McIntosh Audio

Founded in 1949 - Made in America.

McIntosh made its name as a leader in high-performance audio excellence via beautiful, powerful amplifiers – and McIntosh remains first-choice among today's audiophiles, audio engineers, and music lovers the world over. World Wide Stereo brought on McIntosh soon after we opened in 1979, and some of our original McIntosh customers still look forward to the company’s latest mind-blowing offerings.

Everything McIntosh does is gorgeously engineered and handcrafted in Binghamton, New York using the finest materials. The signature industrial design - classic tubes, switches, and beloved metered faceplate - results in equal parts amazing technology and work of art. It's no wonder that in an age when everyone wants their audio and video components hidden behind closed door cabinets, McIntosh owners still leave their McIntosh components out for all to see. These are pieces more deserving of a pedestal than a closed door.

The Stuff of Legends
Four quick stories neatly sum up all things McIntosh:
1) It was McIntosh amplifiers that powered Woodstock. 400,00 people over 600 acres, and every Hendrix riff and Joan Baez strum made the back row and then some – clearly and with a punch.
2) 28,800 watts of McIntosh amplifier power was used in the Grateful Dead's “Wall of Sound” on March 23, 1974, at the San Francisco Cow Palace.
3) The crazy, maniacal perfectionist Brian Wilson insisted on McIntosh equipment when mastering the Beach Boys' “Pet Sounds.”
4) World-renowned rock producer Tony Visconti, still to this day, owns, loves, and depends on the incredible sound, and performance, only McIntosh brings to the table.

So really, it’s no surprise so many recording artists, famous musicians, and producers still look to McIntosh for the absolute best possible audio experience. and though the company made its name via beautiful, powerful amplifiers in the 1960s – when rock and rollers were upping their games, volume levels, and overall production levels – today’s McIntosh offers a complete line of audio gear. The reviews: consistently 5-star.

The newest McIntosh product line includes everything from headphones (McIntosh Circumaural Headphones actually mirror the company’s full-sized systems) and headphone amplifiers to compact streaming shelf systems, turntables, and speakers. Even home theater processors and Blu-ray players.

Bottom line: it’s all about the sound – that amazing, powerful, full-throated, clean, feel-it-in-your-chest, heavenly, McIntosh sound. The stuff of legends.

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