Review: KLH Speakers Video Series

Review: KLH Speakers Video Series

Our take on the new KLH

Back when the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Brubeck were reinventing music, two young entrepreneurs and an engineering guru were reinventing the equipment we all listened to music on. They called their company KLH, and by the mid-60s, KLH was the largest speaker company in the world. Fast forward: one of the most hallowed nameplates in the history of home audio, KLH Audio is back with new leadership - David Kelley (of Klipsch fame) is at the helm - an impressive full line of speakers, and a rededication to the company’s original mission: to deliver an affordable audiophile-level experience to all. Designed in the USA with stunning, real-wood veneers, every single KLH speaker is carefully crafted to deliver an unforgettable audio experience at an affordable price point.

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