Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker System (Black)

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The Mass Fidelity Core System is the new standard bearer for the multi-room audio category; it’s simply a cut above the rest. With this dynamic wireless speaker, you will truly get room-filling sound from a small package. Mass Fidelity has developed groundbreaking audio features, including their vaunted Acoustic Holographic Technology for pure sound that's better than most stereo systems. Stream all the music your heart desires with the Core’s built-in extended range Bluetooth.

Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker Features:

  • Room-filling sound with Acoustic Rendering Technology
  • Absolute Bass Technology (ABT) for a powerful bass response
  • Ability to create multi-room system with up to 8 Cores
  • Class 1 Bluetooth technology for fewer dropouts

Product Information

The Mass Fidelity Core Wireless System is a deceptively powerful multi-room audio device that can produce crisp sound and bone-shaking bass - all from a compact unit. Although the Core speaker may fit in the palm of your hand, it has the engine to give you the same quality sound as a pair of expensive speakers (at a fraction of the cost). With the capability to connect to several devices, including up to eight other Core speakers, it will be a welcome addition to any home audio setup.

Fill Your Room with Sound

If you have been consistently disappointed with a single speaker’s lack of realistic sound, the Core speaker system will surprise you. Mass Fidelity gave the Core advanced acoustic rendering technology to create the illusion of two widely-spaced speakers. The effect of this technology is a speaker system that produces authentic, room-filling sound. Amplifiers inside the Core also give you surprising power for the ultimate listening experience.

Acoustically Impressive

Mass Fidelity has carefully chosen several cutting-edge technologies to create the Core’s phenomenal acoustic performance. It all starts with five custom-designed speaker drivers in three arrays along with a downward-firing woofer, driven by 120 Watts of digital power. Several digital signal processors bring out the best in any type of music you choose to play, while an ARM processing core intuitively works to keep the whole system synchronized.

Holographic Technology - The Future

To achieve its amazing sonic feats, the Core uses an Acoustic Holography technology to produce a stereo sound field that is astonishing in size and sound quality. This technique works by physically recreating sound in space – similar to a hologram – which is purer and sounds even better than traditional stereo or surround sound.

Great Sound Everywhere

In a traditional stereo set up, listeners need to sit between two speakers to hear a well-balanced stereo image. Audiophiles refer to that as the “sweet spot.” To eliminate the sweet spot, the Core uses an audio rendering technique called Wave Field Synthesis to produce a virtual acoustic scene. This acoustic image can be “viewed” from any position in the room and does not depend on the listener’s position.

Hear and Feel Bumping Bass

Mass Fidelity’s Absolute Bass Technology (ABT) is a combination of electronics, software, and mechanical engineering working in unison to produce a low frequency performance unmatched for its size. The end result is a speaker that you can hold in your hand that makes real bass, the kind you can feel and not just hear.

Connect any wired or wireless external subwoofer to the Core for over-the-top bass performance perfect for action movies and parties, or an action movie party. When connected to a subwoofer, the Core uses Dynamic Re-tuning Technology: it automatically ceases all the bass duties and concentrates on flawless, higher output midrange and high frequency reproduction.

Streamer’s Paradise

If you can stream it on your device, the Mass Fidelity Core can play it. Fill your room with music from streaming providers such as Spotify and Pandora. Play your own music from your phone or tablet’s music library through the cloud or your wireless home network.

Multiple Core Power

Mass Fidelity made it easy to create a multi-room system with many Core speakers.  With no router, Wi-Fi needed, you can wireless connect up to eight Core speakers to create your personal system. The Core creates its own 5 GHz dedicated music network. Each speaker can play a local source or receive music from one central unit.

Core Speaker System Additional Features:

  • Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth equipped smartphone, tablet, or PC 
  • Wirelessely charge through your smartphone or tablet through a built-in USB Port
  • Extended, reliable range with Class 1 Bluetooth
  • Optical digital connector and analog input for CD Players, PCs, and turntables (with phono preamp)
  • Compatibility with cable box, Apple TV, Roku and experience movie theater sound with less bulk
  • Ultimate portability with over 12 Hour battery life 



  • Size: 6”x 6”x 4”; 15x15 x10 cm (WxDxH)
  • Material: Chrome, Acrylic, Fabric
  • Amplifier Power: 120 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 44Hz-20kHz
  • Speakers: 5x Custom designed high output speaker drivers
  • Power: AC adaptor & rechargeable battery
  • Compatible Power Systems: 110-240 Volt
  • Bluetooth®: Class 1
  • Bluetooth® Range: 10 m; 30 ft.
  • Supported Codecs: aptX®, AAC, SBC
  • Multiroom network: Adaptive 5 GHz dedicated network
  • Battery Lifeup to 12 hours