Polk Audio RTiA7 High Performance Floorstanding Loudspeaker - Each

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Elevated Audio

The RTiA7 truly stands out. With two 7” bass drivers, a 6.5” midrange driver, and a 1” dome tweeter, this impressive floorstanding loudspeaker mixes stunning performance and classic beauty to rise above the competition.


  • Classic Polk Audio sound quality in a floorstanding speaker
  • Custom butyl rubber surrounds and anti-diffraction grilles produce a life-time of reliable sound
  • Polished hardwood veneer cabinet finishes with black or cherry trims

Dynamic Balance

Proprietary Polk Audio technology eliminates distortion-causing driver and system resonances, so all you hear is high-quality sound.

PowerPort Plus

Patented bass venting design smoothly transitions air flow, eliminating turbulence and distortion, for deeper, more efficient bass impact.

Cascade Tapered Crossover

Innovative crossover eliminates comb filtering and beaming for higher quality audio and a more expansive soundstage.

Klippel Motor Optimization

Laser measurement technology ensures a smooth excursion path at both ends of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at all volumes.


Compatible with the entire Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless blending from speaker to speaker in multi-channel systems.


Patented Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) technology suppresses distortion-causing cabinet resonance to ensure clear and natural sound.



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.875" x 42.25" x 17.875"
  • Weight: 55 lbs.
  • Mid-high array driver complement: (1) 6.5" diameter midrange
  • Subwoofer array driver enclosure type: PowerPort Plus bass venting
  • Subwoofer array driver complement: (2) 7" diameter subwoofer
  • Front array driver complement: (1) 1" diameter tweeter
  • Total frequency response: 20Hz - 27kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 89dB
  • Lower and upper -3dB limits: 35Hz - 26kHz
  • Midbass/woofer crossover frequency: 125Hz
  • Tweeter/midrange crossover frequency: 2.7Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power per channel: 20 watts - 300 watts


What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • RTiA7 High Performance Floorstanding Loudspeaker



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Great sound, great price!
I have had these speakers for a few years now in a home theater set up. They sound great for the price point and I would put these up against any $400 tower on the market.
November 15, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Great speaker
I've had these speakers about a year now. I also have the Monitor 60. The RTIA7 has amazing sound. The bass is tight and clear,but not overwhelming. I feel they could have a little more presence in the mids,but the tone is fantastic. I think you would also be hard pressed to find a better sounding tweeter. The highs are crisp and give an amazing detail to the music.
August 10, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Amazing onkyo tx rz800 power source
Bought 2 years ago they still amaze me. I have read through the reviews I can assure you if you bi amp and give them power you do not need a powered subwoofer. I unplugged my klipsch $600 subwoofer as the sound quality was far better without. Only complaint is the terminals are internally connected through crossover so you can not remove bass out of mid range driver. This stops the upper limit of the speaker as the mid drivers excursion causes some popping( this is at louder then you can handle in the room levels) so is not really a concern more a limit of the towers. On a side not they were worth the 499 a tower so on sale a no brainers if you are in the market.
July 25, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Just Stellar... The Sound I've Always Wanted!
Back around 2009 - 2011, I put together a budget home theater system consisting of a Yamaha RX-V867, CS20 center, TSi400 towers in front, TSi300 towers as side and rear surrounds, TSi100 for front presence speakers & a couple PSW110 subs. The sound was incredible (particularly for the price paid averaging about 50-80% off the MSRP of all items at the time). Admittedly, this wasn't necessarily the Polk product line that I wanted, but I had just left the workforce to be the unpaid around the clock caretaker for a family member diagnosed with a terminal illness. Fast forward 10 years, the bulk of which was spent out of the workforce to take care of two other family members who had been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and life was suddenly drastically different. Now I could look forward to returning to the workforce and perhaps upgrading the home theater / audio speakers and components.... but in a couple years considering I really wanted the RTiA line or better, and just wasn't in the financial situation to make that jump. Then I awoke on Saturday, May 25 and felt the urge to check out the Polk Audio Direct eBay store & I'm glad I did considering I saw the mind-blowing price offered on that day of RTiA 7's at $227.97 a pop. That changed everything in regard to my upgrading prospective time line. I had been watching the pricing on the RTiA line for a buddy of mine who always wondered how I find such good deals and had been aware that the list prices had come down. Suddenly the pricing was just so good, I couldn't help myself, and I pulled the trigger on 4 RTiA7 towers, for front main channels & rear surrounds, along with a CSiA6 at $189.97. Concurrently, I figured if I was making this jump, I may as well see what kind of deals I could find on receivers and found a new Yamaha RX-V2085 for under $1K and figured what the heck, go big or go home. On June 3, my receiver arrived, with the RTiA7's & CSiA6 arriving a day earlier than anticipated on June 4. For the last 20 days, I have been enjoying this new sound experience for 16-18 hours a day as I decided to push out my return to work date a few weeks to both adjust to this new reality and enjoy this new sound. I was so impressed with this line of speakers, I decided to up my game by adding RTiA3's for front and rear presence considering the pricing and my feeling that new speakers of this quality and pricing aren't stumbled upon very often. I'm really baffled as to why people refer to these speakers as "not very musical". As someone who had for many years prior to the illness related tumult of the last 10 years been an avid concert-goer who would describe music as his life, and be found playing guitars and drums for hours every day... I'm not quite sure how someone can come to the conclusion that they're not very musical. These things SING... and SING and SING again. I wouldn't doubt that someone could adequately critique them by painting the picture that the LSiMs have superior sound - Look at the specs and pricing and sure, easy to believe.. but to say that these aren't musical is a farcical mischaracterization. I recall having a free Saturday afternoon a few years back and visiting a very high end audio boutique (exotic speaker brand pairs ranging from 10k-100k+) a buddy of mine was working at - the owner is highly educated on the physics of sound reproduction and spent decades working for various high end speaker manufacturers throughout North America and Europe and we discussed how some people refer to themselves as "audiophiles" simply to hear themselves talk and pat themselves on the back for harshly critiquing audio equipment when the reality is many don't have a dang clue what they're talking about - sort of how when someone claims that a band of highly skilled musicians sucks though they have no clue about the skill of playing an instrument or understanding the music making process. It's just a sad, uneducated opinion. To be frank, I was initially thinking of holding out for a few years of banking cash so I could afford some Paradigm Prestige that I had listened to at the aforementioned boutique that have a list price of about 10x the RTiA. Upon revisiting said boutique whilst doing errands, I'm glad I pulled the trigger on the RTiA. When the Paradigms caught my ears and eyes a few years back, they concurrently made my TSi's sound hollow upon listening. That just wasn't so with the RTiAs. In fact, for the vast price difference, I'm glad I bought these and didn't toss away 10x the money in a few years. A buddy of mine recently visited and he was so impressed his not very critical critique was that he hadn't heard such good sound since he had listened to his cousin's system of Marantz high end components with Focal speakers that fronts alone were 6k a pop. So, let me tell you, if you want to get an incredible sounding system, and at what are currently rivaling budget pricing models, do not hesitate. Buy the RTiA line. If you're coming from a truly budget line, this will open your ears up to hearing things in your music collection you never knew were on a recording. I've been completely dumbfounded by experiencing the lush soundscape, subtleties in recordings I never knew were there. I just can't gush enough about this line. Music had always been my passion, but one I've not enjoyed for some time - life had just been too crazy to find the time to sit back and listen to music, to really critically listen, anyhow, and time just wasn't there to make music. There had even been times that I wondered if music would still have the same impact it always had on me when things did change and I would be able to refocus my life on myself. Yup. 100 fold with these new RTiA's. I. Just. Can't. Stop. Listening. To be frank, I've enjoyed the highly musical nature of these things so much, in the last 20 days I've abandoned music listening for only a few of my waking hours and that's only been to watch a movie so I can experience them for movie watching, or running errands during which time I missed the music coming from them so much I nearly wanted to cry lol. Don't hesitate. Get some RTiAs. Your ears will thank you.
June 24, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Upgraded From RTi A5's
The RTiA7’s are in my bedroom and I upgraded from the RTiA5. I’m running Anthem gear and they’re Zone 2, so there’s no option to add a sub. The A5’s are great but I wanted more bass extension and certainly did get that, as one would expect going up a model in a line of speakers (same for these if I later went with A9’s. I’m very happy with the move up and I have only about 30 hours on them so far.

So, beyond the bass response, I found the A7’s to have better midrange clarity and the highs are about the same if not a little better/less crisp. They are certainly a more pleasant full range version and a little more detailed being a 3-way and the 6.5” doesn’t have to worry about bass. Their sound is impressive, considering the price. Additional kudo’s to Polk as the styling is first-rate and finish quality makes them quite nice furniture, as others have said. Crazy good looks at this price.

They are a little crisp but not fatiguing and have a wide but a somewhat flat sound field (so far), but at this price point there’s nothing that comes remotely close in appearance and quality bass response. So all in all, I would say if you’re considering either A5 or A7 to go for it as the price difference is not that much. The A5’s are good if you have space constraints or already have a sub, but otherwise the A7’s are truly a full-range speaker and worth the extra money.
June 8, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Exceptional value and a gorgeous full-range speaker. Terrific bass response and good mid-range clarity. Highs are little crisp and they have a wide but not very deep sound field (so far). They need to be broken in more (I've had other Polks in this series). I have them in my Bedroom (Zone 2) and I was more looking for full-range rather than something for "Critical Listening". Powered with an Anthem MCA amp.

I don't see another speaker that looks this good with this kind of bass extension anywhere near this price. Their sound isn't perfect but they are a good all-arounder, so I do recommend them.
June 4, 2019
Wonderful sound
Great sounding speakers sound great with music and movies. Very detailed sound everything is crisp and clear. 105 watt receiver and works excellent with these without bi-amping. Cherry finish looks great also and speakers make a great visual impact also.
March 25, 2019
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Overall Good
Great looking speaker,very well made. Could use a little more bottom end- need to be paired with sub woofer
February 28, 2019
1 year ago
Midrange nightmare
These were supposed to replace my custom AR 130's , in 30 x 30 rec room ,2 channels powered by Anthem 225 . First as stand alone , no comparison at all, the high's wash right through the mids which continually border on obtrusive , the lows are neither inspiring or definitive and walk around fairly easily . Prepare to spend on a decent sub to try and compensate . After adding a Paradigm PS1000 high current sub and adjusting E.Q . and crossover settings , I was able to make it manageable . Thankfully these were not extremely expensive speakers and will be hitting the auction block shortly .
October 25, 2018
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Great !!!!
October 5, 2018
1 year ago


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How do the A7s stack up to the newer S60s?
Jim C on Jan 17, 2019
  RTiA7 is a wonderful sounding speaker. We trust that with each new generation of product the manufacturer incorporates improvements that are the result of their ongoing research and development.
There appears to be a small port just beneath the midrange- can you tell me about it?
Jim C on Jan 17, 2019
  The front facing port you mention is part of the speaker's overall bass making design.