Soundcast OCJ410 OutCast Jr. All-Weather Outdoor Wireless Speaker System - Each (White)

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Product Information

OCJ410 OutCast Jr. All-Weather Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Be the life of every event...

The OutCast Jr. is a more compact version of Soundcast's award-winning OutCast, but still delivers amazing sound in an even more mobile weather resistant speaker design. OutCast Jr's incredible 360-degree sound and 15 hour battery life bring unparalleled quality and mobility, so you can enjoy your music wherever you go. Take OutCast Jr. anywhere- beach, camping, boating, snow, or just out for a BBQ. Use the BlueCast, iCast, or UAT transmitters to tailor your audio needs and stream your music wirelessly.

The OutCast Jr. wireless music system will quickly become a most valuable player for the entire family – as they’ll enjoy performance sound in the yard, patio, park, beach, poolside, workout room, and even at the next stadium tailgate party!

The party-is-on anywhere and anytime you and your Outcast Jr. arrive. Soundcast’s superior wireless technology ensures clean, pure and uninterrupted sound.


OCJ410 Highlights:

  • Extend your music to 2 listening areas outdoors, indoors, anywhere
  • At 20" tall and only 16.5 pounds, it is easy to carry
  • Long-range, interference-free wireless technology
  • Internal rechargeable battery, plus charge/play from any 12V aux outlet
  • Control iPod/iPhone, PC/Mac music libraries and internet radio


OCJ410 Features:

  • All-weather wireless speaker system - Entertain indoors or outdoors thanks to Melody's weather-resistant enclosure
  • Works with BlueCast Bluetooth HD Receiver - Stream your music from a wide array of devices to your Outcast Jr. via Bluetooth HD technology
  • Listen to your iPod/iPhone, Android, MP3 player, computer or any analog audio source
  • Proprietary DSP technology matches amplifiers to drivers for greater efficiency and premium audio performance
  • Convenient top-panel controls volume and remote functions for iPod/iPhone and PC operation (including Rhapsody, Pandora, iTunes and more)
  • Long-range, interference-free wireless transmission
  • Works through walls, floors and ceilings eliminating the need for running wires, and experience 360-degree sound with the omni-directional speaker technology
  • Portable – Carry it anywhere with its built-in rechargeable battery for 6-to-15 hours of uninterrupted wireless sound (+/- power level)
  • Purchase two units for Stereo sound – easy programming allows you to set one unit for the left channel, one for the right channel
  • A/C adapter and 12-volt automotive adapter included
  • Apple Remote App Compatible


OCJ410 Specifications:

  • Drivers:
    • One 6.5" downward-firing, high-SPL, long-throw woofer using IMPP cone and rubber surround
    • Four full-range drivers in a stereo 360-degree array using IMPP cones and rubber surrounds
    • Acoustic frequency, 51-18kHz
  • Amplifiers:
    • Subwoofer: 30W RMS, Class-D
    • Stereo: 15 x 2 RMS, Class-D
    • 0.1% THD @20-20kHz
  • Battery: Rechargeable internal battery with external AC power supply
  • RF Link: Bi-directional communication
  • DSP: Proprietary 24-bit
  • Technology:
    • FHSS 40-Ch wireless protocol
    • Redundant error correction
    • Robust packet loss detection
    • Auto muting
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: 10.5" (26.7cm)
    • Height: 19.5" (49.5cm)
  • Weight: 16.4 lbs (7.5kgs)