness in this critical “sub-bass” range (and over 8x the sonic energy). You won’t just hear the bass; you’ll feel it.

Exceptional Linearity

Nearly flat frequency response for exceptional linearity in the key sub / mid-bass frequency range from 40Hz to 200Hz (+ or - 3 dB). Which means "clean" and balanced bass.

Super Tight, Punchy Midbass

Your factory underseat woofers aren't just subwoofers; they're midbass drivers. That means they play not just the lowest frequencies, but also "punchy" midbass frequencies like snare drums and high bass guitar notes. Unlike Bavsound’s woofers, which are designed to outperform the factory woofers for both subwoofer and midbass frequencies, other underseat subwoofer upgrades on the market are only capable of playing sub frequencies, not midbass, so you miss a huge portion of the frequency range.

Factory Matched Impedance

Depending on your audio system, your factory woofers come in 2, 4, or 8 Ohm impedance. These woofers are matched to the impedance of your factory woofers to maximize performance and ensure the longevity of your factory amplifier.

Use Your Factory Amplifier and Get Exceptional Bass Response

Bavsound utilizes your factory amplifier to generate amazing bass response in your car. To do so, they have designed their woofers using technologies like oversized neodymium magnets and lightweight poly cone to maximize every watt of power they generate and translate that into raw output. That means amazing bass response without replacing your amplifier. (Warranty not valid with aftermarket amplifiers or custom audio systems)

Upgradeable Design with 160W RMS / 320W Peak Power Handling Per Woofer

Even though these woofers are designed to be extremely efficient to maximize the output of your factory amplifier, they're also built for upgradability. You can power them with an aftermarket amplifier of your choice, up to 160W per channel!

*Please note: 2018+ X3 models and vehicles with “Base” audio systems require slight modification to factory enclosure and may necessitate additional tools. Tools are not included.


  • Impendence: 4Ω
  • Diameter: 8”
  • Unit Weight: 2.2 lbs (1000 g)
  • Resonance Frequency (fo): 39 Hz ± 15%
  • Frequency Response: fo ~ 2.8K Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 ± 2 dB AT 1 M with 1 W input
  • Handling Power: 100 W (RMS) ~ 200
  • Magnet
    • Diameter of magnet: 40 mm
    • Height of magnet: 10 mm
  • Voice Coil
    • V.C. diameter: 49.55 mm
    • V.C. length: 6.8 mm
  • Compatible Vehicles
    • 2004-2010 E60/E61 Sedan/Wagon with Base Audio
    • 2004-2010 E60/E61 Sedan/Wagon with Premium Top Hi-Fi Logic 7
    • 2002-2008 E65/E66 Sedan Premium Top Hi-Fi Logic 7
    • 2005-2012 E81/E87 1 Series BASE
    • 2008-2013 E82 with Base Audio
    • 2009-2015 E84 X1 with Base Audio
    • 2008-2013 E88 Convertible with base audio
    • 2006-2011 E90 Sedan with Base Audio
    • 2006-2011 E90 Sedan with Logic 7 DSP
    • 2006-2011 E91 Wagon with Base Audio
    • 2006-2011 E91 Wagon with Logic 7 DSP
    • 2007-2013 E92 Coupe with Base Audio
    • 2007-2013 E92 Coupe with Logic 7 DSP
    • 2007-2013 E93 Convertible with Base Audio
    • 2007-2013 E93 Convertible with Logic 7 DSP
    • 2011-2016 F10 Sedan with Base Audio
    • 2011-2016 F11 Wagon with Base Audio
    • 2014-2018 F15/F16 X5/X6 with Base Audio
    • 2012-2020 F20/F21 Hatchback with Base Audio
    • 2014-2021 F22/F87 Coupe with Standard / Base Audio
    • 2014-2021 F23 Convertible with Standard / Base Audio
    • 2011-2017 F25 X3 with Base audio
    • 2012-2018 F30 Sedan with Base Audio
    • 2016-2022 F48 X1 with Base Audio
    • 2011-2016 MINI R60/R61 Countryman with Base Audio
    • 2007-2015 MINI R54/R55/R56/R57 with Base audio
    • 2016-2024 MINI F54/F55/F56/F57/F60 with Base audio

What's In The Box

  • Ghost 4 Ohm BMW Underseat Subwoofers V2 - Pair
  • Manual

Please Note: Check your vehicles compatibility in the specifications section

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