The subwoofer is the muscle behind the magic, arguably the single most important part of a home theater system. Its job, more than anything else: raise goosebumps on cue, and make movies and music come alive with the same kind of earth-moving / sternum-vibrating raw power you’d expect in any modern multiplex. That’s why every World Wide Stereo audio / video expert is a subwoofer evangelist, spreading the word and encouraging customers to get the best subwoofer, or two, for the job – and we’ve got them all: from big and powerful to small yet extremely effective, from the best wireless subwoofers now debuting everywhere to outdoor subwoofers disguised as terracotta pots. Plus ported cabinet subwoofers, in-wall subwoofers, cylinder subwoofers and more. Need a little help choosing the best one for you and your budget? Talk to us, anytime.