Origin Acoustics BR68 Bracket for 6.5" and 8" Director and Thinfit In-Ceiling Speakers - Each

Model: BR68SINGLE UPC: 0415159999 Item: 163700

Product Information

Origin Acoustics BR68 Bracket - New-construction Bracket for 6.5" and 8" Director and Thinfit In-ceiling speakers

Sturdy ABS Bracket construction and aluminum perforated wings make these brackets ideal for reserving a space for speakers during the new construction phase of building your home. Snap on the wings  using the fast and easy Snap-Loc attachment and then staple, screw or nail the wings to a joist for instantly and accurately locating where the speaker will later be mounted.  The convenient dam will ensure that the drywall team will leave a perfect hole for mounting Origin Acoustics speakers.