WireLogic Ultra Slim TV Mount and Cable Kit - 26" to 65"

Model: WLMOUNTKIT12 UPC: 092592077959 Item: 165711

Starting a home theater from scratch? This WireLogic Ultra Slim TV Mount and Cable Kit covers all the accessories you need. This kit comes with an Ultra Slim TV mount, CleanScreen cleaner fluid, an HDMI cable, and a 3-outlet surge protector. These WireLogic products were made with your high-quality gear in mind. All you need to do is add your new flat-screen TV and speakers, and you'll be set for that movie marathon this weekend!

This WireLogic Mount Kit comes with:

  • WireLogic Ultra Slim TV Mount, to keep your flat-screen TV safely flushed against your wall
  • WireLogic CleanScreen Kit, to safely clear your screen of dust, prints and more
  • WireLogic HDMI Cable, to keep your high-end devices thoroughly connected without interrupted data

Product Information

This small but sturdy mount can accommodate 26” to 65” flat screen TVs weighing up to 110 lbs., and its sleek, 1.25″ profile hugs the wall tightly and keeps your TV area uncluttered and attractive.


WireLogic Ultra Slim TV Mount Features:

  • Fits Flat-panel TVs from 26” to 65”
  • VESA Horizontal: 200, 300, 400, 600
  • VESA Vertical: 200, 300, 400
  • Equipment load rating of up to 110 lbs.
  • 1.25” profile/distance to wall from back of TV
  • Built in level and simple design for easy and quick installation


WireLogic CleanScreen Kit Features:

  • Safe/Easy-to-Use/Effective
  • Use on LCD, Plasma, Rear Projection TV’s, computer screens, camera lenses, eye glasses and much more
  • Contents: 200ml spray cleaner with Micro-Fiber cloth


WireLogic HDMI Cable Features:

  • High Speed with Ethernet (aka v.1.4 visit www.hdmi.org for information on 1.4, the latest in HDMI performance standards)
  • Compatible with all HDMI standards (includes all earlier versions)
  • In-Wall Rated CL3/FT4 Jacket
  • Solid Copper Conductors
  • Supports 3D
  • Delivers 1080p resolution
  • 48 bit deep color capability
  • Supports all Frame Rates including 120, 240 and 600Hz
  • Handles all available Surround Sound formats
  • Dual cable allows you to separate completely or leave connected for a neat cable management solution
  • Over 30 years of experience in High Performance A/V Cable Manufacturing


WireLogic Surge Protector Features:

  • Small, compact 3-outlet surge protector
  • 1080 joule rating