WireLogic 16-Gauge Speaker Cable - 100 feet

Model: 21-001-05 UPC: 092592074279 Item: 165709

For your speakers to consistently play a crisp, clear sound, you'll need a cable like WireLogic's 16-Gauge Speaker Cable. This cable comes in a roll of 100 feet, ensuring that your next speaker upgrade project will have enough to cover every corner. The connections are made from long-grain copper and semi-solid concentric conductors, making it a superb choice for any speaker system. Give new life to your music room with uninterrupted, high-quality audio.

WireLogic 16-Gauge Cable Features:

  • Connect your speakers around your room with 100 feet of cabling available
  • Paint a lifelike soundstage in your mind when your speakers receive a distortionless, uninterrupted connection
  • Upgrade your cables for either your speaker system or home theater setup

Product Information

WireLogic cables use nitrogen-injected insulation and long-grain copper. This provides the user with a clearer picture, sharper images, more vibrant colours, less distortion and better sound. WireLogic cables are low impedance cables, bringing the strongest, clearest signal and performance to your home theatre.


WireLogic Speaker Cable Features:

  • 100 ft. of high performance speaker wire
  • 2 x 16 AWG
  • Long-grain copper
  • Semi-solid concentric conductors
  • Rated for household and/or behind the wall application