McIntosh Labs LCR80 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

Model: LCR80B UPC: 042520179998 Item: 558

For a beautifully rich and full center channel sound, McIntosh Labs created the LCR80 center speaker. The LCR80 is flexible in its design, allowing it for multiple position availability. Using McIntosh's patented high-resolution technologies, the result is a sound that transports the listener to the recording soundstage, in the middle of the action. It's the perfect addition for a home theater system.

Product Information

McIntosh Labs LCR80 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

LCR80 is a flexible speaker design that can be placed in horizontal, vertical or shelf mounted orientations. Complete mounting hardware is supplied for all positions. Voiced to match XR50 and XR100 speakers, LCR80 may be used in any position to complete a 5 or 7 channel home theater systems or in special stereo applications. Amplifiers from 75 to 300 watts are appropriate power for LCR80.