SpeakerCraft VST60fc Stereo Volume Control With Fast Connect Terminals

Model: ASM17145 UPC: 664254005336 Item: 143875

Product Information

  • Transformed-Based Stereo Volume Control
  • Fast Connect Terminal Can Be Wired Ahead of Time and Simply Secured to the Volume Control at the Time of Final Installation
  • Knob is Guaranteed to Never Come off Due to New Easy-To-Assemble Design
  • New 12-Step "Make Before Break" Switch Design

SpeakerCraft's Volume Controls are high quality stereo autoformers designed for wide range frequency response at all volume levels. Fast Connect Terminals:This removable connector can be wired ahead of time and the simply attached to the volume control at the time of final installation. Simple Connect Terminals:Secures wires in place without the use of a screwdriver. Just place the stripped wire in the opening and depress the lever for a secure connection.

Product Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 60 Watts
  • Steps: 12 (Make Before Break)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Total Attenuation: 42dB maximum
  • Depth: 21/2" Behind Plate
  • Mounting: Fits Nearly All Standard Single-Gang Junction Boxes and Plaster Rings
  • White, Bone, and Almond faceplates, knobs and inserts