Monster MC600SW4M Ultra High Performance Subwoofer Cable - 26.25 ft. (127622)

Model: MC 600SW-8M UPC: 050644448898 Item: 145260

Product Information

  • Balanced construction for enhanced internal noise rejection and clearer, deeper bass.
  • High and low frequency networks provide extended frequency response and improved sonic accuracy.
  • Dual solid-core bass conductors specially designed to deliver deep, powerful bass while maintaining maximum clarity.
  • Striking black chrome finish complements the look of your home theater.
  • Split-Tip center pin for maximum contact pressure and ultra-low signal distortion.

Ultra-High Performance Subwoofer Cable for the Most Powerful, Articulate Bass from Premium Home Theaters Surround sound with deep, powerful bass is essential to your home theater experience. But without the right subwoofer cable, your favorite movies wont have the thundering low end you demand. Many subwoofer cables lack adequate shielding for rejecting low-frequency noise; those annoying buzzes and hums. Flimsy conductors without adequate power-handling capacity also limit subwoofer performance and bass response. Theres a better way--Monster Cable 600SW.

A High-End Subwoofer Cable for High-End Home Theater with Exclusive Monster Construction and Technology to Deliver Blockbuster Bass Monster 600SW maximizes Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound performance for truly dramatic home theater. Dual solid-core bass conductors transmit low frequencies with ultimate power and accuracy, so your bass response is always deep, tight, and distortion-free. Plus, a second wire network maximizes frequency response and pitch definition. High-density dual-layer shielding ensures maximum rejection of noise and hum. Hear and feel all the action with Monster 600SW.

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