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AudioControl DM-810 Premium Matrix DSP Processor, 8 inputs/10 outputs

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Product Information

Model: 8410808 | UPC: 855814005969


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: 8410808 | UPC: 855814005969

When you require total control and optimization to achieve great sound quality, AudioControl’s DM-810 Processor is the solution.

The powerful DM-810 processor allows users to truly optimize the performance of their audio system, regardless of whether they are using a factory or aftermarket source, and to truly achieve the goal of “Making Good Sound Great”.

These highly versatile Digital Signal processors are equipped with key features, such as active speaker level inputs, line-level, and digital audio inputs, providing up to 10 channels of output. AudioControl’s DM Smart DSP app contains the power of AudioControl processing through a flexible interface packed full of features in a simple layout. Configure signal summing, 30 bands of equalization, signal time-alignment, input delay, and phase correction, plus AudioControl proprietary features like AccuBASS®, GTOTM Signal Sense, and MILCTM as well as integrated input and output RTA’s.

The built-in Option Port on the DM-810 is the future of car audio and will allow hi-res streaming directly into the DSP. It also opens up future proprietary connections for additional inputs, controllers, and interface solutions. 

Designed to be the ultimate in sound quality and enhanced audio performance, the DM-810 is our latest AudioControl processor that sets a new standard for sound and what can be achieved in-car audio systems.


  • Input and Output RTA for precise and informed tuning
  • GTOTM Signal Sensing
  • MILCTM Clip Detection
  • AccuBASS®
  • Signal Summing
  • Signal Delay
  • 12 and 24 dB/octave crossovers
  • 30 band equalizer
  • Optional ACR-3 remote for preset recall and level control
  • Optional AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer/Programmer
  • DM Smart DSP app available for Mac/PC


The DM-810 features AudioControl's MILC™ (Maximum Input Level Control) patent-pending source clip detection circuit. MILC™ calculates when the waveform of an incoming audio signal is clipping, and if it is, the LED will fulfill its prime objective and shine forth, aiding in precise level matching control.

Option Port

The built-in Option Port on the DM-810 is the future of car audio and allows hi-res streaming and DSP programming directly into the DSP using the AC-BT24 Bluetooth Streamer/Programmer. It also opens up future proprietary connections for additional inputs, controllers, and interface solutions.

DM Smart DSP

Connect your laptop to the DM-810 using AudioControl's DM Smart DSP app, a fully-featured Matrix DSP Interface designed to give you instant and clear control over every aspect of your processor. 

Route any input to any output, adjust gain, delay and polarity then precisely tune the DM-810 using a 30 band EQ. High-pass, low-pass, and band-pass can be set up for any output using 12 or 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers.

For OEM integration, take advantage of the input and output RTAs, available for every input and output, to easily identify and sum factory speaker signals.

With a clear GUI and intuitive workflow, AudioControl's Smart User Interface will take the guesswork out of tuning your system to your exact specifications.


  • Inputs
    • Preamp Input Channels: 8
    • Digital Inputs: 1 x Toslink and Coax
    • Input Impedance Preamp / Speaker-level: 20 kΩ / 7 kΩ
  • Outputs
    • Preamp Outputs Channels: 10
    • Maximum Output Level: 10 Vrms
    • Output Impedance: 150 Ω
  • Performance
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 24 kHz
    • Crossover Frequency: variable
    • Crossover Type: 12 and 24 dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley
  • Control
    • 12 VDC Remote In
    • 12 VDC Remote Out (always active when the unit is on)
  • General
    • Power Supply: High Headroom PWM Switching
    • Current Draw: 1A
    • Recommended Fuse Rating: 3A
  • Weight & Dimensions
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 10.5" x 1.6" x 5.7”
    • Weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)

What's In The Box

  • DM-810
  • Power cord
  • Speaker Connectors
  • Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty
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