Seura 84" Class Storm Ultra Bright 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV

Product Information

Seura Storm Ultra Bright 4K Outdoor TV Highlights:

  • LuminOptics technology combines dual anti-reflective coatings with 600-nit screen brightness
  • 4K UHD picture resolution (65” and 84" TV sizes*)
  • 3.7” thin profile, seamless glass face, beveled edge,aluminum mitered frame, and tapered profile for true design elegance
  • Weatherproof triple-lock seal protects against dust, moisture, ice, and insects
  • Withstands temperature fluctuations from -30F to 140F
  • Séura Waterproof Remote Control is included


Seura Storm Ultra Bright 4K Outdoor TV Features:

Luminoptics Technology

  • Dazzling 600-nit brightness and sophisticated, dual-layer, anti-relective glass screen coatings combine to provide your family and guests wow-inducing clarity even in direct sunlight.

Blackout Prevention

  • Consistently reliable performance in any weather condition is assured with Séura's special UV screen coating that stops harmful radiation from overheating your TV and even causing isotropic blackout.