Universal Remote MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller

Model: MRX-10 UPC: 656787320109 Item: 151971

Product Information

Advanced network system controller with 2-way communication
The MRX-10 is the Total Control solution for any commercial application. For installs where multiple control protocols need addressing, the MRX-10 issues commands to all IP, IR, RS-232, relay and sensor controlled devices throughout the entire system. A two-way RF transceiver offers communication with current and future Total Control remotes, and control over IP is possible via a network connection for all other Universal Remote Controls and Keypads. The MRX-10 routes macro steps via IR, RS-232, relays and sensors to up to 8 sub-base stations on a network, perfect for the hospitality industry where control over inaccessible locations is always a necessity. Programmable via the internet for convenient off premises configuration.

The MRX-10 comprises a sophisticated interior with a stylish exterior for advanced control technology.

Ideal Application
Hotels, Resorts, sophisticated restaurant/lounge, boardrooms, Medical offices.

Two-way control with TRC-780. Install with DMS-1200, DMS-100, SNP-1, TKP-100, and MRX-1.

  • Stores and issues commands and macros for all IP, IR, RS-232, Relay and Sensor controlled devices in one system

  • Provides 2-Way communication with Total Control remotes and keypads

  • Expandable via LAN to up to 8 MRX-series sub-base stations

  • Routes macro steps to IR, RS-232, Relays and Sensors to multiple MRX-1s on the network

  • Ports include IR (8), RS-232 (4), Sensor (4), Relay (2), 12-volt output (2)

  • Compatible with optional RFTX-1 RF Transmitter

  • Can be programmed off premises via the internet

  • Easy rack-mounting via optional RMK-1 rack mounting kit

*This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.