SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker System with Chromecast and Airplay 2 - Pair

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Transcendent Sound for the Modern Audiophile

With SVS Prime Wireless Pro, we weren’t content with making the best sounding wireless speakers, but rather a solution that competes with the finest sounding speakers of any kind at their price and well beyond. Couple that with an amazing user interface and versatile connectivity options and Prime Wireless Pro appeals to anyone who loves immersive sound.


  • 2-Channel active/passive powered stereo speaker array for pinpoint stereo imaging
  • 200 watt amplifier (50 watts x 4) for stunning output from compact cabinet
  • Stream Hi-Res audio via WiFi, Airplay 2 for iPhones and iOS, Chromecast for Android phones and other devices
  • Bluetooth with aptX
  • HDMI, Line Level (RCA), Optical, 3.5mm AUX, Ethernet Inputs, Subwoofer Output
  • Control via smartphone/desktop app, front panel and IR remote.
  • 24-bit/192kHz DAC for ultra high-res audio streaming

Sporting a potent 200-watt (50 watts x 4) amplifier, 192kHz/24-bit DAC, and precision tuned electronic crossover; the speakers deliver powerful dynamics, deep bass, and pristine clarity for all your content. Audiophiles will love that it streams lossless Hi-res Audio wirelessly via WiFi and CD-quality via Apple Airplay 2 for iPhones and iOS, and Chromecast for Android phones and other devices. Enjoy the best quality sound from all your streaming services with no compromises. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled. For a superior soundbar replacement or compact home theater system, SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers connect directly to a TV via HDMI with ARC/eARC. For additional devices, there are line level, optical, 3.5mm AUX, and ethernet inputs. Plus, a subwoofer output for deeper, heart-pounding bass. Bringing it all together is easy control via the smartphone and desktop app, IR remote, voice commands, and a data rich front panel interface with loads of unique features.

Finally, wireless audio meets the Sound R|Evolution.

True 2-Channel Audio for Convincing and Immersive Stereo Sound

  • Left/Right powered speaker setup delivers true stereo sound with punchy dynamics, massive soundstage, and pinpoint imaging
  • Hi-Res Audio over WiFi enables lossless streaming for the most discerning audiophiles

200 watt (50 watts x 4) Amplifier for Massive Dynamic Output

  • Potent Class-D amplifier delivers 50-watts to each woofer and tweeter for effortless power and room-energizing slam and impact with revealing clarity
  • Plays crystal clear even at high volumes with output that far exceeds the cabinet size

Digital Electronic Crossover for Refined and Dynamic Sound

Maximizes performance of each driver by controlling power delivery and frequency response with absolute precision. The result is pinpoint transient speed and massive dynamic output that belies the compact cabinet size.

Acoustically Optimized 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter

  • Renders crystal clear highs with lifelike realism, the tweeter’s airy presentation reveals every sonic detail with pristine clarity and pinpoint accuracy. An FEA-optimized diffuser ensures broad dispersion for a wide and convincing soundstage

High-Output 5.25” Mid-Bass Driver

The majority of audio content in music and movies is present in the mid and low frequencies so it’s imperative to have a driver capable of producing slam and impact with refinement. Lightweight yet stiff driver materials in the mid-bass driver deliver effortless and unveiling sound with flawless tonal accuracy and chest-thumping bass.

192kHz/24-Bit DAC for Hi-Res Streaming over WiFi

  • Sophisticated digital to analog convertor renders highest quality playback from all streaming services and connected devices

Versatile Connectivity

  • HDMI input with ARC/eARC for Hi-Res stereo sound from your TV
  • Line level, optical, 3.5mm AUX, and ethernet inputs for connecting to a wide range of devices
  • Subwoofer output for deeper, heart-pounding bass

Smart and Seamless Control

  • Native control via Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, and Spotify Connect
  • Smartphone, tablet, or PC control with the DTS Play-Fi app
  • Data-rich front panel user interface
  • IR remote
  • Alexa and Hey Google voice commands via supported devices
  • 6 custom presets for instant access to playlists, streaming music services, and more with touch of a button
  • Multi-room/Whole Home Audio compatible with all DTS Play-Fi enabled products




  • Frequency Response/Acoustic Data
    • Frequency Response: 42Hz – 25kHz +/-3dB
  • Dimensions 
    • Active Speaker Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.09" x 11.61" x 8.96"
    • Passive Cabinet Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.09" x 11.61" x 8.85"
  • Weight
    • Active Speaker Weight Unboxed: 12.3 lbs (5.58kg)
    • Passive Speaker Weight Unboxed: 11.68 lbs (5.3kg)
  • Driver Specs
    • 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter
      • FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation
      • Aluminum dome for exceptional transient response
    • 5.25” Midrange Driver:
      • Polypropylene cone for excellent stiffness/mass ratio and pistonic behavior
      • Aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and enhance high frequency response
      • Cast ABS-fiberglass composite basket ensures precision component alignment and excellent thermal transfer
      • Vented voice coil former minimizes air compression artifacts
  • Amplifier
    • Dual Class-D Power Amps for Discrete Driver Bi-amplification
    • 200 watt (50 watt x 4) RMS Power
    • Digital controlled tweeter-to-woofer crossover: 2kHz (12dB/octave slope)
  • Speaker Cabinet
    • Finish Options: Piano Gloss Black and Piano Gloss White
    • 2.36” wide-flared rear-firing port
    • Protective cloth grille with pin/cup retention system
    • Elastomer stick-on bumper feet (adds 3mm to height)
  • Wireless Streaming Options
    • DTS Play-Fi - Lossless 192kHz/24-bit via Critical Listening Mode over WiFi
    • Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast Built-in: CD Quality
    • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and aptX
    • Spotify Connect
  • Input
    • HDMI audio input. Supports ARC and eARC
    • Left/Right RCA Input: Input Impedance: 20K
    • 3.5mm Aux Input: Input Impedance: 20K
    • Toslink Optical Input: S/PDIF receiver works at a wide range of sampling frequencies between up to 96kHz
    • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC and aptX
    • 6 backlit preset pushbuttons
  • Ethernet
    • USB service port also for powering wireless accessories
    • See SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter
  • Output Specs
    • Subwoofer Output: 2V MAX
    • Auto Detecting High Pass Filter: Activates High Pass Filter at 80Hz on the speakers when subwoofer detected
    • Ethernet
  • Cabinet
    • Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles minimize diffraction
    • FEA-optimized cabinet and bracing eliminates resonances
    • Chamfered front baffle and flush-mounted drivers reduce edge diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response
  • General Specifications
    • 3.15” wide Front Panel OLED display
    • Displays Source, Artist Name, Song Title, Volume
    • Rich meta data from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth audio sources
    • Switch Mode Power Supply: Auto Switching 100 – 120V / 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz
    • Fuse: 15A/250V
    • Detachable Power Cord
    • IR Remote control and 2 AAA batteries included
    • 8 x Elastomer stick-on bumper feet included
    • Active-Passive Speaker Interconnect Cable: 3m / 10ft Included
    • Warranty: Unconditional 2-Year Warranty

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker System with Chromecast and Airplay 2 - Pair
  • AC Power Cord
  • 2 Premium Cloth Speaker Grille Covers
  • 8 Elastomer Bumper Feet
  • 10’ Active-Passive Speaker Interconnect Cable
  • Remote Control
    • 2 AAA batteries


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Customer Reviews for SVS Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speaker System with Chromecast and Airplay 2 - Pair

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Rated 5 out of 5
T Dixon absolutely loves it
Easy to use especially with someone that has a visual problem
December 30, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 3 out of 5
Very easy to use, but for the price I wanted better quality.
December 18, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Prime Wireless Pro Powered Speakers Pro
Let me make this very clear. The sound from these speakers are absolutely amazing. Within the first few hours of listening I could hear details that I had missed before. Definitely a game changer and from now on I will buy from SVS.
December 12, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Upgrade from Audioengine A5+
So I just upgraded from a 10 year old Audioengine A5+ speaker system. I had actually had the Prime Wireless setup on my radar for a long time, but the lack of remote was a deal breaker. So as soon as this new "Pro" version was released, I had to jump on it! These speakers are in our "Library" room, and running off the Zone 2 output from my AVR in our "Media" room where the TV and HTPC is. I have a fairly high-end surround setup with B&W N804s mains, and there was a considerably noticeable drop-off in sound quality when moving between rooms with the Audioengine setup. Now? Not so much! Even at low volume, the improvement in clarity is quite astounding. I am also a musician, and as my guitar rig also happens to be in the Library... I appreciate the ability to stream play-along sources directly from my laptop via Bluetooth in the same room at SPLs that can keep up with my 100w tube amp. :) It was rather an excruciating long wait since the announcement in January 2022 for the Prime Wireless "Pro"... but thank you, SVS!!
November 19, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Pure listening joy
A few years ago I bought the original Prime Wireless Speakers and set them up in one of my primary listening spaces. I love from the start BUT, I am in the Apple ecosystem and I could only connect with bluetooth. The PlayFi system was funky at best for me. When these speakers came up I was excited to see that include Airplay2. However,I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money just for that upgrade. I wrote to SVS and they kindly outlined all of the upgrades. I just got my new Prime Pro’s and I love everything about these speakers. The clarity across the sound spectrum, the sound staging are superb! The Airplay2 sounds way better than Bluetooth to my ears.Everything from classical to Live Grateful Dead recordings are pure joy. Thanks to SVS for delivering an outstanding product.
November 17, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Checks all the Boxes
Put the Pros in place of the first generation Prime Wireless speakers I had connected to one of my TVs. What a difference! The sound is crisp and clean and the bass response is so good I no longer needed a subwoofer connected to them so I put it to use somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, the Prime Wireless speakers have great sound but the Pros sound even better. Two other improvements make these speakers a real winner. With an HDMI input I no longer have to use the optical input so I don't need to have my phone to be able to mute the speakers or change the volume from a distance. The TV remote does it all. Also the included infrared remote is great when I'm streaming content to the speakers. I am super pleased with this purchase.
November 15, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
A solid improvement over the original.
I've had a few days with the Prime Wireless Pros now, having had the regular Prime Wireless before these, and here are my impressions. First, the positives:
1. Bass is definitely improved over the original Prime Wireless with just the speakers playing. I think you would be happier with these if you didn't have a sub compared to the originals, which I think really performed well for their size but honestly needed a sub to bring up the low end for most music.
2. Compared to the originals, which came across as a bit bright - so much so that I tended not to bother toeing them in since the response was a little more pleasant off-axis - they seem to have rolled the highs off just a bit more here. And it's a good thing! I'm still getting detail on the high end, but the overall sound is just more pleasing. I've found that I'm digging these with a bit of toe-in.
3. The size is notably larger than the original Prime Wireless. More than you would think for just the change in driver size. But the added enclosure space gives them a much weightier sound. I don't think you'd ever audibly mistake the original Prime Wireless for a larger speaker, but the Pros have some presence to them. Bass guitar and drums hit with more authority.
4. They're surprisingly capable without a sub, but once I plugged in the SB1000 I was using with the original Prime Wireless, these things integrate to the sub SO much better than the originals. I'm still using a 90Hz filter on the sub per SVS' recommendations, but I was able to back the gain down a couple of notches and still have a transition that sounded smooth. Bass guitar has a much pluckier sound to it with this setup. Tracks like Sarah Jarosz' Come On Up To The House and Alison Krauss' Oh Atlanta give you a nice combo of almost-in-the-room-with-you bass, detail from the stringed instruments, and a pretty sweet sounding female vocal. Fleetwood Mac's Dreams also came across better than the original Prime Wireless was able to convey it. Where you really notice the magic, however, is with modern music like Billie Eilish, where deeper bass comes through tight and well-controlled. I recommend pairing these with a decent sub if that is your preferred genre.
5. The PlayFi chip in these seems to react faster to voice commands given to Alexa than the originals did. I had a lot of networking issues with the originals where sometimes they would play after a few seconds and sometimes you would get frustrated and walk away, with the song you wanted playing 5 minutes later at random. Thus far, the Pros start playing music quickly and I haven't had any missed commands.
6. Having physical buttons for the presets is so much more user friendly than the original. And the new display showing track info as you play music is a welcome addition that makes these speakers feel more like a premium product.

Now, the cons (such as they are):
1. The previous Prime Wireless would partially mute once your digital assistant of choice (mine is an Amazon Echo) received its wakeup command, making it easier for your device to hear the command that follows. The Prime Wireless Pros don't seem to do this as of yet. Perhaps this is something they can add back in with a future update, because it really helps when you have music cranked, whether to issue commands for the speakers or just to do things like set timers, etc.
2. The remote is a welcome addition, especially for when you need to change sources after streaming music to the speakers. That said, the volume buttons seemed to work a bit inconsistently for me. There were a few times that I was pressing volume down from across the room and nothing happened.
3. Weirdly, it seems like you have to turn the volume up a bit more on these than the originals to get the same level of playback in the room. 1/2 volume on these sounds about equivalent to what 1/3 volume was on the originals. That said, every step above 1/2 volume seems to get so much more out of them than the original Prime Wireless were capable of. And again, perhaps since the highs seem to be dialed down a touch, you're able to get these much louder before they start to sound like they're losing steam. I list this as a con, but really, the max output is still so much better than the original that perhaps this is just to give you more granular control over the level.

All in all, this a solid addition to SVS' product line and I'm very happy with the way they sound in my first few days of use. I could easily see them improving even more after a little more break-in, but I'm very impressed with the changes they have made over their original offering. Strongly recommended!
November 7, 2022
Originally posted at


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