Yamaha YAS-203BL Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer (Black)

Model: YAS203BL UPC: 027108948911 Item: 161818

TV's weren't meant to deliver the high-quality audio your programs deserve. Yamaha's YAS-203BL Soundbar presents a high-end surround sound experience without having to set up a full 3.1 system around your room. This soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer, allowing each thump of bass to vibrate your room wherever you decide to place it. With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can stream your favorite tracks between commercial breaks from the comfort of your recliner.

Yamaha YAS-203BL Soundbar Features:

  • Enjoy a vibrant and clear surround sound audio experience without connecting a full speaker system
  • Connect your wireless subwoofer for a booming, deep bass sound
  • Control your audio using Yamaha's app "HOME THEATER CONTROLLER" for a fully customizable experience
  • Use Bluetooth on your smart device to instantly stream your audio

Product Information

Make all of your movies and TV shows come to life with clear, spacious sound from the Yamaha YAS 203 Sound Bar. The piano-black finish of the sound bar looks great with your TV and the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver rich, impactful bass. Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream music from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This high-end Yamaha soundbar is designed to recreate a surround sound experience without the need for additional speakers and cables, making it a great addition for a smaller home theater setup. Clear Voice technology turns an on-screen conversation into a notable point of dialogue, highlighting each word with precision.

Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar Highlights:

  • Wireless subwoofer for deep bass with flexible placement
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from a smartphone or tablet
  • Extremely easy set up with a single-cable connection
  • Learning feature lets you use your TV remote to control volume
  • Low-profile design - mount on wall or place on TV stand


Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar Features:

AIR SURROUND XTREME Provides Superior Virtual Surround

  • Yamaha-exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME reproduces virtual 7.1-channel surround sound with high quality, excellent imaging and rich presence far superior to other virtual surround technologies. You’ll experience an extremely realistic and impressive sound field with clear dialogue in the front and dynamic sound action effects from behind.

Realistic and Impressive Sound

  • The sound bar houses a digital amp and two 2-1/8" cone speakers with large magnets to ensure high quality sound. Its structural design allows the sound bar to perform with power and clarity in a slim body chassis. Yamaha’s original advanced bass extension processing delivers powerful bass for enhanced performance.

Easy to Place Wireless Powered Subwoofer

  • The included Yamaha subwoofer features a large magnet, a front-firing configuration, Yamaha's proprietary Advanced YST II and a linear port to produce deep and smooth bass. And, because there is no need to connect cables, it’s easy to set up and place.

Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming from Your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Fill your home with music the quick and easy way! Stream music from Bluetooth-compatible smartphones, tablets and computers. And with support for aptX audio coding, performance is better than ever. The YAS-203 can also be set in Bluetooth standby mode, enabling the bar’s power to turn on or off automatically for energy-saving convenience.

Clear Voice Makes Dialogue and Narrations Easy to Hear

  • Clear Voice raises the level of dialogue and narrations while maintaining overall sound quality. Movies, TV shows, sports and news broadcasts are more clearly audible.

UniVolume Maintains the Same Volume Level

  • This welcome feature, made possible by Yamaha developed technology, maintains a consistent volume level between different channels, programs, commercials and input sources. It can be switched on and off.

Low-profile Design

  • With a height of only 3-1/8”, the YAS-203 can be easily positioned in front of most TVs. To straddle a TV stand, simply attach the included feet.

Elegance and Simplicity

  • The sophisticated design features a piano black finish bringing elegance and quality to the room.


  • The YAS-203 can be mounted to a wall using commercially available hardware. A paper mounting template is included to assist with the installation process.

Easy Operation from Your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Download the free Home Theater Controller app for iOS and Android to easily perform a variety of basic functions. Select surround modes or make sound adjustments for the best listening experience.

TV Remote Repeater for Signal Transmission

  • Even if the YAS-203 blocks the TV remote’s signal, the TV Remote Repeater transmits the signal to the TV so operation is unaffected.

Learning Function Allows Operation with the TV Remote Control

  • The YAS-203 can “learn” the TV remote control signal, so you can use the TV remote control to turn the YAS-203 on and off, adjust its volume, and even control the mute function.