Sony STR-DH130 2-Channel Stereo Receiver

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Home Stereo, Meet Sony

Expect high performance and versatility from the Sony STR-DH130 stereo receiver. Because of the high efficiency of its design, this receiver reproduces excellent sound quality and clarity in every detail. Connect your TV, DVD player, gaming system and more to experience the complete entertainment package. Enjoy music from you smartphone and portable devices for a truly connected experience.

Product Information


  • Enhance your home theater products with five audio inputs
  • Connect to your smartphone and portable music players
  • Save energy with automatic standby mode
  • 2-channel 270-watt amp for true high-fidelity performance
  • AM/FM tuning for easy live radio listening
  • Dimensions: 16.9” x 5.2” x 10.9”
  • Weight: 14.1 lbs
  • 2-year factory warranty
  • World Wide Stereo’s 60-day guarantee and expert product support

Your Sound System Needs an Upgrade 

Have a few speakers? Ready to convert them into a home stereo system of your very own? You’ll need our Sony STR-DH130 2-Channel Stereo Receiver. It’s perfect a little modular box for connecting your various players into a single integrated sound system, hassle free.  

What Is a Receiver? 

A critical part of any stereo system, a receiver, well, receives signals from your various input devices -- your phonograph and CD player, for example, or your computer via its headphone jack. It runs these signals through its built-in amplifier and sends the output signal to your soundbar or speaker system. Without a receiver, your fancy stereo setup might as well not even exist! 

270 Watts of Sound Clarity 

Enjoy the richness and depth of your sound with the STR-DH130’s included 270-watt amplifier. Compact and efficient, this amp offers excellent sound reproduction -- it’ll make your speakers sound great like only a Sony 2 channel receiver can!  

Connect ... Lots of Things 

Connect a whole array of players to your Sony stereo receiver with five included audio inputs. Your CDs, MP3s, video games, TV shows -- and more -- will thank you! In addition, add a phono preamp and listen to your vinyl collection through this little beauty. 

Give Your Speakers the Hook Up

All of those inputs connect to two outputs (also called channels). Connect a pair of floorstanding speakers -- or bookshelf speakers -- for true, rich, high-fidelity sound.  

Easy Smartphone Streaming 

With its included 3.5 mm minijack, connect directly to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or portable music player. Enjoy streaming your Pandora or Youtube Red feeds to your speakers with the power of this dedicated stereo receiver. Plus, use the minijack to connect your headphones and listen to your favorite audio, even late at night. 

An Energy Saver 

Save energy with its dedicated auto standby. If it isn’t in use or doesn’t detect any inputs for 30 minutes, it automatically goes into standby mode. Good for your pocket and for the environment! 

Integrated AM/FM Radio 

Fan of talk radio? NPR? Like to listen to your games on the radio? Disc jockeys spinning Top 40 hits? With its integrated AM/FM tuner, packaged with 30 presets, it has never been easier to set your favorite channels. It’ll sound like you’re at the game -- or the concert.


Sony STR-DH130 Stereo Receiver Specifications:


Amplifier Features

  • Number of Amp channels: 2 ch

Amplifier Power

  • (8Ohms 1kHz) THD: 0.01
  • 8Ohms 1kHz: 100W + 100W

Audio Features


  • Preset Channel (FM/AM): TTL60 (30/30)



  • Auto Standby: Yes
  • Power Consumption (Power Stand By): 0.3W

Inputs and Outputs

Audio Inputs

  • Analog Audio In: 5
  • Analog Stereo Mini Jack: 1
  • Multi-ch In: Yes (FM and AM)

Audio Outputs

  • Analog Audio Out: 2

Speaker Outputs

  • Front (Bass/Treble): Yes (Bass and treble)
  • Front A (L/R): Yes
  • Front B (L/R): Yes

General Specifications

Weights and Measurements

  • Dimensions (Approx.): 16.9 x 5.2 x 10.9 in (430 x 132.5 x 279mm)

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  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought 2, one for my computer room the other for the TV room. Both work as expected. No problems plenty of power!