Musical Fidelity Merlin Audio System Package With Round Table Turntable

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This Musical Fidelity Merlin Audio System Bundle Includes:

  • Merlin Multi Format Audio System With Amplifier and Speakers
  • Round Table Fully Integrated Turntable


Merlin Multi Format Audio System

Music is precious. It can lift your mood, evoke a memory or sooth the soul. Enjoying your most treasured tunes means entrusting your music to a good Hi-Fi system - one that plays back music brilliantly. Merlin is a new system designed to do just that. It's designed by the audio experts at  Musical Fidelity and is waiting to change the way you listen to music.

For over thirty years Musical Fidelity have been at the forefront of Hi-Fi technology. They're known for our phenomenal high-end amplifiers and have received praise from critics across the globe. Merlin delivers Musical Fidelity sound quality in a beautiful, good-looking system that's a joy to own.

Merlin is a sublime sounding system. It plays music with uncanny realism yet comes in a small, discreet package. It's designed to fit into your living room, dining room or office yet packs a powerful punch when you want to party!

Merlin Audio System Specifications:


  • Power Output: 50WPC
  • Inputs: Phono, USB, Bluetooth apX, line in (Digital or Analog)
  • Very High Quality Headphone Amplifier
  • Configurable Output (Digital or Analog, Fixed or Variable)


  • Power Handling: 15-75W
  • Enclosure Type: One Way Reflex
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms


Round Table Fully Integrated Turntable

Musical Fidelity’s latest interesting product is the Round Table. This is a high quality competitively priced complete turntable solution. It has a high quality low resonance 9” pickup arm (magnetic anti-skating) with steel tipped bearings housed in zirconium with rubber damping, not dissimilar in principle to the Incabloc shock protection system on watches. The vertical bearings are ABEC7 ball bearings. It is fitted with an Audio Technica 95E cartridge.

The Round Table offers a stable low resonance platform for vinyl disc playing. The motor, belt and main platter bearing are all selected for complimentary characteristics.

With turntables there is almost nothing new…everything has been done before. Almost… The central balancing feature is unique. What Musical Fidelity has done is to put a very high quality pickup arm with a well regarded cartridge which matches the arm’s characteristics exceptionally well. The turntable system itself has excellent isolation properties, low resonance, high stability and consistency.

Round Table Turntable Specifications:


  • Nominal Speed: 33/45 rpm, outside belt drive system, manual speed change
  • Speed Variance: 33 rpm - +/ 0.30%, 45 rpm - +/ 0.20%
  • Wow and Flutter: 33 rpm - +/ 0.10%, 45 rpm - +/ 0.09%
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Mechanical Noise: -39 dB
  • Electrical Noise: -65dB
  • Downforce Range: 0-25 mN
  • Tonearm: 9" straight shape massive aluminum construction
  • Supplied Counterweights: #82, weight is 114g (+/ 1g), for cartridges from 5 to 13g
  • Effective Tonearm Mass: 14g
  • Effective Tonearm Length: 230mm (tonearm mounting distance of 212mm)
  • Overhang: 18mm


  • Power Requirement: 15V 0.8A (Adaptor supplied)
  • Consumption: .0.25w standby, 5w max.
  • Adaptor Main's Voltage: 90-264 VAC 47-63Hz

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