Niles RWC7FX 7" Surround Effects Rear Wave Control Ceiling-Mount Loudspeaker - Pair (White)

Model: FG01629 UPC: 760514016293 Item: 160598

Product Information

Surround Effects Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers for multi-channel home theater applications. Designed for use with RWC7.3, RWC7.5, and RWC7.7 left/center/right loudspeakers. Glass fiber woofer cones and dual Teteron® tweeters on a multi-axis array provide ultra-realistic surround sound effects.

Designer Aesthetics

Magnetically attached MicroThin™ round speaker grilles ensure a clean, virtually invisible designer appearance that blends with the room’s aesthetics. Optional square grilles provide even more design flexibility.

Audiophile Performance

Premium components, high-level crossovers, and a rigid, cast metal bridge combine to provide exceptional sonic performance; the custom-tuned, integrated Rear Wave Control Enclosure ensures consistent, predictable sound while significantly reducing unwanted sound from bleeding into adjacent rooms and spaces.

Directed Soundfield™

This patented technology directs the sound to the listening area to ensure the best sound quality.

A new patent-pending pivot mechanism rotates smoothly and holds the assembly securely in place.

Installation Ease

Patented-pending spring-tensioned mounting clamps install quickly and compensate for uneven mounting surfaces and varied environmental conditions. The unique shape of the custom-tuned integrated Rear Wave Control Enclosure enables it to be easily tucked through the loudspeaker’s hole cutout—perfect for retrofit installations.

Install With Confidence

The best-built loudspeakers deserve the best protection—a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


  • 7" black glass fiber woofer cone with curvilinear profile provides deep bass and smoother reproduction in the important vocal range
  • Dual 1" fluid-cooled Teteron® dome tweeters provide smooth, ultra-detailed high frequency response
  • Rigid, cast metal tweeter bridge stiffens the structure for improved clarity
  • Multi-axis tweeter array positions the two tweeters on a different axis and at an opposing angle
  • Custom-tuned, integrated Rear Wave Enclosure provides consistent, repeatable performance while reducing sound from bleeding into adjacent spaces; unique design enables it to be retrofitted into existing construction
  • Patented Directed Soundfield™ technology directs the sound to the listening area to ensure the best possible listening experience
  • Patent-pending woofer pivot mechanism adjusts smoothly and holds the assembly securely in position
  • Asymmetric 2nd order 2-way computer optimized Linkwitz Riley crossover
  • Extended pole increases power handling capability
  • Bipole/Dipole switch for room matching
  • Rust resistant, magnetically attached grilles
  • Weather-resistant construction enables installation in moist areas such as bathrooms and outdoors under eaves


  • Recommended amplifier power: 10 - 150 watts
  • Impedance: 8 ohm nominal; 6 ohm minimum
  • Frequency response: 52 Hz to 21 kHz +/-3 dB


  • Frame dimensions (with grille): 9-7/8" (25.15 cm) diameter
  • Hole cutout dimensions: 8-1/2" (21.60 cm) diameter
  • Depth behind ceiling (5/8" drywall): 7-1/8" (18.08 cm)