Polk Audio RTiA1 High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeakers With 5.25" Driver - Pair

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Product Information

Beautiful Performance

The RTiA1 looks and sounds simply phenomenal. Ideal for both home theater and music systems, this compact bookshelf speaker combines a 5.25” Dynamic Balance midbass driver with a 1” Dynamic Balance dome tweeter to provide solid performance and elegant styling in a convenient size.


  • Classic Polk Audio sound quality in a compact bookshelf speaker
  • Custom butyl rubber surrounds and anti-diffraction grilles produce a life-time of reliable sound
  • Polished hardwood veneer cabinet finish

Dynamic Balance

Proprietary Polk Audio technology eliminates distortion-causing driver and system resonances, so all you hear is high-quality sound.

PowerPort Plus

Patented bass venting design smoothly transitions air flow, eliminating turbulence and distortion for deeper, more efficient bass impact.

Cascade Tapered Crossover

Innovative crossover eliminates comb filtering and beaming for higher-quality audio and a more expansive sound-stage.


Patented Acoustic Resonance Control technology suppresses distortion-causing cabinet resonance to ensure clear and natural sound.

Klippel Motor Optimization

Laser measurement technology ensures a smooth excursion path at both ends of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at all volumes.


Compatible with the entire Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless blending from speaker to speaker in multi-channel systems.



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.38" x 12" x 11.5"
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Mid-high array driver complement: (1) 5.25" diameter mid/woofer, (1) 1" diameter tweeter
  • Total frequency response: 50Hz - 27kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 89dB
  • Lower and upper -3dB limits: 60Hz - 26kHz
  • Tweeter/midrange crossover frequency: 1.9Hz
  • Recommended amplifier power per channel: 20 watts - 125 watts


What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • RTiA1 High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeakers With 5.25" Driver - Pair


Customer Reviews for Polk Audio RTiA1 High Performance Bookshelf Loudspeakers With 5.25" Driver - Pair

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After lots o research I bought these from Sound Distributors.com and have had them for a few weeks now. At first they were a little tight but as they are breaking in my my my! Great highs and mids and for the bass, it's pretty good for a bookshelf speaker. I have them hooked up to an old Panny SA-HT280 receiver. I don't have a whole lot of adjustibility , but as soon as I get my Denon Avr 4311 I'm sure these babies are going to sing! I plan on using the as my mains and a set for my rears. My space is limited and Im going for small,efficient, and great sounding and great looking. These fill all my needs to a TEE! Highly recommend !
September 18, 2011
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Well mister Matthew Polk, you did it again!!! let me thank you for a wonderful product!.These "smal tanks" are breath taken.
I am in love with these speakers RTi A1.Beautiful speakers, Well made, excellent sound...Did I mention that I love these speakers?.
I know my review is not like many pro that mesure with osciloscope
and use fancy terms and words that make these people even smarter lol.But I only trust my ears...and so should you!!!
Very well done Polk Audio!
November 11, 2009
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Fantastic! I bought these to use as front speakers in a surround set-up in my small living room. I was set on buying Klipsch until I compared these alongside them. Even the larger, more expensive Klipsch models could not even compare -they sounded flat and tinny next to the beautiful fullness of the Rti A1. These speakers are truly incredible.
February 3, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I bought the Monitor 30's 2 days ago for my home theater and they sounded amazing. I was also very curious to what these sounded like. (So I bought them just to see if i could tell a difference between the two), hooked them up and was absolutely blown away. Huge difference from the Monitor 30's. I will be returning the Monitor 30's tomorrow and keeping these. Better thanmy dads Paradigm's. Blu-Ray movies have never sounded better. If your thinking about getting these, dont hesitate, get them, you wont regret it!!
January 14, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I was lucky to get a pair of RTi A1's on sale. My only regret is that the store didn't have the cherry version, whose WAF (Wife Acceptability Factor) is incredible. Still, the black ones look very nice and (I presume) are identical in what really matters - the way they sound.

The treble is deliciously detailed and the midrange comes out nice and clear (no small feat for budget speakers). But what I love most about these babies is the bass.

Yes, bass. Out of bookshelf speakers.

Of course, I'm not talking about big, heart-pounding bass that only a subwoofer can produce. But some wizard at Polk Audio found a way to deliver real bass presence from a 5-inch cone. Turn up the volume, and you can feel it.

Best of all, the bass has flavour. Bassoon, double bass, Fender Jazz bass, even kick drums shine in their individuality, and suddenly one finds the generic word "bass" grossly insufficient to describe them all. Combine this with the exquisite treble response, and bands like Rush or The Police, which rely on intricate bass parts and virtuoso drumming, become pure joy to listen to.

I'm also impressed with the sonic image. According to the manufacturer instructions, listener and speakers should form an equilateral triangle. Well, as I'm typing this review, the right speaker is about three feet behind me, and the left one a dozen feet further - let's just say the triangle is very, very obtuse. Even at this awful listening position, the Polks are rendering a wonderful image out of Wagner's "Die Walküre" - each instrument and voice is most easy to locate in the aural space.

Give the RTi A1's a few weeks to break in, and move them around to find the best placement. Just make sure not to block the back of the units - it's where half of that yummy bass sound comes from!

If you're on a budget, I can't think of a better way to upgrade a low-end stereo system. Here's my dirty little secret: I'm harnessing the Polks with a $200 Sony receiver, a portable Curtis CD/DVD player, and my mp3 player. I can't wait to hear what they can do with decent equipment.
October 13, 2010
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I've only been into home theater a few years, started with a panasonic htib which at the time i was very happy with. then i wanted to upgrade. originally purchased a yamaha rec, polk csi a4 center, and a polk psw-10 sub. originally used four old jbl's that my dad let me use and was happy. but then i decided to match everything up and got 2 pairs of these rti a1's. WOW!! loving them! crisp, clear realistic sound, i love how all my speakers come together now. some complain about the bass, ok lets remember that they are bookshelves, but i live in an apt and often listen with the subwoofer off, and can't find why anyone could really complain about that. the bass is deep and responsive, much better than i expected. i highly recommend these speakers!!!
December 24, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
So this review is based on a year of use. These speakers just get better with age. The high and midrange frequency presence is remarkable, the low end clean and not overplayed. I mainly listen to Classical music where clarity is a must, and these little gems are outstanding! The linearity of frequency transition, highs to lows, is seamless. Now moving to more contemporary music, listening to Chicago?s ?Chicago Transit Authority? on CD, Question 67 & 68 absolutely blew me away! The opening which includes bass, percussion and horns hits solid and again, the clarity is amazing. We live in a day of booming bass, but if you want to return to a pure, clean, well articulated sound, the Polk Rti A1 speakers will deliver in as nearly a perfect sound as you may find.
February 4, 2012
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I've been an "audiophile" for over 35 years and owned many, many high-end components. I've downsize significantly and chose the RTi/A1 for my main, small system. Let me say that I have been totally amazed by the sound/quality/value of these speakers. Startling clarity, smoothness and balance along with a tight, deep bottom end for their size. Speaker technology has come a long way as proven by Polks RTi/A1...highly recommended.
December 23, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
After a day of hardly seeking for my lateral wall mounted beautiful speaker, I finally been able to compare many models to this set of speaker.

The construction was great (except for is weekness).. good material, natural looking in design for sound, and good mass (which I think is important for deep sound). They also got air vent (which is not the cases of some speaker on market ????? I don't understand this. There's some very interesting features on the back of this speaker.. The air vent is dissipated in a way to prevent the speaker from vibrating on the wall when powerful blast ocur. Very nice lateral speaker.

The sound is clear and rich.. I have paired them with Mordant-short Carnival 2 and the sound had more high and quality bass from polkaudio. These other set is also great in design by the way and complete wonderfully well the RTi A1.

A minor tweak is necessary though.. The plastic grilled faceplate is absolutely stupid. When you remove it the sound is Sooooooooo much better. so i had to cut it to leave only the small sheet of (nylon?) to cover the speaker.. No difference on look, only sounds better.
August 30, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Awesome Speakers!!!! WOW!!! I have never heard Bookshelf Speakers the sound as good as these do. It is incredible that 5 1/4" speakers could sound so vibrant. I turned my sub off to see what these speakers could do. I had to take a double check to see if my sub was off. Great Job Polk!!
June 17, 2010
Originally posted at
Polk Audio


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