Universal Remote TRG-200 uMotion Gyroscopic Remote Controls for MRX-20

Model: TRG-200 UPC: 656787220003 Item: 164887

Product Information

Universal Remote Control TRG-200 uMotion Gyroscopic Remote Controls for MRX-20

These two beautifully designed, motion-based handheld remote controls provide a whole new way to navigate your TV menu provided by URCs MRX-20 Advanced On-screen Network Controller.

The TRG-200 provides a full-featured experience with additional hard buttons. These remotes let you move the cursor easily on your TV or big screen and make control selections in a snap. Sleek and ergonomically designed, these remotes leverage URCs 25 year history in control and are designed to fit perfectly in hands of any size.

Move your hand easily and naturally to bring up the clear on-screen overlay and then select movies, music and even turn lights on and off with these RF controls. Typically you can access, monitor and control home automation functions on the TV screen without even interrupting what you're watching. And, not only control what is in the room with you, but take control of devices all around the house and even outdoors without even leaving your comfy couch.


Universal Remote Control TRG-200 uMotion Gyroscopic Remote Controls Features:

  • Compatible with URC's MRX-20 Advanced On-screen Network Controller
  • TRG-100 and TRG-200 are sold separately from the MRX-20
  • Advanced TRG-100 and TRG-200 motion remotes allow for RF control up for 50-100 feet depending upon the environmen
  • Optional, compact TRF-GE1 Base Station / Extender can be purchased to extend the RF distance for these remotes
  • An MRX-20 is required for use
  • Two year USA Limited Warranty