Monster Advanced for HDMI 1080p Coupler (140320)

Model: VA HDMI CPL UPC: 050644498930 Item: 143480

Product Information

  • High-purity internal copper construction for lower resistanceand optimum signal integrity.
  • Internal dual-layer shielding for superior rejection of interference.
  • 24k gold contacts for maximum signal transfer.
  • Precision impedance matching design for maximum signal strength.

Extend Your HDMI Cables for the Ideal Connection with ADVANCED MONSTER TECHNOLOGIESHDMI cables can be linked together for longer cable runs to your HD components. But be careful to choose the right HDMI coupler. Poor connections can mean dropped data and artifacts in your HD picture. Monster Coupler for HDMI securely mates two standard-length HDMI cables, so you can make just the right connection to your HDTV or AV receiver. Plus, advanced internal construction maximizes signal integrity for stunning HD color and clarity.