Marantz AV7701 A/V Pre-amplifier and UD7007 3D Universal Disc Player Bundle

Model: AV7701 UD7007 Bundle UPC: 091037232779 Item: 155280

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This bundle includes:

  • Marantz AV7701 A/V Pre-amplifier
  • Marantz UD7007 3D Ready Universal Disc Player with Networking

Marantz AV7701

Designed to be the heart of the ultimate music and home theater system, the Marantz AV7701 A/V pre-amplifier is packed with the latest digital audio, digital video and networking technologies that will open up new heights in music and movie surround enjoyment. Equipped with the latest high resolution decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD-Master Audio, the AV7701 also includes high resolution decoding (up to 192 kHz/24 bit) for high definition audio files such as FLAC and WAV, along with internet radio services including SiriusXM Internet Radio and Pandora. For optimum sound quality, Audyssey MultEQ XT room acoustic correction precisely tailors the audio to match your speakers and your room, and the AV7701 features Audyssey DSX processing for expanded front height or front width reproduction. Apple AirPlay function provides wireless streaming of your music from your iPod touch, iPhone (1-4 gen), iPad or iTunes library. The advanced video processor supports 4K (3840 x 2160) upconversion, video pass through and graphic user interface overlay. Connectivity options abound, including seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs, making the AV7701 a perfect choice for your dream music and home theater system.

Marantz UD7007

In addition to playing Blu-ray discs, DVDs and music CDs, the Marantz UD7007 universal disc player also provides superb audio quality with high resolution audio disc formats including Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio. The UD7007 is also equipped with a range of network streaming functions that let you enjoy audio and video content from a variety of free and subscription services, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and VUDU. As you would expect from Marantz, the UD7007 is equipped with the exclusive HDAM-SA2 (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) in the critical analog stages for the ultimate in audio fidelity. For optimum audio and video quality, the UD7007 is equipped with dual HDMI outputs that let you stream dedicated digital audio and digital video feeds to your audio system and your HDTV display.