SVS PC-2000 500 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Cylinder Subwoofer

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Award-Winning 2000 Series Performance; Fresh All New Cylinder Design

Introducing the PC-2000 500 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Cylinder Subwoofer, featuring an all new 500 watt amplifier and capable 12" driver in a refreshing and modern style. It's better looking and better performing even than its revered predecessors, leveraging SVS's award-winning 2000-series technology.

True to its iconic design heritage, this vertical powered cylinder leverages its height to sonic advantage. With a mere 16.6" diameter footprint, it delivers unmatched bass performance per square inch of floor space giving you the sheer power of a ported subwoofer in a footprint nothing matches. Your music and movies will enjoy depth and dynamics like never before.

Sledge Amplifier STA-500D

The Sledge STA-500D is the sonic engine that brings an unprecedented amp technology and sophistication not found anywhere else at this price point. On sheer power alone, it effortlessly punches out 500 watts RMS and 1100 peak watts.

Quick, smooth, and precise digital signal processing at all drive levels. Plus, flexible connectivity for easy setup and integration into your home theater or stereo system. Include an energy saving standby mode of less than 0.5 watts, and pair it with a freshly designed, exhaustively tested SVS 2000-series driver, and you've got yourself a never-before-at-this-price sonic package.

SVS 12" High Output Driver

Designed from scratch and optimized through exhaustive testing until it delivered unprecedented performance, the powerful 2000-series driver does SVS proud.

Matched and maximized to its Sledge amplifier, it effortlessly delivers the STA-500D's precision, dynamic flexibility, and raw punch. The result: the driver delivers higher output, improved linearity, and lower distortion, which means loads of clean, precise, deep powerful bass for your movies and music.

  • All new, exhaustively tested design
  • Computer FEA-optimized motor for even lower distortion
  • Heavy-duty voice coil for extreme power handling
  • Upgraded suspension for improved linearity and control
  • Lightweight aluminum cone to deliver high efficiency
  • Rubber surround for excellent durability and long life




  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 34" x 16.6" x 16.6"
  • Weight: 50 lbs.
  • Driver size: 12"
  • Frequency response: 16 - 260Hz ± 3Db
  • Port size: Single 4"


  • Down-firing 12" 2000-series driver
  • Rear-firing 4" high-flow port with custom-tooled outer port flare


  • Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier
  • 500 watts RMS continuous (1100 watts peak dynamic)
  • Efficient and cool-running Class D topology
  • 3-12V trigger with 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS mini-jack input
  • Green standby mode with > 0.5 watts consumption
  • Input impedance: 47kΩ (unbalanced line-level RCA)
  • Continuously variable (0 - 180 degrees) phase control
  • Continuously variable (50 - 160Hz) 12dB/octave low pass filter frequency with disable/LFE setting
  • Fixed 80Hz 12dB/octave high pass filter on line level outputs
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free construction, worldwide safety certifications


What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • PC-2000 500 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Cylinder Subwoofer
  • 8 foot power cord


Customer Reviews for SVS PC-2000 500 Watt DSP Controlled 12" Cylinder Subwoofer

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Dual PC-2000's
I am fairly new to the home theatre game , about a year , and in that year I have went thru quite a bit of equipment. None more so than subwoofers! From a $70 Klipsch Sub10 on craigslist that gave me the first itches of BASS , to know owning 2 PC-2000's that leave me looking for an excuse to fire them up and give people a go. They have scared kids this past halloween that came to the door for candy and sent them running! I had creepy music playing LOUD and just LED lights flashing inside the house , the bass always seemed to hit at the right moment. They have given me reasons to watch movies I normally wouldn't watch , never been much of a Marvel , Batman , Spiderman type movies , but now I watch them just to hear to hear the soundtracks. And last but not least , gaming. Playing Battefield1 with these PC's is something to experience! I haven't had to deal with SVS service a whole lot , but during the time I did , it was to return a SB2000 and they were very helpful. The last thing I need is more output , I run these at about 70% and it is plenty , but I think most of us get bass-greedy so who knows what my next SVS might be !
November 9, 2016
Originally posted at
First real sub
I have had many speaker systems but, honestly, they have all been cheap to mid htib type systems. A couple of years ago I began buying some good quality speakers for home theatre and music. Then I needed a good sub. Unlike many of the people leaving reviews here, I'm no pro. I did alot of reading on the web and due to the positive reviews of SVS I bought the PC2000. All I can say is, "WOW!" If you have only ever heard those cheap subs from a boxed set, this aint it. I was so impressed by the power in this sub. My living room is fairly large, around 23' x 18'. This sub blends into the background on music adding great low end that is very difficult to localize and then pounds the hell out of you on action movies. The whole experience from customer service to quality of product truly blew away my expectations. SVS has another fan for life!
November 14, 2016
Originally posted at
What a beast!
When the PC-2000 first arrived I was taken back by how large it really was once I completed unboxing. I am a big guy and it took some getting used to but man does it go low. I've watched Tron, Transformers, The Dark Knight & ... Rises, and The Last Samurai with it a 12 O'clock and don't see any need to turn it past that because I felt the movies for the first time. I am still working on fine tuning it to my setup and getting the speaker crossover settings just right but that takes time and I know my parameters thanks to SVS Customer Service.

Got a chance to listen to some jazz and a couple classical pieces and I felt like I was drowning in the music.

I bought the PC-2000 mainly because of the small footprint compared to other SVS subs and I am glad I choose this specific model because it was easy to place in the corner. I look forward to many years of heart thumping bass in the movies and music.

Thank you SVS customer service for your help, it was great to be able to have questions answered in a matter of hours rather than days like some other companies!
January 11, 2017
Originally posted at
Best sub hands down
I own a PB-12plus and love it, when I finished the basement I got a PC-2000 since they are so good. Both subs are unreal and the best I have ever heard hands down.
November 9, 2016
Originally posted at
My 1st PC 2000 ??
After a year plus of constant deliberations, I could not have brought myself to spending an exorbitant price for any speaker. Eventually, got the balls to order the bloody thing...
I must admit that you guys at SVS are some of the coolest and most customer oriented people that I have ever interfaced with in Retail. My sub was delivered last week on Wed 1st March, and I am extremely thrilled and super impressed by its performance. It is ridiculously superb for music OMG I am still blown away by how tight and responsive the bass....On the other hand, with movies it transforms into a phenomenal monster....Most impressively is the Sound Path Isolation Path - This system really works !!!!
Overall I am tremendously happy and enjoying my PC 2000... It is really a nice piece of decor as described by my friends...who are also sold...One has already placed at order...

Thanks So Much
Team SVS Read Less
March 9, 2017
Originally posted at
Game changer!
we bought a PC2000 to be paired with RBH speakers and powered by Marantz amplifiers. Sound quality in my home theater is exactly what we were looking for.

Use is 95% movies. May consider adding another to be a 7.2 system. However this certainly is not needed. As of now this system will shake the monitors in my home office that is two floors above the theater.

You won't find a better value imo. I've had sunfire, Definative Tech, Klischp and paradigm. It pumps as good or better as any of them at 30-50% less cost.
Don't be scared. This is an outstanding sub
November 9, 2016
Originally posted at
One is good two great
I love the sound and the boom that comes out off speaker. Well made looks great. Will buy another soon. Also the wireless connections was the best thing I bought. No lag time either
November 9, 2016
Originally posted at
True Value
I purchased duel PC-2000 subwoofers online from SVS directly 6 months ago (JUN 2017). I have the subwoofers paired with two Pioneer SP-FS52 speakers, two Pioneer SP-BS22 speakers, a Pioneer SP-C22 speaker, and the Sony STR DN-1080 audio receiver.

To begin with, SVS has a secure and reliable shipping process. Packages are sent certified and must be signed for, which I appreciated. I had to wait a few extra days to recieve my packages since my schedule and the delivery services didn’t match up, but knowing my exspensive shipment wasn’t sitting on the porch with out me at home was worth the extra wait. The packaging was sufficient to get the subwoofers to me undamaged, though the boxes themselves were in bad shape. Unpackaging the subwoofers, understanding the set up instructions, and actually setting up the subwoofers was not difficult at all. And I would consider myself an well studied novice when it comes to home AV. I have a solid grasp of the concepts but limited experience. I know SVS has great customer service and technical support, based on what others have said about the company, but have yet to use their assistance.

Now the subwoofers themselves - they are absolutely fantastic! I may be an educated novice when it comes to AV setup and design, but when it comes to listening to music and movie soundtracks I have plenty of experience, like most other people. The sound quality and power maturity from the PC-2000 is impressive. I have not heard anything comparable at the same price point (~ $3,000 for duel). The power on these subwoofers is sufficient for a small assembly hall, so definitely powerful enough for just about any house. But all that power is controlled and mature. While still allowing you to feel the power of the bass, it harmoniously meshes with the mid and high tones of my other speakers. Even with my amazing sounding but seriously underpowered and underclassed Pioneer speakers, which are tremendous value in their own right, the duel SVS PC-2000s were not over powering, delivering the best sounding bass I have yet heard from a home audio system.

While it’s power maturity is impressive it’s bass range and dynamics are even more so. I primarily listen to classical music, EDM, and movie soundtracks. A true test of any speaker when it comes to classical music is how well it sounds when listening to a complex layered organ piece. This is where you can really see the impressive dynamics of the SVS PC-2000. There is no stutter or sound lost as the organ layers bass notes up and down the low end of the scale in varying rhythm. Try “Angels from the Realms of Glory” by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to really see how low these subwoofers can go. I have never heard the lowest organ notes on any other comparable subwoofers. This tremendous sound quality applies true to any other genre of music I’v yet thrown at it. And when it comes to movie soundtracks it’s the same as well.

The SVS PC-2000 subwoofers are a product of true value. I haven’t heard better for the price. Anything cheeper sounds cheeper and anything more expensive may not give you anything more for their cost. They really are a great value. If you do buy a PC-2000 subwoofer, I would highly recommend buying a pair. While one is sufficient for most house environments, two really does make sure there are no dead spaces in bass sound quality.

I have only had my subwoofers for six months now, but from what I’ve seen, read, and experienced. The build quality on these subwoofers is top notch and I expect to be enjoying constant quality in sound from these subwoofers for many many years to come, they really are true value.
January 1, 2018
Originally posted at
Unbelievable subs with unprecedented support!!
I chose dual PC-2000's due to placement and the small footprint as the height was a non factor. I was not disappointed!! One of these beasts would have been enough but as they say too much is never enough so I went dual and have been in awe ever since.

They take up less space than the PB counterpart and are lighter so much easier to move for proper placement. Being the driver is down firing I also feel the driver is even better protected from my 2 year old son. Last cherry on top was the inclusion of the isolation feet.

The support I have received after purchase has been astounding considering I haven't had any issues what so ever. I'm referring. To support for placement and tuning and just overall concern to make sure I was happy with my purchase and I couldn't be happier.

These subs shake the walls and kick you in the chest and I haven't second guessed my purchase once since hearing them. SVS has won a customer in me for life honestly. In my opinion you just can't beat the combo of performance and support!!
November 9, 2016
Originally posted at
Big punch, small(ish) package
Though it is the most expensive single piece of audio equipment I purchased, the investment is well worth it. There's a special something when you don't just hear the bass, but feel it as well. That, and the small, round footprint of the cylinder fits my smaller listening area extremely well.
November 21, 2016
Originally posted at


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