Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Earbuds

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Product Information

Take the next step in truly wireless noise-canceling performance and exceptional sound quality. The new Integrated Processor V1 delivers unmatched performance while using even less power. Adding in drastically enhanced call quality, IPX4 water resistance, and up to 24 hours of battery life 6 with wireless charging, the WF-1000XM4 Truly Wireless Earbuds are unlike any other before them.

Industry-leading Digital Noise Cancellation

Everything in the WF-1000XM4 headphones has been redesigned from the ground up. Like Sony's new Integrated Processor V1, specially developed by Sony, that cancels more noise than ever, a new driver with more performance, newly designed noise sensing microphones, and innovative Noise Isolation Earbud Tips with a more stable fit.

Integrated Processor V1

Specially developed by Sony, our new Integrated Processor V1 takes the noise canceling performance of our acclaimed QN1e chip and goes even further. Improved noise-canceling performance and Bluetooth ‘System on Chip’ technology delivers the industry’s highest level of noise-canceling yet uses less power.

High-performance dual-noise-sensor microphones

Two noise-sensing microphones per earbuds – one forward-facing and one backward-facing – catch more ambient sound around you. This means more stable noise canceling and less distortion at any volume.

New 6 mm driver unit

A newly designed 6 mm driver unit, featuring a 20% increase in magnet volume, gives you improved performance in low frequencies. It also enhances noise canceling by generating a high-precision cancellation signal to the low-frequency range.

Noise Isolation Earbud Tips

Newly developed Noise Isolation Earbud Tips feature a unique polyurethane foam material. Soft and elastic, it maximizes the surface contact area between the earbud tip and the ear canal, eliminating gaps to insulate sound and reduce noise. It also improves adhesion to the ear canal for a more stable fit, making the WF-1000XM4 headphones easy to wear.

Minimizing wind noise

Even on windy days, you’ll stay totally immersed. Automatic Wind Noise Reduction mode detects when it’s windy and automatically suppresses wind noise for more effective noise canceling.

Exceptional sound quality

The WF-1000XM4 supports High-Resolution Audio Wireless. Thanks to specially designed 6mm drivers, they reproduce a dynamic sound despite their small size, and the high compliance diaphragm reproduces a rich bass range. The Integrated Processor V1 also enhances sound quality and reduces distortion and enables LDAC codec processing and DSEE Extreme.

Enjoy High-Resolution Audio without wires

The WF-1000XM4 supports High-Resolution Audio Wireless, thanks to LDAC, our industry-adopted audio coding technology. LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth® audio, allowing you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional quality, as close as possible to that of a dedicated wired connection.

Real-time restoration of all your compressed files

Using Edge-AI (Artificial Intelligence), DSEE Extreme™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) upscales compressed digital music files in real-time. Dynamically recognizing the instrumentation, musical genres, and individual elements of each song, such as vocals or interludes, it restores the high-range sound lost in compression for a richer, more complete listening experience.

Beamforming microphones pick up every word

Beamforming microphones are calibrated to only pick up sounds from your mouth. With an improved signal-to-noise ratio they’ll catch every word, even when there’s a lot of noise around you.

Detects speech vibrations to enhance clarity

A bone-conduction sensor picks up vibrations from your voice without registering ambient sound, enabling even clearer speech when making calls.

Smarter talking, smarter listening

As soon as you speak to someone, Speak-to-Chat automatically pauses the music and lets in ambient sound so you can conduct a conversation – handy if you want to keep your headphones on, or if your hands are full. And once your chat is over, your music starts playing again automatically. Speak-to-Chat uses an acceleration sensor to recognize and react to your voice. It is based on Precise Voice Pickup Technology, which combines four microphones and sensors with advanced audio signal processing.

Listen all day, charge in minutes

You can enjoy a full working day of charge – 8 hours – from your headphones and store another 16 hours in the case. That means a full 24 hours of listening time every time you leave the house. In a hurry? Just a 5-minute quick charge gives you up to 60 minutes of playtime and the Sony | Headphones Connect app will even notify you when your charging case drops below 30%.

Water-resistant for everyday use

With an IPX4 water resistance rating, splashes and sweat won’t stop these headphones – so you can keep on moving to the music.

Easy wireless charging with Qi technology

No cables necessary – the WF-1000XM4 features Qi technology for easy wireless charging. You can even use a smartphone with Qi technology, like the latest Xperia models with reverse wireless charging, to charge your headphones and charging case.

Customize sound

With the Sony | Headphones Connect app, Ambient Sound Control lets you adjust the volume of background sound and gives you the option to allow voices alone to be heard. Meanwhile, the Equalizer lets you customize sound levels to suit your music.

Ergonomic surface design for a better fit

Since introducing the world’s first in-ear headphones in 1982 (MDR-E252), Sony has surveyed huge amounts of data relating to ear shapes from around the world. The WF-1000XM4 headphones are the product of that research, combining a shape that matches the ear cavity with a new ergonomic surface design for a more stable fit.

A clearer, more stable Bluetooth signal

The optimization of the transmission algorithm with the Integrated Processor V1 has made the connection more stable and less prone to sound skipping, even in an environment where there is interference. It allows sound to be transmitted to both ears at the same time with very low latency, and with a higher signal strength than ever before.

Instant pause. Instant play.

Just take the earbuds out of your ears and the music stops – a proximity sensor knows when you are wearing one or both earbuds. Pop the earbuds back in and the music starts again.

Everything’s at your fingertips

The WF-1000XM4 headphones feature intuitive touch control settings – for example, tap on the left earbud to change from Noise Canceling to Ambient Sound and long tap for Quick Attention, or double-tap on the right to skip to the next track. What’s more, you can assign your own functions to each earbud using the Headphones Connect app.

Easy pairing with your computer

Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your WF-1000XM4 headphones with your Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC, or tablet. Pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 10 devices when pairing mode is selected.

Voice assistant

Get hands-free help. Just say “Hey Google” or “Alexa” to activate your preferred voice assistant. You can manage your day and even control your headphones with commands like “Turn off noise cancellation”.




  • Battery
    • Battery Life (Continuous Communication Time): Max. 5.5 hours (NC On) / Max. 6.0 hours (NC Off)
    • Battery Charge Time: Approx. 1.5 hours
    • Battery Life (Continuous music playback time): Max. 8 hours (NC On) / Max. 12 hours (NC Off)
  • Bluetooth Specification
    • Bluetooth version: Version 5.2
    • Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
    • Supported Audio Format(s): SBC, AAC, LDAC
    • Supported Content Protection: SCMS-T
  • General Features
    • DSEE Extreme: Yes
    • Driver Unit: 6 mm
    • Frequency Response (Bluetooth Communication): 20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling) 20 Hz–40,000 Hz (LDAC 96 kHz sampling, 990 kbps) / 20 Hz–20,000 Hz (44.1 kHz sampling)
    • Headphone Type: Truly Wireless
    • Magnet: High-power neodymium magnets
    • Waterproof: Yes (IPX4)
  • Noise Canceling
    • Ambient Sound Mode: Yes
    • Quick Attention: Yes
  • Size & Weight
    • Weight: Approx. 1.45 oz. 

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • 3x Noise Isolation Earbud Tips
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case


Customer Reviews for Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Earbuds

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Rated 5 out of 5
The Best in the Market
I bought this about a month ago and it’s really good as compared to other wireless earphones, I love the fact it switches to your environment especially when am underground noise cancellation is automatically activated
October 12, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Worth Upgrading?
The WF-1000XM4 are not perfect and Sony have still missed the mark on a few things but they are a big upgrade from the previous WF-1000XM3 model and it seems they have listened to users feedback from those and made at least some of the changes that people wanted and were expecting.

While I appreciate the environmentally friendly packaging if you are paying approx. £250 for a top end set of noise cancelling wireless ear buds you don’t expect them to come in a tiny egg carton style box surely Sony could have come up with something better?

The first thing you will notice is the case size while the WF-1000XM3 defiantly felt better made and more robust it was a bit of a monster, not something that would sit comfortably in a pocket and on top of that it did not have wireless charging.
The new case, wow how have they managed to get it so small and on top of that fit in wireless charging but saying that it defiantly feels cheaper and the lid feel that it could break off easily but that reduced size sits snuggly in your pocket. No rose gold lid all matt black & just a small subtle SONY in gold stamped on the lid so the compromise of a smaller size over build quality is not a deal break, I can live with that. The magnets are super strong I tried to dislodge them and they stayed firmly in place there is no way the ear buds should accidently fall out. I also like the charge notification light it seems much more brighter and noticeable than the previous model maybe having an all black case has helped with that.

Now the main event the WF-1000XM4 themselves and what a design change from the WF-1000XM3 and in a really good way. I think that we were expecting this design first time around and while I wasn’t totally disappointed in the previous version they just felt out of proportion didn’t sit right in the ear and always felt like at any time they could fall out. The new version while they are a little chunky they sit nicely in the ear and once you find the right fit tips they don’t feel like they will fall out whatever you might be doing and I know not everyone is a fan of the new foam type tips but that’s down to personal taste and really I don’t mind them. Love the gold circular microphone that stands out on the matt black.

Sound quality on the WF-1000XM3 was great but the WF-1000XM4 has been tweaked and is better still with a slightly more overall balanced sound along with the added 360, which I won’t use but I’m sure others will be pleased about.
Another improvement is the microphone while I never had any real issues with the previous model it did on occasions get a bit crackly or cut in & out while using with iPhone but this new version has been issue free up until now very stable even on calls overseas via Wi-Fi have been clear with no loss of quality.

The noise cancelling that Sony have developed I believe is the best out there at the moment and I tested this first during a very hot spell of weather and I sat next to an electric fan while listening to music, noise cancelling blocked out all the fan noise even while sitting right next to it. The second test came while travelling for several hours on an RAF Air tanker A330 anyone who knows these or has travelled on one will know how noisy they are inside but with the noise cancelling on it was defiantly a very pleasant experience listening to music and having the voice recognition turned on made life easier talking to the air crew when required. The third test came in 30mph winds while working overseas, and while you could certainly feel the wind the noise was pretty much cut out completely, impressive Sony.

Another improvement that people wanted was to have some aspect of being waterproof/showerproof, Sony has listened and these are IPX4 rated so no need to panic when using in the gym or caught outside in a rain shower. Some things that Sony still haven’t given us which is disappointing and might be a deal breaker for some people who may not purchase the is the fact you can still only connect them to one thing at a time, while its not a major issue for me I am frustrated that this hasn’t been resolved and it’s a pain having to continually connect from my iPhone to my MacBook and back again come on Sony it can’t be that hard to resolve this for a premium pair of headphones.
The second issue is the touch controls on the buds; the touch system it great very responsive never fails but at times that’s the issue, accidently touch them which can happen a lot and it gets frustrating but would I want to change this to a physical push button? No probably not.
Lastly come on Sony get your headphones app sorted it is one of the most frustrating apps out there along with your music centre app half of the time I just don’t bother using it.
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October 9, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Impressive! Won't disppoint!
So, to compare, I have only had a cheaper pair of wireless buds from another brand before but they fit the bill as they were wireless charging, sounded great, long battery and fit well in the ear even while running. They were not sound cancelling but as they fit so snuggly in the ear, everything else was drowned out naturally so they were good for me.

In comes the Sony WF-1000XM4 which is all the above and then some! As you can see from the photos, minimalist packaging and environmentally friendly too! Once open, you are greeted with a fine small case holding the in ear beauties. Design and feel is great! Instructions seem clear and pairing to the Android phone was exceptionally easy as it was instantly recognisable. I like to switch between laptop and phone, etc and this seemed simple to do also. Instructions explained basic usage functions well however I must admit that in practice, I am little unsure how to fully and best use the device (it might just be me taking a little longer to get used to them!). I also felt at first use the volume was not loud enough but after trying various sources, I think it was just the source I initially used (TV streaming on a mobile). Other sources, in particular music, give enough volume to feel the track the way you should.

There are a lot of features here and in particular, I was a little underwhelmed at the noise canelling feature (I have never had this before to compare anything to!) as I felt that when out a walk, it didn't do much for me however on a trip to Milan, I used on the Metro and walking the city and this is where Noise Cancelling came into it's own! It worked really well indeed and let me hear the audio as clear as can be. A quick press switched to ambient sound allowing external sounds to filter through also if needed for awareness. I enabled the Speak to Chat feature which I thought might be useful but it irritated me straight away as with a cough or blurting a line of a song stopped the track, it was a frustration. It may be great for some in certain conditions but was not for me at this time.

Good points to note includes the Headphones app which gives control over the equalizer and settings for different environments (which the headphones can automatically recognise for you and switch between - nice touch!). Also has features to analyse your ear shape for the best fit and to optimise apps for 360 Reality audio seem to be good for audiophiles (I just haven't used them yet!). You can even customise the function buttons for each ear bud.

The buds work with both Alexa and Google voice assistants (and I guess Siri too but I can't confirm this!). I haven't really used them for this yet so cannot comment. Also I haven't used yet for voice/video calls as I have not had the opportunity since receiving them but after reading other reviews around this, they seem to perform well in this regard. Some users will find the Automatic Wind Noise reduction feature a bonus (cyclists, etc) but again, I have not found a need for this yet to be able to comment.

All in all, these noise cancelling headphones will not diappoint the beginner or advanced audiophile. I am in the middle of the range here and have some issues with learning the features to the best of their ability and for what I need day to day but this is a personal problem and over time, I will learn, I just haven't really immersed myself in them yet like I normally would.

Out of the box, connectivity and sound quality are absolutely bang on the money. The customisable features will suit many to match their style of use and the advance options are a boon if you are in the market for this type of product. Battery life and comfort seem excellent as I used for around 6 hours straight while travelling and still had plenty of charge in the headphones and of course, the case as a power reserve. I personally find the price point for such a device a little expensive however in direct comparison to other brands and for the top of the range premium device with the range of features provided out of the box, there really is no comparison to be made here if you are willing to pay for the best in this area.
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October 6, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
worth the extra money
I bought & sold a bunch of other cheaper earbuds before I finally decided to simply pay the extra amount for these XM4's. I don't even miss the cash. It was money well spent! The noise cancellation option is AMAZING!!!
October 2, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
These ear buds have won me over
I've always been pretty unsure about truly wireless earbuds. I have had lots of IEMs over the years and they've always found a way to work themselves loose over time so I couldn't imagine them staying very secure - or sounding that great being such a small package. However these have won me over.

Pairing is a breeze and there's lots of info that's in the right place at the right time with Android. The units are very small and even the charger is small enough to lose in a bag pocket. Despite the size they sound great and have a surprisingly deep and full bass sound. The noise cancelling works well. The highest compliment I can pay is that since these arrived I've only put my full sized noise cancelling headphones on once!
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September 30, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
What do you want to hear? Your Choice!
I've been using these excellent earphones for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed. The sound quality is very, very good and the compact size of the phones and charging case is unbelievable considering what they can do. I did however find the trade off for me is that I find the phones a little difficult to release from the case - but I am getting more efficient.

The app is good, in particular for the fitting the earbuds both for comfort and a good seal. You may think you have made the right choice of earbud only for the app to correct you. My wife has never taken to using earphones because she has never found any that are comfortable and feel as though they are secure in her ear. She has tried these and the ear fitting shape and the consistency of the earbud tips has prompted her to add a 1000XM4 to her Christmas list.

Because I need to listen to the tv at a higher volume level than my wife I have paired the earphones with my tv. The problem is solved and we can both now hear those very quietly spoken dialogues in comfort.

I am a passionate competition photographer and spend many hours editing images and video in our office. Of course the room has a constant buzz of hard drives and fans and I am quite aware of possibly developing Tinnitus. I now wear the Sony earphones on a daily basis simply for the noise cancelling. They work beautifully and the simple tap settings for switching to ambient sound when anyone comes into the room, answering calls and occasionally listening to quiet music whilst I work are very welcome.

Of course these earphones have so much more to offer and I will be getting to know more over the coming weeks.

They look cool, perform very well and are a quality addition to my daily life.

When it comes to listening to what you choose to hear and shutting out the sounds you don't want then these are excellent. I really like them
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September 30, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Some small software bugs but otherwise top
Sometimes headphones lose the connection. The noise cancelling is the best I have ever seen. Sound is very good
September 29, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Prior to the Sony XM4's I bought the new Samsung Buds Pro and before these, I had the Samsung Buds Live. The Samsungs are nothing compared to Sony's in terms of fit, sound quality, noise cancelling, and features. I was pleasantly surprised on a flight back to London from Portugal I couldn't hear the plane! The XM4's do a fabulous job of noise cancelling. The sound quality is also brilliant with a good range overall. These are definitely the best headphones I have bought in a while.
September 27, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Recently purchased after reading reviews, theses headphones are outstanding!
September 25, 2021
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Better, smaller, greener!
Firstly what catches the eye is the packaging in which the earbuds arrive. It is made from recyclable paper – well done, Sony!
The WF-1000XM4 is newly redesigned, making them smaller, lighter, and, in my opinion, prettier than the predecessor WF-1000XM3.
On the outside of earbuds are touch-sensitive buttons that work very well and control the earbuds very smoothly. The final touch on the build quality of the buds – IPX4 water resistance, which is plenty to daily use for most people.
It is enough about the design and controls because the main attraction and the true gem of these earbuds are audio performance and noise cancellation. In one word – outstanding! The sound quality is excellent: punchy but balanced; perfect clarity and great dynamics! But the most significant feature is the active noise cancellation (ANC). When it kicks in, you feel like you are on your own. It shuts the outside world so well that it makes you ow!
One more important area of daily use – battery life. I think it is pretty fair—the total of 24 hours (8 from the earbuds and a further 16 from the charging case).
In my opinion – Sony WF-1000XM4 is the best all-around true wireless earbuds on the market right now!
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September 24, 2021
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