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Chief Regional Sales Director
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Step 1 

Watch the video below for your operating system:  


Step 2 

    • Headshots are required for online sales and showroom salespersons, all other employees are optional.


    Editing An Existing Signature 

    Your signature is maintained by you. The steps are very similar to the videos provided above. 

    • Create a new email 
    • Select “Signature > Manage Signatures” at the top of the email 
    • Select “Edit” to edit your signature.  
    • Make your edits 
    • Save and Close the editing panel.  


    Mobile Phones 

    If you use your phone for work emails, please add your signature there as well.  

    Your signature is device and application dependent. You must add or edit your signature on each device and application seperately.  

    Here’s how to add your signature to your mobile Outlook App.  

    • (I use an iPhone—this may be different for Android—but the idea should be the same.) 


    On your phone: 

    • Open the email signature page on your phone: 
    • Locate and Copy your signature. 
    • Open Outlook on your phone. 
    • Tap your icon in the top left corner. 
    • Tap the Setting icon on the lower left corner. 
    • Scroll down and tap the Signature menu option. 
    • Delete (don’t Cut) any text that may be there. 
    • Paste your signature from step 2. 
    • Tap the back arrow or save. 


    Know issues: 

    If you use Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone, the signature field provided in the Mail Settings does not play nicely with the copy/paste method outlined above. You will need to type out your information manually.