Sony UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player

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Sony UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player Overview

Engineered to outperform, designed for integrated installation, ES models such as the 4K Ultra HD UBP-X1000ES represent Sony’s ultimate performance. With full support for 4K HDMI protocols and high-dynamic range (HDR), the X1000ES shows off any 4K Blu-ray to finest visual effect. And, of course, all advanced 3D object-oriented surround formats are faithfully reproduced. But there’s more: With built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, you get wireless streaming of audio and video sources. Apps for online video services including Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube are built-in, with full support for 4K and HDR where available. Stream your music from a home server or portable device, with support for high-resolution audio files. A full array of analog and digital connections fill the back panel, along with IP and IR controls for custom system integration. And, whatever you own in your digital disc library – in virtually any format – this universal player handles it, from photos to MP3s, to Super Audio CDs and DVD-Audio discs.

Product Information

Product highlights

  • 4K UHD Blu-ray discs with 4 times the resolution of HD, and full HDMI protocol support
  • High dynamic range (HDR) for heightened definition in brightness and shadow
  • Automatic down-conversion of HDR to standard dynamic range for best reproduction on all TVs
  • Full support for 3D surround formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Built-in WiFi for 4K streaming from online video services such as Netflix and Amazon Video
  • Bluetooth audio output for private listening via wireless headphones
  • Support for all major music file formats, including high-resolution and lossless audio
  • Plays nearly all legacy digital discs, including DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD, DVD-R and –RW, and 8 cm Camcorder DVD
  • Connections for USB flash drive, coax and optical audio, analog and HDMI audio outputs
  • IP control, RS232C connection, IR in, web- and cloud-based network management for custom integrated installations
  • Wireless streaming of music to connected equipment in other rooms via Sony’s free Music Center App
  • Top-grade construction with high quality electronic components, extra shielding, and rigid frame/beam chassis
  • Dimensions: About 17" wide x 2-1/4" high x 10-1/2" deep
  • Weight: 8 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Warranty: 3 years – World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell
  • Included: World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

Get the picture

With 4K Ultra HD, video takes a quantum leap forward. Four times the resolution of standard HD means far finer detail – and just as crucial, new HDR and BT.2020 specifications allow for increased color range and greater definition in brightness and shadow.

Makes the best of what you watch

The X1000ES adapts to your needs, automatically upscales basic HD video and down-converts HDR to standard dynamic range, to match the capabilities of your current equipment (while preparing you for the future).

Up, down, all around

The latest 3D surround sound formats from Dolby and DTX are all supported. And dual HDMI outputs allow you to route the digital surround signal to an accessory sound bar or connected surround system.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

With built-in dual band Wi-Fi, you can stream video and audio from online services and your own home system. The X1000ES decodes virtually every music format, from basic MP3 to high-resolution and high-bitrate formats such as AIFF, ALAC and FLAC.

Pristine video streaming

With integrated support for streaming video services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, you can view the latest and greatest 4K HDR movies and series. And high-quality Bluetooth output streaming lets you listen through wireless headphones with clarity and privacy.

Universal acclaim

Over the last couple decades, many types of programming have been saved to the ubiquitous 5-inch optical disc. While any 4K player will handle Blu-rays, the X1000ES is backward-compatible to play nearly every disc in your library. That includes DVD, recordable DVD, CD and recordable CD, DVD-Audio and SACD music discs, home-recorded camcorder video discs, BMPs, GIFs, JPEGs and MP3 files burned to disc. If you own it, odds are the X1000ES will play it.

What Hi-Fi? in its five-star review, said, “Whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your existing Blu-ray player, or simply want the best player you can for your home cinema set-up, (the) UBP-X1000ES is well worth your consideration.” Elevated Standard, indeed.

Stream all around the house

With the free, downloadable Sony Music Center App (for iOS and Android), control wireless multi-room streaming from the X1000ES to connected devices and speaker in every room, or wireless surround in your viewing room.

Connect to everything

You get a full array of connections on the back panel, from USB and Ethernet connections to analog, digital and HDMI outputs. And, with IR remote and RS232C ports plus network and cloud-based remote management, the X100ES is perfect for integrated custom whole-home system installation.



Supported Media


  • BD-RE: Yes (ver.2.0, SL/DL)
  • BD-R: Yes (ver.1.0, SL/DL)


  • BD-RE: Yes (ver.3.0, SL/DL)
  • BD-R: Yes (ver.2.0, SL/DL)

Hybrid Disc

  • BD/CD: Yes (select in set-up menu)
  • BD/DVD: Yes (select in set-up menu)
  • HDDVD/DVD: Yes (DVD part only)

Mixed Disc



  • AAC (.aac, .mka): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB), DLNA (.aac only)
  • AAC (.m4a): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • AIFF (.aiff, .aif): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • ALAC (.m4a): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • DSD - DSDIFF/DSC (.dff, .dsf): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • Dolby Digital (.ac3, .mka): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • FLAC (.flac, .fla): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • HE-AACv1/v2: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • LPCM (.mka): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • LPCM (.wav): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • MP3 (.mka): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • MP3 (.mp3): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • Monkey's Audio: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • Vorbis: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • WMA10 Pro: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • WMA9 Standard (.wma): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)


  • GIF (.gif): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • PNG (.png): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • BMP (.bmp): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • MPO MPF 3D (.mpo): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • WEBP: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)


  • AVCHD Disc Format Folder: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • MPEG-1 Video/PS (.mpg .mpeg, .m2ts, .mts): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • MPEG-2 Video/PS, TS ( .mpg.mpeg, .m2ts, .mts): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • MPEG-4 AVC (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .m2ts, .mts): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • WMV9 (.wmv, .asf, .mkv): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • HEVC: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • MPEG-4/AVC (.mov, 3gp, .3g2, .3gpp, .3gpp2, .flv): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • Motion JPEG (.mov, .avi): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • VC1 (.m2ts, .mts, .mkv): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • VP: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)
  • XVID: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, DLNA)


  • BD-Live (Profile2.0): Yes (Profile 2.0)
  • BD-ROM (SL/DL): Yes (SL/DL)
  • Bonus View (Profile1.1): Yes (Profile 1.1)
  • Stereoscopic 3D (profile 5): Yes


  • CD (CD-DA): Yes
  • CD-R/-RW: Yes


  • DVD-Audio: Yes
  • DVD-Video: Yes


Supported Media

  • CD (DTS-CD): Yes
  • DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD: 8cm DVD-R/ -RW
  • DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD: 8cm DVD+RW
  • DVD+R: Yes
  • DVD+R Double Layer: Yes
  • DVD+RW: Yes
  • DVD-R: Video
  • DVD-R: VR (w/o CPRM)
  • DVD-R Dual Layer: Video
  • DVD-R Dual Layer: VR (w/o CPRM)
  • DVD-RW: Video
  • DVD-RW: VR (w/o CPRM)
  • DVD-Video: Yes
  • External HDD (Read/Write/Copy/Move): Yes (Read)
  • File System: FAT32 / exFAT / NTFS
  • SA-CD (SA-CD/CD) Playback: Yes
  • USB Memory: Yes
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray: Yes(DL/TL)
  • Video CD: Partially capable


  • BD-ROM: Yes
  • Photo: Yes
  • Streaming: Yes
  • Video (from camcorder): Yes

Playback Features

  • Instant Advance: - (Capable)


  • Power consumption (in operation): 15W
  • Power consumption (in standby): 0.35W
  • Power code type: UL/cUL
  • Power requirements (frequency): 60Hz
  • Power requirements (voltage): 120V

Convenience Features

  • Bit rate indicator: Yes (Video, Audio)
  • IPCC: Yes
  • Parental control: Yes
  • USB keyboard: Yes (101 only)
  • Auto power off (Auto Stand-by): Yes
  • BRAVIA sync: Yes
  • DEMO mode - Tray Lock: Yes
  • Easy setup: Yes
  • Multiple language display: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Software Keyboard: English, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Polish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Super quick start mode: Yes
  • Easy setup: Yes
  • Child lock: Yes

Video Features

  • Deep Color: Yes (12bit)
  • IP content noise reduction: Yes
  • Preset picture mode cinema tuned: Yes (Direct / Brighter room / Theater Room / Auto / Custom1 / Custom2)
  • 24p True Cinema: Yes


  • sRGB/ Adobe RGB/ sYCC: Yes/ No (Unofficial)/ Yes

General Features

  • Disc drive: Yes (Precision drive HD)
  • Region code (BD): A
  • Region code (DVD): 1
  • Startup screen: Yes
  • TV system default setting: 60Hz
  • Single/Changer: Single
  • Every Sony ES-Series receiver is backed by Sony’s 5-Year parts and labor warranty, 90-day advanced exchange program, and toll-free phone support by CEDIA-trained product experts.

Inputs and Outputs

  • HDMI output(s): HDMI 2.0 x 1 (Rear), HDMI 1.4 x 1 (Rear, Audio only)
  • USB input(s): 1 (Front)
  • Infrared input: Yes
  • Analog audio 2ch output(s): 1 (Rear)
  • Coaxial audio output(s): 1 (Rear)
  • Ethernet connection(s): 1 (Rear)
  • Optical audio output(s): 1 (Rear)
  • RS-232C input(s): Yes

Audio Features

  • Certified hi-res audio: Yes
  • DSEE-HX: Yes

Regulation and Standards

  • C/O on Kimeihan: Yes (English)
  • Safety approval: UL/cUL
  • US accesibility (Text to speech etc.): Yes

Remote Control

  • Standard Remote: Yes


  • Dimensions (Approx.): 17" x 2 1/4" x 10 1/2"
  • Weight (Approx.): 8 lbs. 10 oz.



  • HD (24Hz) (24p True Cinema): Yes
  • HD (60Hz): Yes
  • HD 24Hz to 60Hz conversion: Yes
  • SD (60Hz): Yes


  • DVD 24p output: Yes
  • NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz): Yes (NTSC only)
  • TV type default setting: 16:9

Video Output - DVD R/RW BD R/RE Non Copy Protected

  • HDMI: Yes (480i/ 480p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 2160p (60Hz))

Video Output - DVD Upscaling

  • HDMI: Yes (720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 2160p) Yes (1080p/ 2160p (60Hz))

Video Output - DVD - Video

  • HDMI: Yes (480i/ 480p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 2160p (60Hz))

Video Output - BD Upscaling

  • HDMI: Yes (4K (60Hz))

Video Output - Photo Upscaling

  • HDMI: Yes (4K)

What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • Standard remote
  • Batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Customer registration card



Customer Reviews for Sony UBP-X1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player

4.5 / 5.0
31 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Sony HD 4-K DVD player
I bought this player about a month ago. I payed a bit more for better features like the HD sound. I am so happy I spent a bit more to get all the super benefits.
I am super happy and excited about the 4-K feature for DVD’s. You just can’t believe the quality of the video and the sound. Even Netflix and Amazon screen quality is much better. I could not be happier.
Raleigh NC
July 14, 2020
Originally posted at
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray - Great for Music
Purchased the unit mainly for listening to Classical Music CDs, DVD-A, SACD's and Blu-ray audio recordings.
April 20, 2020
Originally posted at
Good picture
I bought this to complement my Sony a8g and Sony ht500
January 1, 2020
Originally posted at
Good picture
I bought this to complement my Sony a8g and Sony ht500
January 1, 2020
Originally posted at
One of the best on the market
Great 4K player. But not only. Fortunately, it makes a very good sound as well. So, you can play DVD A disks and SACDs both surround and stereo using internal DAC. The only problem I see - unability to install extra apps like Amazon or Tidal in my model.
November 5, 2019
Originally posted at
UBP-X1000ES Has no Dolby Vision Despite its Cost
I purchased the X1000ES expecting it to support all video formats but was left in the cold when Sony introduced the UBP-X1100ES which supports Dolby Vision. No relief for owners of the X1000ES to upgrade to the X1100ES once that new model was available. I also have a $200 UBP-X700 4K player that DOES support Dolby Vision but I use that one in bedroom.
August 22, 2019
Originally posted at
Excellent Player
Plays just about anything. SACD's are outstanding. Great picture with blu ray. Well constructed, but I might have expected a more substantial three prong power cord for the money. No info on Dolby Vision thus far.
July 13, 2019
Originally posted at
Everything that you want in a Player.
Decided it was time to go 4K 3D, my old player in the Family Room. All Sony Products in my home.
May 24, 2019
Originally posted at
Well thought out design
The design of this Blu-ray makes many streaming services easy to access. And, this devices recognition of the many streaming and disc formats is totally seamless to the listener... no knowledge required!
May 10, 2019
Originally posted at
Great product with multiple apps
Easy to connect and set up and plays like a charm!
May 2, 2019
Originally posted at


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Is it region free?
A shopper on Mar 23, 2020
  Thanks for your question. After extensive research the UBP-X1000ES is not region free. Apparently a number of units were modified to be region free to be used in custom environments and export. The units were multi voltage which rendered them unusable in some areas of the US.