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McIntosh C12000ST Preamplifier Module

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Product Information

Model: C12000ST | UPC: 842548111615


What's In The Box

Product Information

Model: C12000ST | UPC: 842548111615

Maximum Control and Configurability


  • Separate audio & control sections
  • 12 analog inputs including 2 configurable phono inputs
  • Offers both solid-state and vacuum tube output
  • Fully balanced circuitry

The C12000 Preamplifier is the next generation of McIntosh's acclaimed two-chassis preamplifier design. This unusual but effective design allows the audio section to be completely separated from the control and power section, delivering the purest sound reproduction possible.

Inside each the C12000C Controller and C12000ST Preamplifier, the left and right channels are electrically and mechanically isolated from each other to allow for true dual mono operation.

Includes 12 analog inputs: six balanced, four unbalanced, and two unbalanced phono inputs. The phono inputs are no longer set up as dedicated for Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridges; instead, both are configurable as either Moving Coil or Moving Magnet with adjustable Capacitance and Resistance Loading, along with adjustable Gain.

Offers both vacuum tube and solid-state output. Six vacuum tubes power the high-level preamplifier section with two 12AT7 tubes and one 12AX7A tube assigned to each the left and right channel. Solid-state output is via a discrete balanced op-amp. The phono stage utilizes four 12AX7A vacuum tubes, with two tubes used per channel in a fully balanced configuration that incorporates RIAA equalization.

Four total outputs: one balanced vacuum tube; one balanced solid-state; one fixed unbalanced; and one programmable unbalanced (can be either vacuum tube or solid-state).

Other features: High Drive headphone amplifier that has plenty of power and flexibility to drive a wide range of headphones. Power Control can automatically turn other connected McIntosh components on and off. Data Ports can send remote control commands to connected sources.


  • Frequency Response:
    • +0, -0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
    • +0, -3dB from 15Hz to 100kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:
    • High Level: 0.005%
    • Phono: 0.05%
  • Maximum Output Voltage:
    • Balanced: 20 Vrms
    • Unbalanced: 10 Vrms
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
    • High-Level: 107dB
    • Phono (Moving Coil): 79dB
    • Phono (Moving Magnet): 83dB
  • Inputs:
    • 6 Balanced
    • 4 Unbalanced
    • 2 Phono (configurable as either Moving Coil or Moving Magnet)
  • Outputs:
    • 1 Balanced (Solid State)
    • 1 Balanced (Vacuum Tube)
    • 1 Unbalanced (Fixed)
    • 1 Unbalanced (configurable as either Solid State or Vacuum Tube)
  • Overall Dimensions (W x H x D)
    • Each module: 17.5” (44.45cm) x 6” (15.24cm) x 18” (45.7cm)
  • Weight:
    • C12000C: 27 lbs (12.3 kg) net, 42 lbs (19.5 kg) in shipping carton
    • C12000ST: 25 lbs (11.3 kg) net, 40 lbs (17.7 kg) in shipping carton

What's In The Box

  • C12000ST
  • Remote Control
  • Owner's Manual


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