Samsung MX-HS7000 Bluetooth Giga Sound System (Black)

Model: MXHS7000 UPC: 887276029788 Item: 161631

Samsung's Bluetooth Giga Sound System is Just What the Doctor Ordered 

The party is in your living room thanks to the amazing sights and sounds generated by Samsung’s MX-HS7000 Bluetooth Giga Sound System. With its modern conveniences, this high end home theater system will enhance your in-house listening experience to the point that you might have to collect a cover charge.

Product Information


  • Experience the party like never before thanks to 2,300 watt-Giga Sound and 12-inch subwoofers
  • Listen to audio in amazing clarity with Crystal Amp Plus technology
  • Play DJ at your own party with the DJ Beat Effect 
  • Enhance the club feel with Beat Lighting Effect
  • Connect wirelessly to a Samsung TV with TV SoundConnect
  • Stream your music and videos through almost any device with Bluetooth technology
  • Dimensions: 17.7 inches by 8.7 inches by 12 inches
  • Weight: Home Theater System – 13.2 pounds; Speakers (27.5 pounds each)
  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase date for parts and labor
  • Included: World Wide Stereo 60-day guarantee and expert product support

What's Giga Sound? 

Simply put, the MX-HS7000 is a full home theater system right out of the box. At 2,300 watts, the Giga Sound Power feature of this unit will rattle your eardrums. Inside the Giga Sound System, you’ll find 12-inch subwoofers. The music will be pounding, but it’s not all about volume with the Samsung MX-HS 7000.

The Giga Sound System employs Crystal Amp Plus technology, which eliminates distortion and unnecessary noise. It’s designed to bring out the best possible sound quality so your home will not only sound like a concert, but you’ll enjoy the kind of clarity the artist intended in the studio.  

DJ Beat Effects

Another astonishing feature of the Samsung MX-HS7000 is the DJ Beat Effect. With Dual Jog Dials, you can control the music perfectly. Your house party will have something close to a professional DJ and the best part is that person will be you!

Light the Beat In Your Living Room

So, you’ve got the music covered, but this product also treats your other senses, namely the eyes. The Beat Lighting Effect offers 25 different light patterns that pulse and beat to the music. You can control the lights to synchronize the scene to the song and enhance the party atmosphere. The LED Flash Speakers glow your speaker as the music blares. It’s another funky feature that should make your party even more memorable.  

Samsung's Soccer Mode

Another cool aspect of the Samsung MX-HS7000 is the Soccer Mode feature. This characteristic allows you to upgrade the sound of the crowd cheering in Stadium mode, or hone in on the analysis with the Announcer option.

TV SoundConnect and Bluetooth Compatibility 

You can wirelessly connect your Samsung MX-HS7000 to a Samsung TV with TV SoundConnect. You’ll immediately be able to start streaming with amazing clarity. The Bluetooth functionality of the Samsung MX-HS7000 allows you to easily connect your smartphones, home computer, or tablets. You can turn on the Giga Sound System with the Bluetooth Power On option. All you’ll have to do is select the sound system for pairing, and you can start streaming your tunes in thunderous sound.

This unit also allows you to connect to your personal music and video files through a USB port. Plug the USB cord into the Samsung MX-HS7000 and your device so you can relive some of your favorite memories on television with your own soundtrack.