Universal Remote RFX250 RF Sensor (antenna module)

Model: RFX-250 UPC: 656787302525 Item: 143926

Product Information

  • "No More Pointing"
  • RF Addressable
  • IR Routing
  • Expand operating range up to 100 feet
  • Compatible remotes: MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 only.
  • Compatible RF Sensors (antennas): RFX-250 only.
  • Compact size enables the RFX-250 to be placed out of sight.

Advanced Narrow Band receiving circuitry provides longer range and minimizes interference, providing for more reliable system operation.The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. Simply relocate the RFX-250 out of the interference area. The RFX-250 is separately mounted in the interference-free location and connected to the MSC-400 or MRF-350 base station by a three conductor cable up to 150 feet away. By combining additional RFX-250 antenna modules in parallel using a three conductor wire connected to a centrally located base station, custom installers can extend "no more pointing" RF automation to all areas and rooms of even the largest estates. Note:The RFX-250 uses Narrow Band RF and is perfectly tuned and matched to operate with the MX-3000, TX-1000, MX-950 and MX-900 remote controls. It is not compatible with any other remotes.Specifications:

  • Size: 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.0"
  • Weight: 3.5 oz (Mounting bracket included)
  • RF Freq: 418MHz
  • Range: RF - Up to 100 feet - Approximate range will vary depending upon operational and environmental conditions
  • Power Supply: N/A
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor when purchased from an authorized dealer

Item includes :

  • Mounting Bracket
  • 10' Connecting Cable
  • Wall Mount Plate
  • Instruction Manual