Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar

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Product Information

Discover the next level of immersion

Take your entertainment to a new realm of audio immersion. The HT-A5000 Soundbar envelops you in 5.1.2ch surround sound. Be immersed in the scene with action happening above and all around you.


  • Fully enjoy the thrill of Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X® with Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround
  • Sound Field Optimization calibrates to your environment for easy setup
  • Vivid visuals and responsive gameplay with 8K and 4K/120 passthrough
  • Immerse yourself in supreme music quality with Hi-Res Audio and 360 Reality Audio
  • Customize your setup with two subwoofer choices and an optional rear speaker set
  • Pairs with BRAVIA XR TVs for easy access to soundbar controls and Acoustic Center Sync
  • Premium omnidirectional block design and wireless tv connection
  • Stream your way with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Integrates with your connected devices with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Immersive surround sound from Sony's premium soundbar

The HT-A5000 has 5.1.2 channels and X-Balanced speaker units minimize distortion while the up-firing speakers and beam tweeters fill the room to give an ultra-immersive listening experience. Built-in subwoofers provide an additional boost to low-end frequencies. Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro Front Surround creates immersive sound from all around, while Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X ® lend a more realistic, multi-dimensional sound to your content.

Sophisticated speaker technology

Sit back and enjoy room-filling acoustics with two up-firing speakers for overhead sound, two beam tweeters, and five front speakers for wider surround plus a subwoofer for deep bass.

Get fuller, richer sound with optional equipment

Two subwoofer choices (SA-SW3 and SA-SW5) and a set of rear speakers (SA-RS3S) are optional equipment designed to help you enhance the immersion of your content. The wireless subwoofer and rear speaker accessories take out any guesswork of connecting, as they automatically pair to the HT-A5000 once they are powered on.

Perfect with Sony TVs

Paired with BRAVIA™ TVs, the HT-A5000 brings you an immersive audio-visual experience with the best picture and sound quality.

Effortless control with BRAVIA XR TVs

With an integrated UI, soundbar settings automatically appear on the BRAVIA Quick Setting menu for easy control of sound modes, sound field, and volume.

Soundbar position

If you have a BRAVIA TV with a multi-position stand, you can change the position of the TV stand and fit the HT-A5000 discreetly beneath the TV for a clean look.

Omnidirectional Block Design

The HT-A5000 and optional speakers have been designed under a common Omnidirectional Block concept. The design of HT-A5000 is a perfect match for the optional speakers. Its sophisticated rounded edges represent a single solid block providing wide-spreading sound. The combination of rich material textures emphasizes an affinity with any living room environment.



  • Size & Weight
    • Main Unit Size - Body Only (W x H x D): 47-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 5-5/8"
    • Main Unit Weight - Body Only: 13.8 lbs
  • Amplifier
    • Amplifier Type: Digital Amplifier, S-Master HX
    • Amplifier Channels: 9ch
    • Power Output (Total): 450W
  • Subwoofer
    • Subwoofer Type: Built-in
  • Interface
    • Input and Output Terminals: Optical-audio input, USB typeA, File System:exFAT/FAT12/16/32, vFAT
    • IEEE802.11 version: a/b/g/n/ac
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • Bluetooth version: Version 5.0
    • HDCP2.2: Yes
  • HDMI
    • Number of Input/Output: 1/1 (eARC/ARC)
    • eARC: Yes
    • 4K/60p/YUV4:4:4: Yes
    • HDR: Yes
    • Dolby Vision™ Compatible: Yes
    • HLG (hybrid log gamma): Yes
    • BRAVIA Sync: Yes
    • HDMI CEC: Yes
  • Audio Formats
    • HDMI Input: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Dual mono, DTS, DTS HD High Resolution Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS ES, DTS 96/24, DTS:X, LPCM
    • HDMI eARC: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Dual mono, DTS, DTS HD High Resolution Audio, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS ES, DTS 96/24, DTS:X, LPCM
    • Optical Input: Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual mono, DTS, LPCM 2ch
    • USB: DSD (.dsf / .dff ), Wav, Flac, ALAC (.m4a, .mov), AIFF (.aiff, .aif), HE AAC, AAC, mp3, Monkey Audio, WMA, Ogg Vorbis
    • Bluetooth (Receiver): AAC, SBC, LDAC
    • Bluetooth (Transmitter): SBC, LDAC
  • Sound Function
    • Sound Mode: Standard, Sound Field
    • Sound Effect: Night Mode, Voice Mode
    • Virtual Surround Technology: S-Force PRO, Vertical Surround Engine, Dolby Speaker Virtual, Dolby Surround, Neural:X
  • Speaker Layout
    • Speaker Structure: (Built-in Subwoofer)
  • Network Function: Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Music Service Button, Works with Google Assistant, AirPlay2
  • Wireless Features
    • Wireless Surround (with optional wireless speakers): Yes
    • TV Wireless connection: Yes
  • Details
    • Power Consumption: 86W
    • Power Consumption (on quickstart mode): Less than 0.5W
    • Power Consumption (on remote start mode): Less than 3W

What's in the Box

What's in the Box

  • HT-A5000 Soundbar
  • Remote Commander
  • HDMI Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • AC Cord


Customer Reviews for Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar

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24 Reviews
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Rated 5 out of 5
Outstanding sounds
Last month purchased and very happy I got this soundbar.
November 20, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Great job Sony, but only with optional accessories
Thank you Sony for providing new A5000 soundbar for review.
I have reviewed several soundbar models in the past and i can clearly say that technology has improved significantly.

You can actually hear 360 reality audio sound effect and bass is pretty convincing.
I would say for a small room or limited space it might be enough.

But if you have a larger rooms and looking for a proper Dolby Atmos set-up optional accessories are a must! Sorry Sony, but you still can't replace actual separate subwoofer and rear speakers...

I had to buy a new Sony SW5 optional subwoofer and RS5 rear atmos speakers to give appropriate feedback this system deserve!

For actual sounbdar i give 4 stars for a great effort, but only with optional subwofer and rear speakers it's a definitely 5 stars!

I would recommend to buy additional accessories for a really incredible bass, more clear dialog separation, top sound quality, especiallty for a punchy low bass and to enhance 360 reality sound with rear atmos speakers.

Sony should include subwoofer with this soundbar and offer optional upgrade for rear speakers. Yes, I know its significantly more expensive, but oh boy - it's definitely worth it!

Main benefits of a A5000 soundbar alone:

360 Spatial sound mapping
Integrated Bass
Dolby Atmos (upfiring speakers)
High Resolution Audio
120Hz pass through
Slim compact design

I hope my review will help you with your optional choice.
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November 6, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
The foundation to a high end home cinema
Straight out the box, with any Sony product you can already tell the quality of the technology just from looking at it. It has a premium feel with some weight behind it, as this is more catered to 75” TV’s and higher in my opinion. In the box, Sony provides all the necessary cables and included wall mounts if you prefer to mount it. Overall paired with my 75” TV, the length is just as long which gives it a nice aesthetic look. Overall, I was really impressed with the sound ranges, the 360 spatial feature works well with Dolby atmos. Although, there were a few moments that left me to be desired in terms of reaching other parts of the room. The top firing speakers do help with that aspect. In conclusion, the soundbar on its own is perfect, if you’ve just invested in an expensive TV. Whether you are looking to add a subwoofer is up to you and do remember there is the HT-A7000 above this, if you are looking for the best in a soundbar.
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November 3, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 2 out of 5
Sony HT-A5000
Sony HT-A5000 packaged in Sony’s normal excellent quality materials and feels sturdy and a good build with everything in the box to get you started.
I was connected in a very short time and placed the soundbar along the front of my cabinet equidistant to my TV, wall brackets are provided which I though was excellent if needed or store for the future.
I connected via a optical lead, all other leads and connections are provided along with remote although once set up worked seamlessly with sky remote which is so convenient.
This soundbar comes with Sound Field Optimization, which adjusts to your room automatically, to optimise the sound this giving a great depth to the bass and good top notes in the treble.
It supports a host of streaming services and also supports Dolby Atmos content, calibration was easy automatic and quick we were up and running in no time at all and absolutely loved this feature.
I was blown away with the sound especially 360 spatial audio which is available on streaming services, the speakers are front and upward facing giving a better listening experience.
Synch took a while to get the right setting but when set up it was fine and the sound bar I felt was at its best with a movie.
Apple airplay is my preferred streaming method and works superbly. I was enjoying music, and a better TV sound experience, or if needed bluetooth connection is available.
Another quality from Sony with great sound giving me a superb listening experience from multiple sources.
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November 2, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
The Sony HT-A5000 5.1.2ch Sound bar
Just took delivery of my new Sony HT-A5000 Sound bar to which will replace my now aging Sony CT800 Sound bar and Sub set up which have served its purpose over the last couple of years. From taking it out from its packaging the first thing that strikes you is the solid build quality of these models as you grasp it you could think even if you dropped it nothing would happen to it ‘but please don’t try that lol’ I placed it onto my low profile Display unit just in front of my Sony 55xe9305 Tv and as it happens it is more or less the same the width as the tv, it looks great and what I really liked about it was the tough textured finish on the HT-A5000 and not high gloss black as found on so many appliances in the past so this is what I prefer.
In the box you get the speaker, a remote, Hdmi cable, a Center speaker cable for the new and upto date Sony tv’s so I could not get the benefit from using this with my aging xe9305, brackets for hanging the speaker on the wall. The paper work start up guide and a free trial of the 360 reality audio which takes you to the likes of Spotify, Amazon music etc. with a 4 month on each of the apps so you can listen to tracks and albums which are compatible with the 360 audio profile.
Attach all the cables the fire it up. From the start it searches for any additional wireless speakers and sub if you are to buy them to go for a full surround set up. Then takes you through the process of connecting to your home network, updating the system and linking and music account you have like Spotify etc. I had a little play around with connecting it to my Amazon Music and trying a few tracks to which was ok then a bit of Tv and demo’s on some of my channels on you tube just to get a feel of it and thought it was nice enough.
There is a Sound Field Optimisation mode on the HT-A5000 like found on high end amps which automatically optimises your rooms unique acoustics which is great to see now available on these systems finally. Used this on my Onkyo-Dali 7.1 system in the past where you place a microphone in the room then let it do its work by optimising each individual speaker around the room by balancing them so when you walk through the room what ever size it’s just filled with beautiful sound ‘It is great really’ so it’s nice to have it onboard here on their sound bars.
I mentioned earlier that I had a Sony CT800 sound bar and individual sub woofer package so though I would try and get it to connect it to the HT-A5000 because the sub is wireless but no such joy with trying that. It just will not find it to connect too which is gutting really because now if I wanted to get a dedicated sub for the system it’s gonna cost me another £450 for the sub to connect with the speaker system which is compatible with it which these sound bars really do need to be perfectly honest because even though the HT-A5000 has two build in sub speakers either side of the Center speaker my older CT800 with a separate dedicated sub sat behind give a more dynamic bass which filled the room so if you really want to get the best out of these system is to have the sub and satellite speakers to get the full benefit from the set up. This is my opinion on this as we are all different aren’t we so pick your poison by there.
I hope Sony will listen to its customers and add some much needed features in the menu to where you got more control over how you would like to have you own unique sound profile like an EQ mode for one considering the premium on these systems. It does a good all round job though when listening to what ever you’re watching on it or some music you fancy does a fine enough job.
The dialogue is very clear I must say even with my hearing trust me I have tinnitus in both ears so it did impress me for that reason alone (good job Sony big thumbs up) overall really happy with it so far.
One other thing to consider is there is only one HDMI input port for connecting things like PS5 or Tv box like Apple TV or something like that but at least it comes future proof with a 2.1 HDMI that is upto 8K 30, 4K 120, 4K 60 so no worries there in that area.
All in all the overall sound will please most People buying this system for overall multi use being movies, music and Tv but hardcore users with defo need the sub separate and satellite speakers to really get the most out of this sound bar and would defo recommend these to people who really want quality in their room. Its simple menu system is easy for anyone to pick up and great build quality on anything Sony builds so you know you are fine by there. My whole house is full of Sony gear from games machines to radio alarm clock, Sony quality lasts for years to come.
It does the job for me so I hope Sony will out us some important updates in future to the system regarding more control to the user and at this price point they should.
Will update more info in near future about this product till then take care.
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November 1, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 4 out of 5
Sony 360 sounbar
Received my soundbar from the courier, first thought’s were it is quite heavy. I was looking forward to see it out of the box. Once unpacked it is quite impressive, it feels sturdy and well made, I suspect it is made with quality materials which accounts for the weight.
It took some time to get it set up to my TV and once set up all was fine. It runs through set up program to get the correct setting for the room, this can be rerun if you change the room furniture around as this would change the sound quality.
I then paired my ipod to it which was very easy to do.
The sound quality from the TV is enhanced so makes TV programs much more watchable especially films.
Music via wifi is very good, I am impressed.
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November 1, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Unbelievably good
This sound bar is amazing. The sound is so realistic, the bass is powerful without being too overbearing in our room. The balance between speech and music/effects is great too, you can hear everything clearly unlike other speaker products I have used in the past.

I don’t know how we ever listened to the sound just through the TV speakers before we got this!

Warning though : The Walking Dead and American Horror Story might keep you awake all night with how realistic the surround sound effect is.
This review was collected as part of a promotion
October 30, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
Immersive sound from an amazing soundbar.
The sound bar is on the larger side at just over 1.2m but it is a very sleek design with the build quality being second to none. It is supplied with wall brackets and fixings but considering the size of the soundbar, it only involves 2 screws to a wall and 2 screws to fix the sound bar to the brackets.
The soundbar is very easy to set up, with a walk through guide supplied. There are only 2 cables from the bottom of the soundbar to the TV and power supply, making the cables easy to hide if required.
Once set up, the sound quality will literally blow you away! The 360 spacial sound mapping works superbly well. I have started to watch films again that I have seen many times before but I'm just starting to hear sounds that I haven't heard in films before. The soundbar really does give clarity and voice emphasis like I have never heard before, apart from in a cinema. The bass within the soundbar is second to none and there is no distortion, even when the volume is cranked right up (and it does go very loud!). Two excellent features, are an emphasis on voice mode and a night mode. This means even at a low volume, the clarity is excellent and it won't disturb anyone who is trying to sleep in another room. This has really improved my personal viewing experience, as I do tend to watch a lot of late night movies.
The sound bar has also led to a vastly improved experience for watching sports and gaming. The surround sound experience vastly improved first person gaming and watching football made me feel like I was in the stadium, without actually being there.
I have also spent a lot of time just listening to music through the soundbar, effectively using the soundbar as speaker. I have streamed music seamlessly from various streaming platforms via Bluetooth, Airplay and Chromecast and the audio quality the soundbar provides, just makes me want to listen to music, even more than I already do.
Overall, I couldn't anticipate not watching films, or T.V. without the benefit of the soundbar again. When you add the experience of using the soundbar for music and gaming as well, it's really very highly recommended.
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October 30, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
HT-A5000 Sound Bar- a fantastic performer
What’s in the box?

As soon as you open the box, It is easy to see that the HT-A5000 is a very high quality, premium product from Sony. From first inspection it’s design is impressive with everything in the one unit and no massive black box (subwoofer) to place in a room somewhere. I thought this could be detrimental to the overall performance but this is definitely not the case as I will describe later.

The instructions were easy to follow and everything needed to install and set up the Sound Bar are included, including a high quality HDMI cable. The remote control is to the normal high Sony standard.

The unit was unpacked and installed in under 15 minutes using the “Startup Guide”. The included wall mounting template made the wall fitting really easy.

Initial impressions

The HT-A5000 also looks very impressive when installed, and when you first power up, the typical Sony display lights up and tells you exactly what mode you are currently listening to.

The HT-A5000 is connected to my Sony 65X9 Television which itself has a very high quality sound capability with its own built in Dts and Dolby vision Atmos system.

However, that said, as soon as you turn on the TV with the Sound Bar attached, the quality of the HT-A5000 is immediately apparent. It outperforms both the TV sound which is not really unexpected, but it also significantly outperforms my 2 year old Sony Sound Bar with a separate stand alone black box “woofer”

It delivers exceptional performance at all sound levels and the clarity, separation and bass (from the built in subwoofers) is really impressive. To really experience its capabilities, the HT-A5000 comes with 2 built in demonstration modes. Pressing either the Dolby Atmos or the 360 Reality Audio demonstration buttons sends the HT-A5000 into a different level delivering all the best performance out of the unit and delivering quite astounding wrap around crystal clear sound. The brochure is not exaggerating when it says “Powerful speakers work together to deliver clear, wide-ranging sound throughout your room. Two up-firing speakers for overhead sound, two beam tweeters and three front speakers for surround and a subwoofer for rumbling bass”. It does!

The Bluetooth connectivity works well and connecting the HT-A5000 to an iPhone was easy and effortless. The sound quality from either my audio streaming service or my own music collection give very impressive results. But, press the Music sound field and the result is a significantly change to the output of sound-bar giving you a fully immersive concert like delivery, but then play a 360 reality recorded track and it’s a different level again. Your room is filled with superb highest possible quality audio I have ever experienced. A really impressive feature for music lovers.

So far so good, the Sound Bar performance from the TV is extremely impressive, but then I played my favourite Dolby Atmos UHD BlueRay (Mission Impossible Fallout) from my Sony UHD BlueRay player connected directly via the second HDMI connector. Again the HT-A5000 just came to life. Suddenly you are totally immersed in the most impressive wrap around sound giving a real cinema like experience.

In conclusion

The HT-A5000 is a great Dolby Atmos Sound Bar from Sony which I would fully recommend.

My personal highlights include premium build quality, easy connectivity, amazing performance especially 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos delivery. But everything that the HT-A5000 does, It does extremely well.
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October 30, 2022
Originally posted at
Rated 5 out of 5
A superb Sony Soundbar Gem.
The Sony HT- A5000 360 Spatial Sound Mapping Dolby Atmos/ DTS: 5.1.2ch Soundbar is brilliant. I reviewed a Soundbar for Sony previously this model is a 100% better. When I retrieved it from its box you could tell straight away that is was very good quality and very well put together. It was very straightforward to connect and simple to operate with the remote provided. We have placed it in front of our TV, it is fairly long but fits perfectly in the space we have. It is provided with hinges to fit it on the wall if required. The speakers are front and upward facing which gives a real immersive sound. This Soundbar is a huge upgrade to the Sony Blueray player we were using for our television sound.
This review was collected as part of a promotion
October 29, 2022
Originally posted at


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