PipeLine ET-4 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable

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For a music experience that trumps all others, PipeLine's ET-4 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable is the connection you need. The RCA cable end can plug directly into all sorts of audio equipment like powered desktop speakers, and the 3.5mm end plugs right into most audio sources like smartphones and laptops. Made with Solid High-Purity Performance Copper conductors for a distortion-free listening session.

PipeLine ET-4 3.5mm-RCA Cable Features:

  • Directly connect your smartphone to powered speakers for instant listening
  • Experience a high-quality listening experience brought to you from expertly-crafted materials
  • Available in 3 feet or 6 feet to match your desired length

Product Information

Ideal for Connecting Mobile Devices or Computers to Powered Desktop Speakers, Home Audio or Video Systems, Etc.

PipeLine’s ET-4 3.5mm → RCA Stereo Audio Cable provides a properly engineered, low-distortion path for connecting all sorts of equipment, such as smartphones, music players, tablets, powered desktop speakers, car audio systems and home audio systems. ET-4 is thin, flexible, easy to use, and specifically engineered for superior audio performance.

Solid High-Purity High-Performance Copper (HPPC) conductors completely prevent strand-interaction distortion. HPPC’s fewer impurities and less disruptive internal grain structure ensure greater clarity and naturally beautiful sound. Foamed-PE insulation minimizes the sound-smearing electrical interaction between the music signal and the insulation.

And, finally, because all drawn metal is directional, all analog and digital audio cables are directional. The conductors in PipeLine ET-4 have been correctly oriented for the best performance.


PipeLine ET-4 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Audio Cable Features:

  • Solid HPPC Copper conductors completely prevent strand-interaction distortion
  • Balanced-Asymmetrical Geometry Optimizes Both Positive and Negative Signal Paths
  • 100% Shielded for Low Noise and Pure Sound
  • Conductor Direction Controlled For Optimum Performance