Totem Rainmaker Bookshelf Monitor Speakers - Pair (Cherry)

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Product Information

Rainmaker Bookshelf Monitor Speakers

Music to the ears

The Totem Rainmaker possesses a startling adeptness at delineating and resurrecting detail and structure in music. The Rainmaker’s flexible surround applications give it the power to be the cornerstone of your musical and AV experience. With the ability to perform well in various musical and A/V environments, the Rainmaker brings absolute music to the ears.

Moderately priced, the Rainmaker is built with the same impeccable cabinetry as higher-priced models. Elegant, slim and classic, the Rainmaker combines quality craftsmanship with affordability. Totem's exclusive crossover system and wiring are carefully selected and matched to project pure, fresh and honest musicality.

Rainmaker Features:

  • Compact and aesthetic design
  • Specially modified proprietary drivers
  • Full-plane, vertical cross bracing for increased rigidity and dampening
  • Design for mixed A/V applications
  • Wood veneer finishes

Rainmaker Specifications:

  • Borosilicate damping
  • Lock mitered cabinet joints
  • Exclusive hard-wired crossover
  • High-quality drivers and wiring
  • Solid twin-pair, gold-plated terminals
  • Break-in Time: 70 – 100 hours
  • Placement from Rear Wall: 1’ – 3’
  • Placement Distance Apart: 4’ – 8’
  • Frequency Response: 42 Hz – 20 kHz +/ 3 dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms minimal
  • Sensitivity: 87.5 dB/W/m. Maximum sound pressure before dynamic compression
  • Recommended Power: 30 – 100 W
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.3 kHz, 2nd order
  • Woofer: 5.5”
  • Tweeter: 1”
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 6.8” x 14” x 9.1”
  • Internal Volume: 9 l (internal)
  • Weight: approx. 12 lbs

The speakers require several hours of actual music playing time as a minimal break-in period. During this time, refrain from playing them at very loud levels. You will notice a definite gradual improvement in the cohesiveness of the music reproduction as this occurs.

It is only through the support of advocates such as yourself that true sound can be promoted...

Toe-in: Due to the fact that all Totem speakers have great off-axis dispersion, toe-in is generally not needed. Imaging will therefore be more stable from any point in the room. If the speakers are placed very far apart (over 7 feet) then a slight toe-in may be experimented with. However if room geometry does not permit a straight-ahead aspect they will also perform very well with a slight toe-in.