Viper DBALL2Pro Remote Start with Security Platform System and Integrated Databus Functionality

Model: DBALL2PRO UPC: 093207097508 Item: 162074

Product Information

Introducing the DBALL2Pro, the world’s first a-la-carte sales and technology architecture of its kind, not only from a design and compatibility standpoint but more so in how it's the hub that makes up the Directed product ECO systems and car connected services. Others have done A-la-carte... But not like this! DBALL2Pro is at the center of the Directed product ECO system, it’s the world’s most complete aftermarket cloud connected ready security, convenience and remote start platform ever seen. It can be used stand alone or it can be used with any peripheral current, past and future from Directed. The increased featured from a single brain offers broader profit potential through the sale of peripherals and options to increase the bottom line of every sale.


  • 2x Onboard high current relay
  • Relay pack control port
  • D2D port
  • Web configurable
  • Manual trans mode
  • Security functionality

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