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Michell TecnoDec Turntable with T3 Tonearm with Cusis S Moving Coil Cartridge with Shibata Stylus

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Product Information

Model: WWSTECCUSS | UPC: 720158606748


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: WWSTECCUSS | UPC: 720158606748

This Package Includes

TecnoDec Turntable with T3 Tonearm

Entry Level Reference Turntable

The TecnoDec is Michell's entry-level turntable, and shares many features developed for its bigger sibling, the GyroDec, such as the vibration dampening, impedance-matched platter, inverted oil circulating main bearing and a free-standing motor unit. TecnoDec is an unsuspended turntable that utilizes materials and technologies not normally found in entry-level turntables, allowing you hear much more from your music.

Pure Sorbothane Feet Inserts

Designed to isolate the turntable from structural vibration in the supporting surface.

Impedance-Matched Platter

The platter material was chosen for its vibration-dampening characteristics and because sonically it is a very similar material to vinyl, so it has a very neutral sound characteristic.

Free-Standing Motor Unit

Machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminum, the turntable motor unit is designed to minimize any transfer of tiny vibrations created when the motor is running, to the sensitive parts of the turntable. When in operation the only connection between the motor and the rest of the turntable, is the drive belt turning the platter. This innovation lifts the performance of the TecnoDec and sets it apart from the competition.

Inverted Oil Circulating Main Bearing

Contrary to traditional designs, our main bearing has the point of rotation at the top of the assembly, not at the bottom. This orientation allows us to fully lubricate the inside of the entire bearing while the platter is turning. We achieve this by way of a modified Archimedean screw that we machine into the inside bore of the bearing. The oil is drawn from a reservoir at the base of the main bearing up to the thrust ball at the top, fully lubricating as it goes, it then returns to the reservoir via a waste hole drilled into the bearing spindle. Lubricating the precision parts of the main bearing in this way means that any potential for noise or vibration created by the rotation of the platter is avoided.

Cusis S Moving Coil Cartridge with Shibata Stylus

The Cusis S offers extended frequency response and incredible detail retrieval whilst retaining a level of musicality that is second to none.


  • Shibata stylus
  • Boron cantilever
  • Extended frequency response
  • Large aluminum chassis
  • High density Acetyl body

Samarium-Cobalt Magnet

All of Michell's Cusis cartridges share the same moving coil design. At the heart of the cartridge is a samarium-cobalt magnet which is combined with pure iron to create a very stable magnetic field within the cartridge.

Specially Designed Damper

30μ pure copper wire is used to precision wind the cartridge coils onto an ultra-lightweight armature, which is mounted onto a specially designed damper. The damper has been specifically designed to give the stylus assembly the perfect support, which ensures the stylus tracks the groove precisely.

Vibration Reduction

The construction of the cartridge has been carefully designed to eliminate vibration and resonance. The aluminum chassis is designed to absorb unwanted vibration and give a rigid platform to mount the cartridge parts. The body materials, shapes and exterior patterns have also been designed to further reduce vibration and resonance, resulting in truly unrivalled levels of detail and neutrality.


TecnoDec Turntable with T3 Tonearm

  • Turntable
    • Weight: 10.14 lbs
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 19.29” x 3.34” x 12.20”
  • Tonearm
    • Effective mass: Low / 11g
    • Mounting distance platter center to arm hole center: 222mm

Cusis S Moving Coil Cartridge with Shibata Stylus

  • Model: Cusis S
  • Tracking Force: 2.0g
  • Loading: 100 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20-35000hz
  • Output Voltage: 0.4mV
  • Weight: 8.9g
  • Cantilever Material: Boron
  • Stylus Profile: Shibata
  • Channel Balance: <1dB
  • Channel Separation: 25dB
  • Compliance: 8x10-6cm/dyne
  • Tracking Ability: 70µ / 2.0g
  • Internal Impedance: 4.5 Ω
  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Coil Material: Pure 30µ Copper
  • Run-in Period: > 40 Hours
  • Body Material: Acetyl

What's In The Box

TecnoDec Turntable with T3 Tonearm

  • TecnoDec Turntable with T3 Tonearm
    • Motor Unit
    • Bearing Body
    • Record Clamp (Optional)
    • Power Supply
    • Unicover
    • Platter (under Unicover)
    • Accessories Box
      • Bearing oil
      • Drive belt
      • Platter Retainer
      • Tonearm Counter weight
      • Setup tools
  • Manual

Please Note: Tecnodec is shown with optional Iso Base (sold separately)

Cusis S Moving Coil Cartridge with Shibata Stylus

  • Cusis S Moving Coil Cartridge with Shibata Stylus
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