Sonos Wakes Up The Silent Home

Sonos Wakes Up The Silent Home

This is your brain on music.

For music lovers, the Grammy Awards broadcast is like the Super Bowl - showcasing the best of the best in musical performances (and personalities) and those killer commercials. And, airing during the Grammy's broadcast on Sunday, February 12th on CBS (at around 8PM Eastern) will be Sonos' Super Bowl ad of 2017.

Sonos has done quite a bit of research on the effect of music in the home - on the body, the brain... your sex life. They've performed actual experiments, taken polls. One might say they're backing this ad (and their entire business model) by some pretty solid scientific evidence. And, we couldn't agree more - music is indeed a force. It just makes every moment better.

The ad was directed by Hollywood level talent Derek Cianfrance, who has credits like “Blue Valentine” and “The Place Beyond The Pines” to his name, and features iconic music by Thin Lizzy (their 1976 hit “Jailbreak.”). It starts with a dark and serious tone reminiscent of Apple's iconic 1984 themed Super Bowl commercial.  When Sonos is added to the mix it shifts to a feeling of joy and energy in the home.
Martin Weinstein, Sonos

For more information about the causes and conditions of the silent homeclick here. Or, take our word for it and watch the video below to see it in action.

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