Polk Audio CSiA6 High Performance Center Channel Speaker

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The Voice of a Flagship System

The center channel speaker is arguably the most important speaker in your home theater system. It's in the middle of all the action and, more importantly, it's the anchor for all dialog. If you want to hear what the actors and actresses are saying, buy a good center channel speaker. The CSiA6 is the perfect center piece for a big screen TV or a large room. And it's timbre-matched to the RTiA series speaker so you can build a seamless 360° experience. Its massive dual 6 1/2" Dynamic Balance midbass drivers and 1" Dynamic Balance dome tweeter will dish out explosive sound and crisp clear dialog. It's best paired with the larger tower or bookshelf speakers.


  • The unique angled top allows the CSiA6 to be inverted so you can place the speaker below your TV and still enjoy great sound.
  • A unique kickstand assembly that provides rear support to many projection TVs (will not work with plasmas or other TVs with completely flat rears).
  • The proprietary curved, 6-layer DAHLI enclosure design creates the optimal shear damping for a more rigid, acoustically inert enclosure and minimal cabinet resonances.
  • Klippel motor optimization uses laser measurement technology to ensure a smooth excursion path at either end of the volume spectrum for uniform performance at both low and high volumes.
  • Polk's proprietary, patented Dynamic Balance technology allows our engineers to design out distortion-causing driver and system resonances, so you only hear the good sounds.
  • Durable, computer-modeled, injection-molded butyl rubber surrounds suppress unwanted cone resonances for a life-time of reliable sound.
  • The RTiA Cascade Tapered Crossover eliminates the comb filtering and beaming, common to multi-driver speakers, which degrades the quality of the audio and collapses the soundstage.
  • PowerPort bass venting is Polk's patented design for smoothly transitioning the air flow from the port into your listening area, eliminating turbulence and distortion, for bigger, more musical, deep bass impact.
  • Patented Acoustic Resonance Control (ARC) technology suppresses cabinet resonance that causes distortion to ensure clear and natural sound.
  • Beautiful curved furniture-grade hardwood veneer cabinet finishes, with sleek trim accents in black or cherry.
  • Computer-modeled anti-diffraction grilles enhance the good looks while minimizing sonic interference.
  • All Polk loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series, designed with the same components throughout, to achieve seamless speaker-to-speaker blending effects in multi-channel systems.
  • Dual gold-plated, professional-style 5-way binding posts, for the most secure connection options.
  • Dual binding posts allow bi-amp or bi-wire connections, for the ultimate in customized high performance audio.



  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 24" x 7.75" x 14"
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Front array driver complement: (2) 6.5" diameter mid/woofer, (1) 1" diameter tweeter
  • Total frequency response: 45Hz - 27kHz
  • Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 90dB
  • Lower and upper -3dB limits: 55Hz - 26kHz
  • Recommended amplifier power per channel: 20 watts - 200 watts


What's in the Box

What's in the Box:

  • CSiA6 High Performance Center Channel Speaker



Customer Reviews for Polk Audio CSiA6 High Performance Center Channel Speaker

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I've purchased these speakers along side the matching Fronts and surrounds.
I'm running them from a Onkyo Nr1007 THXultra Receiver and have run oehlbach silver speaker cable to them, wishing i could biamp them but never mind.
I previously had a PARADIGM CC 350 which i loved untill i hooked this bad boy up.
The depth in the voice including highs and lows is out of this world, matching it's family member to perfect harmony.
I'm even still waiting for it to break in as it seems to get better everyt ime i hear it.
I've made my own dedicated bracket so it seems like it's floating off the floor.

The build quality gone in2 this product is one of the best i've seen.
November 12, 2009
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I purchased this speaker after many weeks of research. Which included listening to many models, phone calls to Polk audio and reading Online reviews. I've only had it a week or so but, I couldn't be happier with my decision.
The sound is amazing! I also bought a pair of RTI6's for my front channel. They sound wonderful together. I'm looking forward to many nights hiding in the basement and rattling the walls. : Whether it's music or movies. You won't be sorry you bought this speaker.
March 4, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I finally decided on the CSIA6 to pair with my RTIA5's. I choose the CSIA6 due to the matching driver size for better timbre-matching. I hesitated at first due to the large size of this speaker, however once the lights are off and the movie kicks the large size pays off with huge performance. I set the crossover to 100Hz to allow for a little more low end frequencies to stay at the center.
May 26, 2010
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I did something a little different when i purchased the CSIA6 center speaker on July 19,2012 .. First i removed the Gold Bussbars from CSIA6 terminals then i bi-wired the monster to my TX-NR Onkyo 1009 with double banana plugs which were piggy-back on the Center speaker terminals on the receiver to feed signal to the Mid-woofer and Tweeter independently ...I don't believe in mix-matching my speakers , i want everything to come from the same house .. So by adding the monster to my TX-NR Onkyo 1009 i'm able to push 9 Polk speakers , 5 in the front and 4 in the rear plus the Sub.. For the money i laid out i expect to get as much as i can from this Bad Boy ... I intend to utilize the Normal power as well as the Dynamic power from the 1009 to feed this very "Efficient" speaker... I'm very very satisfied with the quality of the sound coming from this monster..
Since the normal hearing range is 20Hz to 20KHz the Tweeter highs(a falsetto 27KHz) are noticed when a Xylophone, Cymbals,Piano or String instruments are being played along with any other high note that's detected.. The Mid-Woofer(45Hz,= a mini Baritone..!!!) vocals are Super clear from my DVD's,Tuner,CD's and Direct TV and there are times when audio sounds somewhat three dimensional .. No more adjusting the volume, now the audio is strong and true... I have absolutely NO complaints , i'm proud and very happy with this handsome behemoth and the way it blends with my RTi12's and i would like to add i'm using the speaker "Bussbars" that's the gold speaker terminal clamps which help my RTi12's soundfield and imaging .. Some guy's fail to use these Bars but they feed signal to both sets of Speaker terminals.. If you buy the CSIA6 Center Masterpiece, you won't regret it ,this is some piece of work ...
July 26, 2012
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
The CSi A6 is an excellent center channel speaker, it matches perfectly to the RTi A9 towers in both appearance and sound. It's a great value and sounds as good if not better than CC's I've listened too at a higher cost. Polk Audio does a great job with speakers.
November 14, 2009
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Its may be say naming conversion way from 2 channel stereo to 5.1 home theater. Long time ago in 1997 I building stereo system CD-Player Yamaha CDX-590, Amplifier Yamaha AX-590, bookshelf speaker PolkAudio RT-7, interconnect cable - selfmaked (twisted pair - every wire of pair{central wire OFC 2 mm2, oraund central 5 silver thin wire; silver and OFC joins in place connectors in every side of cable} ), speaker cable Esoteric Audio "Premier" 8 mm2, stand for speaker - selfmaked marble thickness 30mm in metal cone leg. In 2006 I begin conversion to 5.1. I buy DVD-Player Yamaha S-657, receiver Yamaha V-757 and surround speaker PolkAudio RTi4. 9 year ago after buying RT-7, I think sound PolkAudio is changes... NO! Sound RTi4 ideal pair for old RT-7 - simular frequency response, equal crossover frequency. And new technologys. RTi4 may by place to bookshelf without stand for speaker and sound no changes. Old RT-7 without stand for speaker change sound because resonance kill sound. Next I buying subwoofer PolkAudio PSW 505. And right away hear difference in bass RT-7 and PSW 505. Low Total harmonic distortion PSW 505 make sound clearly than RT7 and dynamic range PSW 505 more than RT7 make hear of sound discomfort. Need change front pair think I, buying PolkAudio RTi10. Deep bass, clear middle and 3D volume sound treble make speaker ideal. Last step to 5.1 buying center speaker. Changes series leaves no changes center speaker. Only CSi A6. True real sound I hear in high quality DVD-audio 96/24/5.1 and multichannel SACD. May be say RT series become audiophile not only theater (where I buy RT7 in 1997 RT series translate to "Reference Theater"). Finally I buy projector Infocus IN78 and screen Luma 92" (was 25" TV). When I see film with big angle from center I dont hear surround sound. Decision - buy special surround speaker and FXi A6 is optimal. What I hear? Ideal sound field, hear from any angle, balanced sound with high quality space effects and great processing acoustic guitar, contrabass etc. acoustic stringed. Processing acoustic guitar and space efects i hear in old RT7, but with 6 speakers its more realistics. I look for testing Mission Impossible 3 (DTS sound), hear Dire Straits "Brothers in arms" (SACD), Audigy 2 Creative DVD-audio sampler disk (DVD-audio).
PS. Dont try upgrade old system. This system will be conflict to new technology (RT7 and PSW 505). I buy RTi4 to old RT7 and lost many, later i change RTi4 to FXi A6. Recomendation PolkAudio use with front RTi10 surround FXi5 (or new FXi A6). Sound really better. Planning all speakers now no later.
This review may be placed to CSi A6 and FXi A6
Alexey, Russia, Moscow
December 13, 2008
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I upgraded from a CSi3 to this, to match my RTi8s.
Very pleased, the sound field blends better with matching drivers.

This is a very musical speaker, that also excels at HT. The cascaded cross overs, dual 6 1/2 inch woofers, Powerport, etc all produce a nice full range sound.

The new design is far superior aesthetically over the previous CSi Line, the grille looks phenominal.

Over all I am very pleased with this speaker. I have heard Legacys, Sotas, B&Ws, etc and for the price this is by far the best value.

Polk you have done it again, Thanks for creating a solid product!
December 30, 2007
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Great sound
August 29, 2007
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
Incredable speaker. I upgraded for the CSiA4 to the CSiA6 and I couldn't be happier with the investment. Having run the 4 for a year or so, it's a great speaker, but when I upgraded my fronts for RTIa1's to some RTi6's, I felt that the increased bass response from the 6's left the center a little lacking and it felt like I was missing something. After installing the CSiA6 it was a big difference. The A6 has a richer, fuller sound with great bass and incredable clarity. If there's anyone wondering if it's worth it to move up to the A6 from the A4, don't hesitate, you won't regret it.
February 27, 2009
Originally posted at
Polk Audio
I was debating on this center for a long time now to match my RTi12's and I was so so glad I did get this center, they blend beautifully together. In my setup I have this beautiful center (cherry finish) with a DSW PRO400 with the Polk RAti12's mains bi-wired and rears I have ODS Kevlar 6.5" 2-ways with 1"silk tweet and my sub stage two martin logan dynamo
April 20, 2013
Originally posted at
Polk Audio


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