Yamaha CRX-N560 Network CD Receiver Mini System (Black)

Model: CRX-N560BL UPC: 027108946191 Item: 165638

Yamaha's CRX-N560 Micro System Packs a Major Punch 

Your CD collection gets a new lease on life with the Yamaha CRX-N560 Network CD Receiver Mini System. In addition to being a high-resolution CD player, the receiver uses network integration to connect music sources, providing precise control the audio experience. Use the built-in AirPlay to connect your Apple device and stream music, and download the Network Player Controller app for the most convenient operational versatility of any micro receiver we've seen. 

Product Information


  • Versatilite home entertainment center
  • Network integration functions provide wider source access
  • FLAC/WAV 192 kHz/24-bit signal compatibility
  • AirPlay allows music streaming from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad
  • Network Player Controller app for convenient operation from a smartphone or tablet
  • USB digital connection for iPod, iPhone, iPad and USB devices
  • Digital audio inputs for TV or Blu-ray Disc player
  • Wi-Fi connection with optional YWA-10 adapter
  • Bluetooth connection with optional YBA-11 adapter
  • Dimensions: 8.5” W x 4.38” H x 11.38” D
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

The Center of it All 

Looking for a touch of class for your home theater? Take a look at our Yamaha CRX-N650 Network CD Player Receiver Mini System. Yamaha’s professional-grade engineers started off with a high-quality CD player and added an amp and micro receiver to make a beautifully versatile home entertainment center. Plug in your TV and blu-ray player, stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone, and enjoy an entire home stereo, courtesy of Yamaha. 

Part of Your Complete Home Network 

Much more than just a CD player with a radio tuner and a USB input. Expand your musical choices with network functionality. Link to your home network and listen to your MP3 collection. Then stream your favorite online sources, such as Youtube and Netflix, and nerd out with your favorite internet radio and Pandora feeds. So much choice, so little effort. 

Stream Music Wirelessly with AirPlay 

Get rid of your wires! Stream your music wirelessly with AirPlay, straight from your favorite Apple devices. Plus, with its onboard Compressed Music Enhancer, return your MP3s to near-high-resolution sound quality. 

Your Phone is a Remote 

Turn your smartphone into the CRX-N560’s remote, courtesy of the Network Player Controller app. Select your source -- or whatever tune you want to play -- and check out the album and cover art. Make network and settings adjustments on the fly. Compatible with both iOS and Android, find it either on Google Play or the Apple Store. 

Plug In, Baby 

Have a jump drive with a lot of MP3s on it? Have hi-res music on your smartphone? No problem. Connect to your CRX-N560 with the USB port. Instantly access all your stored music and listen to it with the highest-possible sound quality, courtesy of the digital connection. 

Your Digital Stays Digital 

Featuring both optical and coaxial ports, the CRX-N560 is fully equipped for digital audio. Connect the optical port to your TV and the coaxial one to your blu-ray player, turning your CD player into a full receiver. Keep your signal in the digital domain, giving you pure and pristine sound for all of your audio sources -- your games and movies, your favorite albums and TV shows. You’ll love the sound! 

A Beautiful Digital Amp 

Yamaha knows its amps. Experience the difference with the CRX-N560’s built-in high-quality, fully-digital amp. Utilizing high capacity capacitors and high-performance filters, you’ll need your engineering nerd friends to understand it all. Which is great, because -- just listen to the high-quality sound with amazingly low distortion! 

Beautifully Engineered Insides 

Did you know that using generalized circuit boards contribute to sound degradation? Yamaha did. That’s why they outfitted the CRX-N560 with separate circuit boards to handle the CD drive and the network inputs. Experience the difference in clarity that a lack of excess components, optimizing electricity flow, provides. 

A Classy Finish 

Add a touch of class to your entertainment center. With its hairline-aluminum front-panel finish and piano-black side panels, the CRX-N560 looks every bit as luxurious as its sounds. Enjoy the difference of truly superior Yamaha style.



  • Disc Type: CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
  • USB: Yes
  • Internet Radio: Yes
  • AirPlay: Yes
  • DLNA: Yes
  • File Formats: (USB / Network) MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC
  • FM Tuner: Yes
  • Tuner Presets: 30
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (CD to Sp Out, 20 Hz-20 kHz): 0.05%
  • Output Power/Channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD): 32 W + 32 W
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 8-1/2” x 4-3/8” x 11-3/8”