Tigra Sport MountCase II RainGuard Bicycle Kit for iPhone 6 Plus (Black)

Model: MC-IPH6P-2-BK UPC: 4895161701554 Item: 163900

Product Information

MountCase II RainGuard Bike Kit for iPhone 6 - The lightest, simplest, and most secure bike-mounting system that keeps your iPhone securely fastened and ready for action.

Light and Strong : Secure Versatile Mounting : Waterproof : Full iPhone Access : In-Bracket Safety Lock 


Your smartphone is an indispensable part of your active lifestyle. Whether going out for jogging, biking, golfing, working out at the gym, skiing, swimming, canoeing, shopping or touring in your car or motorcycle, having easy access to your smartphone wherever you go and whatever you do is essential. Some of your activities expose your phone to potential hazards such as the elements, shock and impact, so varying degrees of protection for different usage scenarios is also important.

But you find it a hassle to change protective cases and mounts all the time. Neither is it desirable to always hide your phone inside a bulky case, thus compromising its look and functionality. The MountCase is designed for you. Its modular design approach allows you to mount your smartphone wherever you go without having to change mounts and cases all the time.

The case itself is light, slim, stylish and pocket friendly. A range of mounts securely twist-lock your phone at portrait or landscape positions so it is always within easy access either on your arm, the bike, the golf trolley, the dashboard, the shopping cart, or the treadmill.

RainGaurd is a transparent TPU sleeve that applies on top of the MountCase to protect your phone from splashes while retaining functionality of the touchscreen and buttons. Some models also allow access to the headphone and charging ports.


MountCase II Highlights:

  • LIGHT AND STRONG - The case and mount are constructed of super-tough polycarbonate plastic and add less than 2 ounces to your bike.
  • WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF - The included RainGuard protects your phone from rain, snow, sweat, dust, and dirt. 
  • SECURE VERSATILE MOUNTING - The included mounting bracket mounts to anything with a bar or stem (recommended tube size 20-45mm).
  • TWIST, LOCK, AND RIDE - Mount your iPhone in seconds with a twist and click of your hand. Choose from horizontal or vertical positions.
  • FULL PHONE ACCESS - Full access to all iPhone controls such as buttons, cameras, speakers, mic, all ports, and touch screen.
  • IN-BRACKET SAFETY LOCK - The in-bracket safety lock keeps your iPhone securely fastened on both road and trail.


MountCase II Features:

Light and Strong

  • The MountCase components are strong, lightweight, and exceptionally secure. Even though both case and mount are made from super-strong polycarbonate plastic, the entire kit adds less than 2 ounces to your gear.
  • Composite construction: core in polycarbonate over-molded with soft TPU plastic. This ensures strength of the overall structure while giving the case a soft, rubberized touch. The soft plastic also absorbs shock from light impact during daily use.

Waterproof and DustProof

  • The MountCase Bike Kit includes a waterproof and dustproof RainGuard, a touchscreen-compatible cover that protects your phone from rain, snow, dust, and dirt. 

Secure Versatile Mounting

  • Unlike some other systems on the market, MountCase uses a small and discrete mounting bracket that remains unobtrusive when not in use. The bracket securely fastens to your bike in under a minute using only an Allen key provided, and can be attached to either the handlebars or stem, according to your preference.
  • Pocket-friendly flat back design.

Twist, Lock, and Ride

  • The MountCase takes a unique approach to the task of mounting your iPhone. Using only a twist and click of your hand, the case securely fastens to the top of the bracket, placing your iPhone in either the vertical or horizontal position, to ensure the best view of cycling apps, GPS instruction, or music track selection.

Full iPhone Access

  • The MountCase gives full access to all our iPhone controls, including the on/off and home buttons, sounds controls, speakers and mic outlets, front and rear cameras, headphone jack, charger port, and touch screen, ensure full use of your smartphone on and off the bike.

In-Bracket Safety Lock

  • The in-bracket safety lock is an ingenious mechanism that insures your iPhone stays in place even on bumpiest of rides. Once you attach the case, engage the safety lock on the side of your mounting bracket, to ensure the case remains securely fastened to your bike on road and trail.


  • Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, strollers, or anything with handlebars or stem.
  • All MountCase mounts (BikeMount, ArmBand, Car Mount, FlexiMount, etc.)
  • Overall dimensions: 142.5 x 72 x 13.5mm (without RainGuard) and 147 x 74.5 x 14.7 (with RainGuard).


  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus


What's In The Box:

  • Protective Case
  • RainGuard Protective Cover
  • Bars/Stem Mounting Bracket
  • Allen key (for attaching bracket)
  • Instructions