SVS PC12-Plus 800 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Ported Subwoofer with Variable Tuning

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Musical and Monstrous Rolled into One

Spine-tingling depth and chest-thumping impact at cinema playback levels can be yours with the PC12-Plus 800 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Ported Subwoofer with Variable Tuning.

Nimble yet powerful, this iconic cylinder is a heavyweight champ. Cleverly using heights to its advantage, it creates a cabinet volume that takes its power and precision above and beyond. To musical passages, it brings subtlety and nuance - breathing depth into woodwinds and richness to percussion. To movies, it drops earth-shaking sonic bombs on cue; its bountiful 2300 watts peak muscle effortlessly unleashing head-spinning sound pressure levels. All this clean, crisp, DSP-controlled bass takes up a mere 16.6" circular footprint. Elegantly finished in black velour, it will be right at home in any décor. So if you want a champion on your side, call on the PC12-Plus.

Sledge Amplifier STA-800D

True to the SVS philosophy, the PC12-Plus has been rigorously engineered and designed; meticulous attention is given to how each part will enhance the listening experience. The Sledge STA-800D is no exception.

With digital bass management, room gain compensation, and flexible setup, it is fully armed to integrate with your equipment and room characteristics. Its effortless 2300 watts peak power and 800 watts continuous power are the foundation of both the PC12-Plus punch and musical subtlety.

SVS 12" High Output Driver

Now in its fifth generation of refinement, the exclusive SVS Plus-12 woofer delivers audiophile-grade sound that is unmatched at this price point. In fact, this driver is so overbuilt, the SVS research and development engineers had to push it with over 2000 watts before it even broke a sweat. From this firm foundation of rugged reliability, the Plus-12 driver delivers exceptional linearity, low-distortion, and excellent detail.

  • All new, exhaustively tested design
  • Bifilar wound, 3" diameter, high-power aluminum voice coil
  • Dual linear-roll spiders and stitched parabolic surround for extreme excursion capability
  • Ultra-light and rigid composite cone provides excellent transient response




  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 39.56" x 16.63" x 16.6"
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Driver: 12" Plus
  • Frequency response: 18 - 250Hz ± 3dB (20Hz mode), 16 - 250Hz ± 3dB (16Hz mode), 23 - 250Hz ± 3dB (sealed mode)
  • Port size: Triple 3"


  • Down-firing driver with integral base plate
  • Top-firing triple 3" high-flow flared ports
  • Variable 20Hz, 16Hz, and sealed tuning modes


  • Sledge STA-800D with 800 watts RMS continuous power (2300 watts peak dynamic power)
  • High-efficiency and cool-running Class D topology
  • Auto-On/On switch with green standby mode
  • Input impedance: 24kΩ (unbalanced RCA)/22kΩ (balanced XLR)


What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • PC12-Plus 800 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Ported Subwoofer with Variable Tuning
  • 8 foot power cord



Customer Reviews for SVS PC12-Plus 800 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Ported Subwoofer with Variable Tuning

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More than enough power to shake even the largest rooms
I needed a sub solution for a large 576 sq.ft. space that vents largely to an 308 sq.ft. space. So a oddly shaped 884 sq.ft. space with 12ft ceilings.

After starting out with a PC-2000, I upgraded painlessly to the PC-12 plus.

The 2000 sounded great, very accurate and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat for a smaller room. But in my large space it lacked the impact I was looking for.

The PC-12 Plus felt like a massive upgrade, with more power and slam than I really even need for the space. I ended up having to turn it down well below what it's even capable of, and even at the lower volume it will rattle and walls, shake the blinds and you can feel it slam you in the chest. It's a beast.

I'm using this one with a set of Definitive Technology 8060s which have 2 10" subs in each, and a 8060 center with an 8" sub. I'm crossing over at 80Hz and the PC-12 takes care of the rest. Completely smooth transition.

Bass can be strong and musical, tight and accurate. You literally feel the gunshots in your chest and when an earthquake is called for, this sub will not disappoint.

Configuration can be as easy or complicated as you want it. I haven't dug in with the SPL meter yet, but everything Amazing with Audyssey handling the mix. I can definitely recommend getting these to any Definitive Technology 8060 buyer. Just don't listen to Def Tech, they'll tell you to set the speakers to large, you need to set them to small and cross them over, even with the integrated subs. You'll still use the integrated amps to power the mid-bass, but they can't keep up with the PC-12 Plus on the low end.
May 21, 2015
Originally posted at
Fills the job well!
Replaced a very old Sunfire sub with a PC12-Plus and could not be happier! I don’t wish to sound like a youngster, but dang, it’s awesome!

Yes, I can literally feel the bass. I have not put too much music through it as of yet, but for movies, I have no complaints. Well - one actually - it puts out enough deep bass that I am discovering more things rattle in my home!

I’m not going to go into any talk about articulation, speed, or any other buzzwords that would apply. I bought it, I like it, I don’t regret it in the least.

October 17, 2017
Originally posted at
SVS is the real deal
This is an excellent subwoofer. It delivers abundant amounts of deep bass with seemingly infinite possibilities for fine tuning. Even though it did not work out in my system, SVS lived up to their "no-questions-asked" return policy during the trial period. I was quite impressed by the customer service. If you think this subwoofer is for you, give it an audition. You will not be stuck with it if doesn't quite work out. SVS is a great company to do business with.
November 23, 2016
Originally posted at
Powerful and precise! There is something so visceral about "feeling" bass that is hard to put into words. Mine is mated with a Martin Logan sealed servo sub, and the two could not sound better together. Considering the real estate most ported HT subs require, the PC-12 Plus is perfect. Take the time to dial it in properly and you will be rewarded with an experience few other subs can match at multiple times the price. SVS is also an outstanding company to deal with on any level and have provided nothing but excellent honest customer service. This is how internet direct is suppose to be.
May 3, 2016
Originally posted at
PC12+ The Ultimate Bass Experience!
I just had to post a review for these incredible pieces of engineering.

You should know that I like bass. Well ok, I really love bass. And on my quest for the perfect flavor of bass for my space (22x15), I've finally arrived at where I was trying to go. I had a Polk PSW505 and a BIC F12 sub. I thought I was experiencing "bass", but had a feeling that I wasn't having the "bass experience" that I read online others were having with real subs. I thought a sub was a sub for the most part. Nevertheless, I began doing a lot of research and decided to go with a brand that specialized in delivering this bass experience. SVS was the obvious choice. So I added a couple PB2000s to the mix for a quad-sub setup and finally my eyes started opening to what real bass from true subs is like. I was finally having that coveted bass experience. Deep, clear, controlled, impactful. It was awesome. Trust and believe that you don't know what bass sounds or feels like until you've invested in a real subwoofer. But then I wondered. What if I replace the Polk and BIC with some real SVS subs and keep the PB2Ks? So I did more research and decided on dual cylinders for my setup. PC2K? Not enough oomph. PC13U? I thought it may be overkill in my space and after a call to SVS, my instinct was confirmed. Two PC12+s with the two PB2Ks will provide more than enough visceral slam, plenty of headroom, plus save me a few bucks simultaneously. That advice from SVS without an upsell to the Ultras was very impressive to me. They sold me what I needed for the ultimate bass experience and nothing more. So I got these beautiful monsters in a couple of days and worked them to where I needed them to be. And yes it was a workout for me and my wife. We had muscles sore the next day that we had long forgot we had. I got them all hooked up, calibrated and dialed in. Let me tell you something. Now I understand bass and why it's called an "experience". This is the ultimate bass experience. The bass reaches so deep, subsonically deep, hits so hard, sounds so clean and with absolute authority that it stunned my wife and I. It's ridiculous. The subs blend perfectly and seamlessly with my Polk/Onkyo 9 channel system. We were like kids in a candy land. I live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house so the room they're in is all glass on two sides, wood and brick. The windows flex. I thought I was going to bust the windows. Never seen anything like it. The projector vibrates a little in the subsonic range, the floor (having a garage underneath) flexes, things vibrate and rumble even when you can't hear a sound. The bass hit and rumbled the floor so hard on one scene in Wolfenstein the New Order that I got up startled to look outside because I thought it was an earthquake coming. No... Seriously. We had no idea that movement and deep rumble and vibration was coming from the subs. We thought the earth was moving. Completely unbelievable. My wife was like, "You... are... the frickin' man!" The Lightcycle race on Tron? Crazy. Deus Ex Machina's voice on Matrix Revolutions? Insane. Smaug's voice? Are you serious? The super tornado on Into the Storm? Unnerving. Ok scary realistic. A Good Day to Die Hard? Wow. Mad Max Fury Road? Mad to the Max. And the list goes on and on. Oh, and the music? Every genre is a completely new sound experience now. Listen to me, these subs are worth every cent. My wife kind of thought I was nuts spending that kind of money on "speakers", but she doesn't anymore. (I still think she's nuts about the Louis Vuitton stuff though, but hey.) Frankly, I think the engineers at SVS need to be dragged in front of all the townspeople and stoned for these works of art. Grab the SVS Service and Support staff too while you're at it and rock them up also for their stellar service and post-sale support. These subs were the final addition to complete a very satisfying and immersive video and audio home theater experience that shocks all comers. My setup is so good now that a movie theater will never see another dime from me. Not even for Star Wars. I'll just wait until the 3D bluray comes out, invite some people over and then mess up their hair and perspectives on life with pure unadulterated sight and sound awesomeness. So, if you're thinking about getting the dual PC12+s, get them right now. And throw a couple PB2Ks in there while you're at it. And get ready for the ultimate, mind-blowingly phenomenal, bass experience right in your own home.
December 19, 2015
Originally posted at

This is without a doubt the best $1,000 bucks I've ever spent! SVS as a company is fantastic to deal with. I researched on-line and SVS kept coming up so I checked out the website. After reading many positive reviews, I decided to give them a call. Well, when I did, to my surprise a real person answered the phone. And to further my astonishment, he was the designer of the cylinder subs! What other company can you say that about. He listened to me describe my room and equipment and then suggested a sub smaller (and cheaper) than I was originally considering. However, he told me that IF I liked to listen at reference levels the PC12-Plus will get me that incremental 95-100% without distorting. Man oh man was he right! I went with the PC12-plus and I've never experienced the sub-sonic level in my home ... it shakes the couch and you can feel the bass in your stomach. Prometheus and War of the Worlds have scenes that are like a theme park ride. The bass is never boomy, just mind numbing! (I'm out of superlatives but you get the point -- I LOVE this product).

Oh and I was also getting a new receiver and SVS actually offered to walk me through the auto-set up so that I got the best experience from their product. WOW!

This is the FIRST time I've ever left feedback for any company but I feel that strongly about this product and this company that I had to do it! I bought this based on other's feedback so hopefully this helps someone else off the fence and ... BUY IT!!!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!

I'm an SVS customer for LIFE and recommend their products to anyone who will listen.
April 29, 2013
Originally posted at
Dual PC12-Plus
Wow these things are for real, just amazing.
January 26, 2016
Originally posted at
Beware it will knock your ceiling down
Buy won't regret!..I set it up out of the box and for some reason i thought the sub is bottoming up..Called SVS and they were really helpful and after calibrating my system it is now sounding very perfect. Room shaking clean bass!!..I am using this for my dedicated media room. you can literally feel the bass instead of hearing it..It digs really deep..waiting for this to break in to see how far it can go :)
June 3, 2014
Originally posted at
After having several subwoofers over the years mated with my Klipsh Forte II speakers that could not stand up to these beasts...finally they have met their match. After dialing this boy in it blends seamlessly with the monitors and sounds so linear the bass seams to be coming from them and not the sub. This in my opinion is the sign of a great subwoofer. Having an SB2000 already in my home theater I know it will only get better as it "breaks in". Thanks for ANOTHER great product SVS!
August 30, 2017
Originally posted at
In love...
Let me just start by saying that this is my second review of SVSound's products (previously reviewed the PC2000's) and I am giving the PC12-Plus's amd SVSound the best recommendations I can possibly give.

A month or so ago, I decided to upgrade my home theater. I started with a larger tv (Vizio M70-C3) and it quickly progressed to new speakers all around (Pioneer Elite Dolby Atmos Enabled) and of course a new A/V receiver (Marantz sr7010). All that was left were subwoofers, and since I was coming from a dual sub setup I new that I was going to need two new subs to replace them. At this point I had already spent a good deal of money on my other components and I was left with a dilemma (i.e. budget) to consider. After all, knowing now what I didn't know then, I would have started with the subs and moved on from there. This being said, I went to my local Magnolia Design Center to audition subwoofers and stumbled across a couple of SVSound's Sealed subs. I knew nothing at this point of SVSound, but based on the sound and build quality of the SB2000's, I decided to order two and try them out. What I found out was that even though the quality of sound these subs produced were better than anything I had experienced before, I had a much larger room than I originally thought I had and they were just not enough to fill my big open great room/kitchen/dining room. So I called up SVS for some advice. Let me just stop to say that as far as customer service goes, there is not one company that I can think of that comes remotely close to the quality of personal care and attention SVS's reps gave me. They are the best of the best. They recommended that I tried their ported versions of the SB2000 since ported subs tend to produce more output and since I was mostly a home theater enthusiast, the quality of ported sound would probably suit me best. Also, due to space restrictions, that left me with the choice of the PC2000 (ported cylinder subs). I had never seen cylinder subs before but I admit that when I saw them I loved them at first sight. Returned the SB2000's to Magnolia and ordered 2 PC2000's from SVS directly. Shipping was fast and before I knew it they were sitting on my door step beckoning to me. I placed them in my home theater's "sweet spots" and ran my receiver's calibration routine and dialed them in. Immediately, I could tell I made the right decision. The bass was deep, smooth, accurate and loud. I was very happy with these subs since I hadn't heard before anything that came close to the caliber of quality these subs had. However, after a few weeks of listening, I realized that I indeed needed MORE bass (I think I was getting addicted to clean bass and I wasn't getting the visceral impact of the bass I was looking for - probably due to my large space). So I decided to return the PC2000's and upgraded to two PC12-Pluses. Which is why I am writing this review of course.

Not only were the PC12-Pluses louder, they were deeper. I mean DEEPER. Let me put it this way: I literally can't think of any scenario that I can think of that I would need anything else to suit my bass needs other than needing more of these bad boys (and only then if I ever moved to a larger home.) They suit my home perfectly and I have plenty of head room to crank them when I feel like getting a little crazy. I have them tuned to 16Hz with one port plugged because I love that deep sub-bass feeling/sound. Thanks to SVSound and their generous 45 day audition policy, I have now the perfect compliment to my perfect home theater. I only wish they had dolby enabled speakers in their line up because I definitely would have purchased the entire lot. Thank you SVS for being the example for small businesses everywhere. You are doing it right.
November 2, 2015
Originally posted at


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