A Childhood Dream Come True

A Childhood Dream Come True

Before every custom installation project we undertake, we try to help the customer determine not only the ideal setup for a home theater or smart home integration, but the desired experience when it’s all said and done.

When we first met our customer, he explained to us that it was his childhood dream to one day be able to speak to his house and control everything - from his lights to his thermostat - via home automation. We’ve finally helped him to make that dream come true, and we’re proud to say that we did it in style!

The Smart Home is the Future Home

In order to make this dream a reality, we did some minor home renovations to create the space our customer was looking for. Since we installed the home theater in the main living room, several large windows and a door to the backyard in a curved configuration presented some logistical challenges. To handle the ambient light and create a true home cinema experience, we installed Lutron motorized black out shades to ensure the room would be dark enough when watching their favorite shows and movies.

To display the perfect image, we used the Sony VPLVW665ES, a full 4k projector with 3D and SXRD that creates unbelievably rich colors, brightness and a massive contrast ration. To top it off, we used a Stewart StudioTek 130 film screen to absolutely maximize the projector’s performance.

Don’t Neglect the Sound

Since our customer also had a passion for audio, we naturally installed McIntosh equipment with Bowers and Wilkins speakers and two Sumiko S9 subwoofers. This powerful surround sound setup is capable of producing all formats of surround sound including Dolby Atmos – the finest in home theater audio.  

Our customer also wanted the ability to stream music in every room. To accomplish this, we installed Bowers & Wilkins CCM683 speakers around the house. Taking it even further, we added Bowers & Wilkins AM1 outdoor speakers to his second floor deck so he could really enjoy his favorite tunes anywhere on the property. 

Using the Mirage Audio server (on the Ruckus Wifi network) with the Bluesound Vault 2 and Savant Pro Host control system, he could easily control all speakers both inside and outside his home.

All in all, he was thrilled to finally turn his dream into a reality.

Check out the video below for a peek into our customer’s new setup!  

Video Transcript:

Hi. I'm Adam from World Wide Stereo and I'm talking to you today about a very special and exciting project that we just finished. The homeowner first came to us and expressed their desire to want to be able to communicate with their house. It was a childhood dream of his that he would someday be able to talk to his home and control all of his systems around the house, meaning lights and shades and just maybe even playing music as well.  

So the customers did try some technology on their own in the past and it really didn't work out because the technology wasn't there yet. So we were finally able to deliver him his childhood dream in his home. 

Starting in the main theater space, this was a renovation or addition to the house and everything had to be concealed. So you notice the screen is up inside of the ceiling. All the speakers are concealed in the ceiling. Because this room is full windows behind the screen and as we did blackout shades with the tracks that come down and they've been painted the same colors as the wall, so that way everything is completely dark when they're watching a movie.  

Throughout the rest of this house there is Lutron shades throughout the rest of the home and lighting control which can all be controlled by Alexa. So in the renovated spaces we had the luxury of running wires to all the shades to power them. But if you notice in the kitchen where we added some shades, we couldn't get wires to there, so  Lutron also has a nice battery operated solution that were able to do for him.  

Music is very important to these customers, so they decided to go with McIntosh equipment and some Bowers & Wilkins speakers to really give them the experience that they wanted while watching TV's and also listening music in the space. To bring the musical experience from inside to outside, we also installed B&W speakers on their outdoor deck.  

The homeowner is also an avid organ player. So one of the goals was to be able to hear that organ through all the speakers throughout the house too, so we were able to make that happen for him and it turned out really nice. 

This was such a fun and exciting project to work on. If you’d like to learn more details about this project and how we could do some or all of this for you in your home, please come and see us here at World Wide Stereo. Have a great day.

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