A Space-Saving TV & Premium Audio Upgrade

A Space-Saving TV & Premium Audio Upgrade

What happens when you have an awesome home theater system with multiple speakers and amplifiers, but you need to downsize due to space constraints? Is it possible to go with something smaller without giving up picture or sound quality? Our answer: Absolutely. 

When my clients approached me with their situation, I was excited to show them the possibilities for premium audio and video in a way that would help them save space without sacrificing quality. And we did just that by installing a sleek LG Wallpaper TV with Bowers & Wilkins tower speakers.

Upgrading to a slim new TV.

The clients previously owned a huge TV and knew from the get-go they did not want the new one to overpower the room. After discussing a few options, they decided on LG's W7 77" Wallpaper TV. This would provide them with a large and phenomenal picture without taking up much space. The TV is only 3mm wide — which is smaller than the width of most smart phones —and  hangs flush against the wall.

Bigger and better audio.

Since the Wallpaper TV is so thin, there are no speakers inside. Instead, it comes with an LG Dolby Atmos sound bar to handle the audio. While this was fine for casual TV viewing, like watching the news in the morning while getting ready for work, our clients wanted something that would provide a little more power and realism for movie nights.

Keeping in mind the space and audio needs, we went with Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 floorstanding speakers for the left and right channels. Then we added a matching Bowers & Wilkins HTM72 S2 center channel speaker and a Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 8" subwoofer to create a complete 3.1 home theater system. Now they have everything they need for crystal clear dialogue and heart-pounding sound.

Updating the brains behind the system.

Now that the clients had a new TV capable of displaying 4K content, they needed a receiver that was capable of processing it, too. Fortunately, they already had an NAD T187 AV surround sound preamp, which we were able to easily update without completely replacing their equipment. Unlike other brands, NAD Electronics future-proofs their receivers so you can update them as technology changes over time. If you purchased an NAD receiver five years ago when there was no 4K HDMI (like our clients), you don't have to throw it away and buy a new one. In this case, all we had to do was update a detachable module with a current one for $600. It was a simple solution for updating their old gear.

Hiding everything away and setting up simple controls.

For a clean look, we installed a Salamander Chameleon Berlin 245 cabinet to store all of the electronics and center speaker. This particular cabinet features four doors and a sleek grille cloth opening, which blended in perfectly with the clients' aesthetic.

To ensure the equipment can be controlled behind closed doors, we set up a Universal Remote with radio frequency. The remote also has pre-set commands, so they can easily switch from the sound bar to the speakers depending on what they're watching.

Once everything was complete and set up, the clients were thrilled. Now they have a beautiful system that's perfectly balanced with their room and needs.

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Products used in this project

NAD Electronics NAD T187 Preamp Processor

LG OLED W7 77" Wallpaper

Salamander Chameleon Berlin 245 Cabinet

Meet the System Designer

Mario Patelmo

Mario Patelmo

Sales & System Designer
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