Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector Overview

The Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector is a home theater projector designed to provide ultra-high definition video from very close to your external projection surface. This digital projector projects images from 22-in to 80-in thanks to its Ultra Short Throw lens. It's compact enough to mount just about anywhere – place it by the wall or on the floor or a table. The body of the LSPX-P1 is only 3.14-in square, making it a small yet powerful home theater projector. Built for portability, it features an integrated battery and speakers for use outside of your home. The battery lasts up to two hours on a single charge, and you can save power with the Bluetooth Low Energy feature. This powerful HD projector can also connect to your smartphone to show the time, weather, photos, videos and other content on the wall or surface. You can connect the LSPX-P1 to HDMI compatible devices such as DVD or Blu-Ray players or your home PC.

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LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector
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Product Information

Product highlights

  • 100 lumens of light output
  • SXRD panel delivers a 4,000:1 contrast ratio and 720p resolution for great picture quality
  • Connect to a wide range of devices with the bundled HDMI unit
  • Bluetooth Low Energy turns the projector on when your smartphone is nearby and off when it isn't 
  • Two 0.98" bass reflex speakers for room-filling sound
  • Dedicated Sony app for mobile devices lets you control the HD projector images and settings 
  • Featuring a built-in battery for portable use with up to 2 hours per charge
  • xLOUD technology for clear audio performance even at high volume levels
  • Ultra Short Throw lens projects images from 22" to 80" for uninterrupted viewing with no shadows
  • Product Dimensions:  3.25" W x 5.25" H x 5.25" D
  • Product Weight: 2.05 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year - World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell
  • World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support




  • Display system: SXRD three primary colors LCD shutter projection system
  • Accepted digital signals: 480p, 720p, 1080p
  • Diagonal projection image size: 22° to 80°
  • Light source: Laser diode
  • Display resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Display technology: 0.37 SXRD x1

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): Approximately 3 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 5 1/4"
  • Speaker unit size: Approximately 0.98" diameter
  • Weight: Approximately 2 lb. 1 oz.


  • Wireless HDMI compatibility: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4GHz band, 5GHz band), MIMO compatible
  • Built-in storage: Approximately 4GB
  • Picture modes: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP


  • Projection lens zoom/focus: Motor-driven (auto-focus)


  • Outputs: HDMI In connector, HDMI Out connector (passthrough), IR BLASTER connector (Mini-jack)

Operating Conditions

  • Operating temperature/humidity: Temperature: 41° to 95°F (5°C to 35°C), Humidity: 20% to 80%


  • Power requirement: DC 19.5V (AC adapter VGP-AC19V77)
  • Available operating time: Approximately 2 hours
  • Battery: Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Power consumption (in standby): Approximately 6W, approximately 20W (charging)
  • Power consumption (in operation): Approximately 18W, approximately 32W (charging)
  • Charging time: Approximately 4 hours


  • Speaker system: 2 (monoaural) bass reflex system


  • Light output: 100 Lm

What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector
  • AC adapter VGP-AC19V77
  • Power cord (2)
  • IR blaster
  • Startup guide
  • Reference guide
  • Warranty



Customer Reviews for Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Works nicely with Chromecast
Works seamlessly with Chromecast and love that I can display pretty much anything from my phone. The software could get some improvements but the picture quality is good and overall happy with the purchase.
July 22, 2017
Originally posted at
Great potential! missing iOS/macOS compatibility
I moved to a new apartment last month and decided to buy Sony LSPX-P1 ultra short throw projector instead of a large screen TV having in mind its flexibility and portability.

Overall it is a great product !!!
However it has with some important limitations that you should be aware of:

1/ luminosity of 100 lumens (don't expect to use it during a bright day) which limit the time and place of usage, but it is perfect for a night show.

2/ no compatibility with iOS and macOS which is incredible for a product advertising on wireless feature.
@Sony, when will you release the app update?

3/ battery of 2 hours which is enough for a standard movie but still a bit short (4 hours would have been a better range).

Hopefully the next version will solve "partially" those issues, so I could finally recommand this great product.
July 20, 2017
Originally posted at
Great potential! missing iOS compatibility
Overall it is a great product !!!
However it has with some important limitations that you should be aware of:

1/ luminosity of 100 lumens (don't expect to use it during a bright day) which limit the time and place of usage, but it is perfect for a night show.

2/ no compatibility with iOS and macOS which is incredible for a product advertising on wireless feature.
@Sony, when will you release the app update?

3/ battery of 2 hours which is enough for a standard movie but still a bit short (4 hours would have been a better range).

Hopefully the next version will solve "partially" those issues, so I could finally recommend this great product.
July 20, 2017
Originally posted at
Versatile device with a lot to love!
This thing is our absolute favorite ever since we got it! We watch movies, TV shows, play games (by hooking up PlayStation) anywhere around the house. When its not in *active* use, it is displaying family collage frames or displaying art from 500px in our living room or in home office (for friends and guests).

The picture quality is impressive and extra controls (Picture Settings in the app) are great. Project it on table or wall and you'll be pleasantly surprised as far as the room/place is not too bright.

My favorites:
1) Picture quality
Preset picture setting is pretty good but if you like you can adjust to brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and white balance using Picture Settings in the app.
2) Screen Mirroring (Miracast)
One of the best implementations I have seen so far (smooth without a lag or interruption). This is android only, for IPhone you can use an lightening to HDMI adapter with wireless transmitter.
3) Wireless Transmitter
Makes this projector universal as it allows you to connect any of the devices you already have with it using HDMI project the content even in a different room! I have tried TV box, PS4, sound bar (passthrough) and IPhone.
4) Usability
Movies, Games, Slideshow, Art Display, Screen Mirror in the tightest spaces or table tops!

My main gripe is that the projector unit does not have any interface to external audio device (headphones/speakers). I wish and hope Sony enables bluetooth audio with firmware/software update as projector already has bluetooth capability. This would enable
private listening or use of bigger speakers for movie nights in the backyard. Please do this Sony.

Other than that, we all love this device and do hope Sony continues to push short throw technology forward.
September 26, 2017
Originally posted at
Freedom To Share Memories Anywhere!
This is a very impressive portable projector. Right out the gate when opening up the box there is not much to the setup, a few power cords, connecting a HDMI device (optional) and downloading an app. If you have videos, pictures, or movies already installed on your smartphone you are good go! Just power the projector up, download the app, connect and get to watching movies or sharing memories. This device may only have 100 lumens, but when using this in darker setting it works great. The built in battery allowed me freedom to use a projector in settings that I would have normally had to run an extension cord across the room.
• Super easy setup
• Contemporary look to blend into any room
• Built in quality speakers
• Battery works great and allows for freedom away from power supplies
• App is very user friendly and shows battery life right on home page
• Works well with any HDMI capable device
• Big price tag
• Projector must be controlled by app
• Doesn’t have VGA or DVI computer inputs (Only HDMI)
• Low lumen count doesn’t allow for good viewing in well-lit rooms
Overall, I am very impressed with this Sony short throw projector and although this wouldn’t be recommended for someone who doesn’t have a ton of money to spend, but for the people looking for portability, versatility and freedom to display your memories/presentations anywhere, this is a solid choice! I can see this coming in handy during family camping trips, business meetings and company trainings. I also think it would be really cool to use at weddings to display memories. Sony did a solid job putting this one together.
August 30, 2017
Originally posted at
Nice product, next version might be better
The Sony LSPX-P1 is the latest ultra short throw projector that's specifically marketed towards consumers vs business. Packaging and setup was extremely straightforward. Setup was completed using an Android app and took all of 10 minutes.
I was really impressed by the image size the projector was capable of producing as well as the ability to automatically produce a rectangular image. Resolution looked impressive despite not being 1080p. The projector is great for streaming from a phone via mirroring and its portability really allowed me to actually put it to use vs just sitting in the closet. Honestly, however, this projector should never sit in the closet. When not in active use, I found its clock projection and fake windows very functional.
This projector has quite a few negatives, however. The biggest simply being there is not enough light output. Images appear washed out if there is more than just a little ambient light. Use is a dark room is impressive, however. The wireless HDMI unit is a great addition, however, I think it might be helpful to include a single HDMI on the actual projector. Also, I found switching from window mode to an HDMI source to be painfully slow and often I would have to unplug and plug back in my HDMI input for it to register. The projector is a bit expensive for what you get, although in line with the cost of other brands.
In summary, I believe this to be a fun toy for kids and adults with some drawbacks that might make me want to wait until the next model is released.
September 13, 2017
Originally posted at
Innovative and fun
Sony's portable ultra short throw projector is brilliant. The packaging was flawless and easy to manage. The size of the unit itself is surprisingly small which led me to think the output couldn't possibly be as beautiful as it is. Setup was fairly easy and straight forward.
Some surfaces don't work very well for projecting onto like high gloss tables and other polished surfaces but that is pretty much a no brainer.
I set the projector up in my theater room where my full size Sony Projector is located. (The wall is painted as a silver screen) Even with ambient light coming in the tiny short throw projector did an amazing job for its size.
The fact that the unit has a battery power option still blows me away. Nothing else on the market comes close in this class of portable projectors. I definitely recommend it!
September 14, 2017
Originally posted at
Beautiful Projector
This small and well made Sony Projector is a must. This unit comes to reality as you can view pics and videos in FULL HD connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth or HDMI connection device such as a Chromecast. You can go up to 80 inches of pure satisfaction :) Below is a small example pic from my smartphone to the device itself. All you need is a nice White background wall or a White screen projector to view as it's finest.
July 23, 2018
1 month ago
Hand Held Projector With Impressive Versatility!
I was skeptical when I first heard of Sony's Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, after all, its sibling was about a hundred times more expensive and debuted more as a technological proof-of-concept rather than anything the average user would ever consider getting. Therefore, how much of this technology could Sony distill down into something that was not only more affordable, but also the size of a sandwich, and do this all while boasting a rechargeable battery source, built in speaker, and the capability of Wi-fi streaming even with a HDMI device?

Well, seeing is believing! Despite the critics who state that this device only is 100 lumens bright and 720p resolution, this device can stand alone on battery-power and because of its energy efficiency actually project through an entire movie! Further, in a Wi-Fi equipped setting, the media hub allows an HDMI device such as my Xbox seamlessly stream directly to the projector.

Because of its ultra-short throw distance, even a foot of distance can translate into multiple feet of screen size when projected upright. Sure, its contrast isn't the best and you will need a dark room and light surface to view images at full color range, however for its ability to be so compact, portable, and wire-free it fits a niche of novelty electronic that you really never thought you needed, but once you've tried it, wondered how you made do without.

I foresee bedroom wall gaming, backyard movie nights, travel entertainment, and maybe even a portable office presentation. I wouldn't say that this device replaces a dedicated projector or television, but if you're looking for a battery-operated projector that performs well and is ultra compact and ultra versatile, the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector is the one to beat!
September 15, 2017
Originally posted at
Form, Function, on.
First, the boxing of the device was great. I have always had great respect for box designers...clean, simple and everything out quickly. Setting up the projector was extremely simple and casting from both Windows and Android devices was easy and quick. I have encountered some issues trying to cast at times from devices but think it is more related to an OS issue as it seems to not connect due to device and not the projector.

The image quality is great! It almost does not seem like a 720p image (and Windows recognizes it as 1080p when connected directly). Very crisp, bright and smooth images are always displayed. I have encountered a small amount of keystone and focus issue on the area furthest from the projector (top of image when using on a wall, bottom of image when using on table top) but some tinkering with the focus and keystone does the trick. The sound quality from the speakers is pretty good given the size of the device (no, I was not expecting HT quality and am pleasantly impressed by the output) and have used it now for movies, having a fourth display for my computer onto the wall, and also for web conferences without a glitch. Someone from my office heard about me having it and wanted a quick demo...I am officially buying one for my office group. And on top of that, to be able to unplug it and have it fully portable with its built-in battery?! Yes please!

If you're looking for a projector you can take anywhere you want, look great wherever you place it, and do just about anything you can throw at it, this is the one for you.

As I work with this more, I will add to this review and provide further info as well as pictures.
September 13, 2017
Originally posted at


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Can the projector be connected to external speakers, such as a bose mini 2?
A shopper on Jul 16, 2018
  The LSPX-P1 projector isn't designed to output audio. A better solution would be to connect audio from your source device to an audio component dirctly, and only send HDMI video to the projector.